Naming Child After Family Member: Great Tips to Remember

What name can be better than the one your nearest and dearest has? We often have this idea of paying tribute to relatives, whether they are gone or still here with us. No matter how lovey-dovey it sounds, there might be some complications on your way to fulfilling this idea.

Naming Your Child After a Family Member

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  • Meanings Matter!
  • Have I Mentioned Everyone?
  • Have I Accidentally Branded You?
  • Be Adamant.

Without further ado, let us go straight to the point.

Naming Child After Family Member: Great Tips to Remember

Meanings Matter!

In one episode of “Suits” (legal drama on USA Network,) the law firm’s name partners were arguing whose name will go first on the wall and whose second. Do you get what I am driving at?

The thing is that there will always be firsts and seconds. For instance, if you decide to name your firstborn daughter Emily after your grandmother. Then naming a second child after grandma’s sister or her mother will not be a good idea because the significance rate will differ.

Besides, one day, your baby might come to you and say, “Why is my name not as cool as Emily’s?” etc.

Therefore, choose the names that either have an equal significance or don’t go with relatives’ names at all. Hence, look before you leap.

Also, you can consider looking for some baby names online. There are tons of them, with great history and meanings!

Have I Mentioned Everyone?

Naming Your Child After a Family Member

People have a tendency or even a liking to complain about being left out. Therefore, if you start naming kids after living family members, someone might feel not worthy of attention or even think that you don’t like them. People often make it about sides drawing a line between your family and your partner’s family, which can eventually make you feel everyone uneasy.

Hence, think it through and make sure that people won’t look at you as if you held grudges against them.

Have I Accidentally Branded You?

Very often, people want to make the name meaningful, especially if the namesake is still alive. However, even though it is significant to you and the person whose name you are “taking,” a child may think otherwise.

The story behind a particular person’s name or one that runs in the family means that a child will either need to live up to it or hide in its shadow. Therefore, before giving a little one a name, consider it, and make sure that there will be no pressure.

Besides, the family name does not mean that you have to use it. You can always go against tradition and create a new one for your family.

Consider these points, and I hope that the process of choosing a baby name for your little one will be more comfortable.


Naming Child After Family Member: Great Tips to Remember

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