4 Healthy Ways a Mother Should Practice for Weaning Baby Off Breastfeeding

How to Wean the Child Away From Breastfeeding With No Harm for Their Health?

It is now time to wean the baby away from breastfeeding. As a rule, it’s a period of 1-2 years.

Wean the Child Away From Breastfeeding

If the child is teething or is ill, has recently received vaccinations, or it’s very hot outside, it’s better to postpone the weaning away from breastfeeding.

Signs when the child is ready to quit breastfeeding

  • The child has doubled its weight.
  • Good nutrition. The child doesn’t need breast milk after eating.
  • The child spends 12 hours without mom’s milk.

Ways of weaning the child away from breastfeeding

1. Gradual weaning 

This is the best way for both the child and the mother. First of all, you should stop giving the child breast milk after eating. Gradually exclude breast milk at all. Add a full afternoon snack and brunch instead. So, the baby won’t have a desire to reach for the mom’s breast. The final step is to wean the child away from breastfeeding at night.

weaning baby off breastfeeding

The child is used to waking up and eating, but, in fact, they use mom’s breast instead of a pacifier. Now, when the child wakes up, you can give them a bottle of water or stewed fruit. If it doesn’t work, lull the child back to sleep or give them a pacifier. In a couple of days, the child will understand that they don’t receive mom’s breast and won’t have a desire to wake up at night.

2. Leave the child with grandparents

An old method. You just leave your kid with the grandparents for a couple of days. They shouldn’t see their mom during this period. You can send dad to visit the child to calm them down. It’s a period of milk burnout for mom. When the child is back home, they get an empty breast, which is not interesting anymore. It’s better if the child doesn’t see mom’s breast, so they won’t feel sad.

3. Medications

This method also can help. Mom takes special pills that stop milk production. It decreases gradually. The child starts to get used to the fact that drinking only mom’s milk is not enough. The child can ask for mom’s breast for some time but only as a pacifier. Over time, they will totally switch to a pacifier.


4. “Mom’s got a cold.”

This method will work only if the child is more than 2 years and understands everything well. Mom puts Brilliant Green, iodine on the nipples, or applies plasters. Then you should explain to your child that mom’s breast is ill, it hurts, and the child shouldn’t touch it. The child loves their mom and will do everything possible to relieve mom’s pain. It’ll work during the day. And at night, you’ll need a bottle of water. As described in the first variant, it’ll be hard to explain to the sleepy child why it’s not allowed to have mom’s breast.

Each child is unique. And the method which your friend uses can be unsuitable for your child. So, you should try a couple of methods and choose the one which is most appropriate for your child.  

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