20 Fun Ways To Teaching Kids Gratitude

John Bunyan once said, “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Compassion, gratitude, and the whole spectrum of emotions open for people are a driving force that pushes us forward to do good, recognize, and cherish it.

20 Fun Ways To Teaching Kids Gratitude

In a world where not everyone is as lucky as some of us, we should recognize gratitude for what we have and cherish these things. Therefore, one of the most valuable lessons that parents should teach their children is – to be grateful.

For this, you can go over a list below that contains 20 exciting and fun ways to teach a child about gratitude.

20 Fun Ways To Teaching Kids Gratitude
  1. Safety First. In times like ours, safety is a topic of discussion all around the world. In order to let a child understand how important this is, talk about a safety plan for your family. The process of creating it and going over this topic will show that it is indeed something to be grateful for.
  • DIY Tree of Gratitude. What is the best way to show the range of things one can be grateful for? Instead of giving a little one tons of examples, you can do some crafts together.

Make a paper tree trunk together with your child and ask relatives and friends to write one thing they are grateful for on the “tree leaves.” After, you can hang these little leave-like notes on a tree.

20 Fun Ways To Teaching Kids Gratitude
  • Roleplay. Are you familiar with the feeling when you seem to know how to solve other peoples’ problems, but when it comes to yours – you have no idea where to begin? Exactly! Therefore, roleplay is a great choice.

You can ask a little one to take on the reporter’s role and interview one of the older family members. The generation gap seems to be nonexistent when the two start ruminating about what matters in life.

20 Fun Ways To Teaching Kids Gratitude

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