Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One

Are you looking for a name that has soaked the brightness of the sun and the voices of history? Then you are in the right place, friend!

Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One +The Meaning

Greek boy names are one of the most beautiful because of their unique history and meanings. 

I have collected the finest names along with their meanings. Among them, you will find names that once belonged to gods and heroes, who have perpetuated their deeds in history.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the mesmerizing list of Greek baby boy names!

Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One

Greek Boy Names + Their Meanings: 


Achilles – Pain.

Admetus – Untamable.

Adonis – Lord.

Adria – Person From Hadria.

Aero – Of the Sky. 

Agamemnon – Very Resolute. 

Athanasios – The immortal divine soul.         

Adras – Manly.

Alasdair – Defender of men.      

Alec – Defender of humanity.

Aleksander – Defender of Men. 


Barnabus Son of Consolation

Biton – Unknown Meaning 

Balakros – Bald One.                                   

Balthasar – The name is a version of Baltasar.                           

Bastian – Man of Sebastia.


Cadmus – From the East.

Calais – Changing Color.

Calix – Very Handsome.

Callias – Beauty.

Calypso – Hidden.

Cameo – Shadow Portrait. 

Cleatus – Illustrious. 

Cosmas – Order.

Claus – The victory of the men.    

Clio – An artist of History; One, who played the lyre.                           

Cole – The victory of people.


Damaris – A very gentle being.         

Damian – The one who tames.

Darian – Gift sent from heaven on Earth.                

Demetrius – Devotee of Demeter 

Deo – Godlike.

Dionysius – God of Wine and Reverly. 

Dunixi – Form of Dionysius.         

Dorian – A war hero.


Echo – Reverberating Sound. 

Eliud – God is Great. 

Erasmus – Beloved. 

Ermin – Universal. 

Eryx – Boxer.

Evander – Good Man.

Elysium – The place where heroes go when they die.               

Eugen – well-born or noble.                

Evan – God has been gracious or youth.                 

Ezio – Eagle like. 


Flavian – Blonde.

Flavian – A light-haired Boy. 


Galen – Calm. 

Genesis – Beginning.

Georgios – Farmer.

Gryphon – Mythological Beast.      

Giulianu – Downy.


Hades – Sightless.

Heracles – Glory of Hera. 

Hermes – Interpreter. 

Hiero – Holy.

Homer – Pledge.

Hector – Tenacious.        

Hegelochos – The one who always walks ahead.     

Hephaistion – Greek God of fire and ice.                          

Herakleides – The key of Hera.                    

Hyacinth – A name of the flower. 


Illias – The Lord is my God. 

Indigo – Blue Dye.

Ioannis – God is Gracious.

Iraia – From Iraia, Greece.

Isidore – Gift of Isis.

Ithaca – Home of Ulysses.

Ion – God is gracious.                         

Isidore – Endowed with a gift of ideas. 

Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One +The Meaning


Jairus – He Shines.

Jericho – Moon City.

Jesus – God is Salvation. 

Judas – Praised. 

Jeno – Noble.      

Jerome – One who bears a holy name.                              

Jerzy – Farmer or Earthworker.


Kairos – Right Moment. 

Konstantinos – Constant.

Kyrie – The Lord.

Kyros – Lord.

Kal – The Strong One.    

Karan – He who helps.                       

Karanos – Ruler, leader.            

Kassandros – Shining upon man.                 

Keelan Slender.                        

Kester – Follower of Christ.                         

Kleitus – Summoned. 


Leander – Lion Man

Lexus – Created Name

Lux – Light

Lysander – One who is Freed.        

Laomedon – The one who governs.              

Leon – Lion. 


Magan – Pearl.

Mars – God of War.

Matthias – a gift of God. 

Maximos – Greatest.

Morpheus – God of Dreams.

Matthias – One who is a gift from the Lord.         

Maximus – One who is the greatest of all men.       

Menelaos – Withstanding the people.


Nestor – Traveler 

Nicodemus – Victory of the People.

Nike – Victorious 

Nicholas – Victory of the People.

Nicholas – The conqueror of the nation.                  

Napoleon – The one who loves mist.   

Neo – The talented one.                                 

Neoptolemus – New war. 

Nikanor – Victory.


Odysseus – Angry 

Omega – The Greek Letter 

Orestes – Mountain Dweller 

Orion – Dweller on the Mountain 

Orpheus – Unknown Meaning 

Odell   – The distressed one.                

Odisej – To hate; to be grieved.           

Ojal – Vision; Sight.                  

Orest – He who stands on the mountain.                 

Orien – Fine looking and delightful.    

Orion – Mountain Dweller.


Pavlos – Small.

Perseus – Greek Mythology Name. 

Petey – Rock.

Philip – One who loves horses.

Phoenix – Blood Red.

Pan – A shepherd who is a caretaker.            

Panas – He who is immortal.     

Panfilo – Friend of all.


Rhodes – Roses 

Rastus – Loving; To love.          

Ree – To flow; River.                

Rodion – A song of the hero warrior                       

Rouvin – To behold a son.                   

Ryna – – Defender of Men.

Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One +The Meaning


Sebastian – Venerable.

Simeon – To be Heard.

Socrates – Whole Rule.

Sotirios – Salvation.

Spiro – Basket.

Sostratos – The safe army.         

Spiridon – Spirit.


Thaddeus – Praise. 

Tharin – Hunter. 

Therius – Free. 

Tomai – Form of Thomas

Timon – To Honor.

Thessaly – A Region in Greece.                    

Teodors – Gift of God.              

Teodosiu – Giving to God         

Tessa   – Harvester.          

Thalassa – The sea.         

Theo – God-given.  

Theresa – A harvester.


Vasileios – King. 

Vassilis – Royal. 


Xenon – Guest, Host 

Xerxes – Ruler over Heroes          

Xanthus – A river god.                        

Xenos – Stranger. 


Yanni God is Gracious. 

Yiannis – God is gracious.         

Yiorgos – Farmer. 


Zephyr West Wind

Zeus God

Zorion – Happy;

Over 150 Beautiful Greek Boy Names For Your Little One

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