6 Hacks Every Parent Should Know About Treating Diarrhea in Babies

The Newborn Has Diarrhea and Skin Irritation: What to Do?

Usual processes in the newborn’s organism are different from those in the adult organism—for example, the newborn poops from 4 to 8 times a day, and sudden diarrhea in babies is common.

diarrhea in babies

Though, sometimes they can do it even up to 12 times a day that calls for extra care and treating diarrhea in babies.

Why do newborns have so many bowel movements? 

In the first 1,5 weeks, the feces of the newborn have a liquid consistency (often with admixtures of mucus), and a gray-green color is a norm. It looks strange because the intestine of the baby is adapting to new food and acquiring its own microflora.

During the first 3 months, the stools of the child are still very loose. If it has the consistency of liquid porridge, if it’s of yellow or mustard color, and if it smells like milk protein, it’s also normal. This time diarrhea in babies is common and you don’t have to worry about it.

treating diarrhea in babies

When should you consult a doctor? 

You should consult a doctor if “going to the toilette” is accompanied by:

  • strong smell,
  • bloating in the tummy,
  • high temperature,
  • vomiting,
  • bloody excrements, orange / green flakes in it,
  • symptoms of acute respiratory infections

Reasons for diarrhea in babies are different: starting from infectious diseases and ending with allergies. If the child has a gastrointestinal disorder, it could be a misbalance of the amount and composition of beneficial microflora of the intestines. If it is diagnosed as a more serious disease, a doctor will prescribe probiotics.

How to help the child in this case?

A doctor will prescribe treatment after defining the reason for diarrhea: medicines and drinking plenty of liquid. Even if the doctor determines that the diarrhea is not caused by a serious disease, the child can get skin irritation because of frequent contact with feces. There can be some skin redness or even small wounds. This irritated area will burn and itch the child, making them very uncomfortable.

newborns bowel movements

How to help your little one? 

  • air baths;
  • take off the diaper more often;
  • change diapers frequently
  • use creams for irritation and diaper rash;
  • use diaper powder as an extra barrier
  • wash your baby without soap more often as soap products tend to dry the already irritated skin.

So what do you think of our useful hacks to treat diarrhea in your babies? Drop us a line. Be sure to check out our other articles. 

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