Awesome 99 Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Selecting a baby name is one of the most difficult yet fruitful tasks you’ll do. You could have a name in your mind forever yet when the moment comes you might get cold feet. Or you might still be pondering over unique baby names for your newborn; after all, their name should be just as amazing as they are.

99 Unique Baby Names

Finding a unique baby name not only seems refreshing among all other names, it gives your child something special to cherish for the rest of their lives. You don’t need to keep looking for unique baby names for this article has the perfect selection of unique baby names that’ll strike a chord instantly. Here are well-researched names every parent needs for their baby to be happy, all you have to do is go through this list and find your favorite.

Dive deep into these unique baby names and their meanings to give your baby a special name, just like them.

Awesome 99 Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Unique girls name:

  1. Alexia: Man’s defender
  2. Amal: Hope
  3. Amelie: Friendy; to work
  4. Aurelia: Golden
  5. Bonnie: Pretty
  6. Calliope: Beautifully voiced
  7. Cameron: Crooked river
  8. Carolina: Song of happiness; free
  9. Clementine: Merciful
  10. Cleo: Glory
  11. Coraline: Heart
  12. Dua: Love; prayer
  13. Edith: Blessed
  14. Esmeralda: Emerald
  15. Estella: Star
  16. Faye: Fairy
  17. Giana: God is gracious
  18. Ida: Prosperous
  19. Iman: Faith
  20. Joelle: Jehovah is God
  21. Juniper: Young
  22. Legacy: Inheritance
  23. Liberty: Freedom
  24. Livia: Blue; lioness
  25. Mabel: Lovable
  26. Maren: Star of the sea
  27. Miley: Dear
  28. Miriam: Beloved; drip of the sea
  29. Marlowe: Driftwood
  30. Monroe: Mouth of the Roe river
  31. Nellie: Light
  32. Nori: Doctrine; seaweed
  33. Nova: New
  34. Palmer: Pilgrim
  35. Pearl: The bead pearl
  36. Persephone: Greek goddess of the underworld
  37. Regina: Queen
  38. Rhiannon: Great queen; goddess
  39. Roselyn: Gentle horse
  40. Samira: Loved
  41. Saorise: Liberty
  42. Shiloh: Tranquil
  43. Sia: Victory
  44. Skye: Scottish place name
  45. Tabitha: Gazelle
  46. Vienna: Capital of Austria; forest stream
  47. Waverly: Meadow of quivering aspens
  48. Winnie: Fiar and pure
  49. Zoya: Life
99 Unique Baby Names

Unique boys name:

  1. Alec: Defending name
  2. Ares: Greek God of war
  3. Armando: Soldier
  4. Armani: Warrior
  5. Benji: Son of the south
  6. Boston: Town by the woods
  7. Bruno: Brown; armor
  8. Callum: Dove
  9. Case: Protection
  10. Cassius: Castle
  11. Cesar: Emperor
  12. Dalton: Valley
  13. Deacon: Messenger
  14. Dennis: Sea; follower of Dionysius
  15. Denver: Green valley
  16. Drake: Dragon
  17. Dustin: Thor; brave fighter
  18. Edgar: Wealthy spearman
  19. Edwin: Rich friend
  20. Finnegan: Fairheaded
  21. Flynn: Descendant of Flann
  22. Forrest: Dweller near the woods
  23. Franklin: A free man
  24. Gunnar: Bold warrior
  25. Hank: Ruer of home
  26. Hezekiah: Yahweh strengthens
  27. Justice: Doing right by law
  28. Ken: Handsome
  29. Lachlan: From the land of lakes
  30. Lance: God-like; long sword
  31. Lawrence: Bright one
  32. Lionel: Lion
  33. Louie: Famous warrior
  34. Makai: Who resembles God
  35. Marcel: Young warrior
  36. Moses: To draw out
  37. Nate: Gift from God
  38. Neil: Champion; passionate
  39. Onyx: Black gemstone
  40. Quincy: Estate if the fifth son
  41. Ray: Wise protector
  42. Remy: Oarsman
  43. Rocco: Roar; the battle cry
  44. Santana: Holy
  45. Solomon: Peace
  46. Sullivan: One with black eyes
  47. Tate: Cheerful
  48. Tripp: To step lightly or skip
  49. Valentino: Strong
  50. Warren: Guardian; preserver

Hope you find the perfect baby name for your newborn. With these 93 unique baby names, you have all the baby names you need to make your baby feel special for the rest of their lives.

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Awesome 99 Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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