Top Family Theme Day Ideas Which Will Make You Want To Celebrate Every Weekend

What is a Theme Day?

Like any other celebration, a theme day is based on a specific theme, topic, or event, where you plan several fun activities around the chosen theme. You don’t have to make your theme day an extravagant, elaborate event.

Top Family Theme Day Ideas Which Will Make You Want To Celebrate Every Weekend

Keep it minimal like a clothing item or color. For example, you pick a blue theme for your theme day. Then, wear blue clothes and eat blue food. Having a theme day is a great way to spend fun with your kids and teach them about various activities.

Advantaged of Theme Days

  • Turns educational topics into something amusing and exciting
  • A great way to introduce your kids to new hobbies
  • Give your children something to get excited for on the weekend
  • Boosts creativity and innovative skills in kids
  • A refreshing break from routine
  • Great way to create memories together
  • Develops and strengthen the deep and lasting family bond
  • An outlet for parents
Top Family Theme Day Ideas Which Will Make You Want to Celebrate Every Weekend

Here’s How You Can Plan and Execute Theme Days

If you are a beginner with theme days, we suggest figuring out how often you want to have them. Some families plan a theme day weekly, while some do it monthly. Decide according to your free time and enjoy to the core. 

1. Select enjoyable themes

There are thousands of possible ways you can plan a theme day. Take help from the internet (Pinterest has great ideas) or talk to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Choose themes that you and your kids will enjoy.

2. Family Calendar

Start a family calendar today. Make a regular paper calendar that you can hang or place in the standard room or kitchen, or go for a digital calendar. These calendars come with numerous features and make it easier for you to plan your family events.

3. Discuss and announce

Discuss with your spouse and kids and let everyone know what you’ve planned for the theme day. Get them hyped up about the day and ask them for suggestions on activities that you can do together. It will help the kids boost their productivity and make them learn new things.

4. List out all the activities

Days before your theme day, list out all the activities, décor, food, and songs that will help you have an unforgettable celebration.

5. Gather all the supplies

Days before your theme day, collect all the supplies for activities and food. You don’t have to buy new items. Instead, look for items in your house, like paper sheets, scissors, food coloring, balloons, etc. Collect everything and place them together in a bucket or bag, so you don’t have to search for everything on the theme day.

6. Enjoy your theme day!

Enjoy your fullest on the theme day. It’s your opportunity to create unforgettable memories together with your family. The benefits of this family bonding experience are magical.

Other Variations for theme day

If you don’t want to plan theme days before time, write a few ideas in paper chits and ask your kids to draw a chit randomly for the theme day. This spontaneous act is more exciting than a pre-planned one. Another killer idea is celebrating a week full of these days. 

Here are some theme ideas for theme day:

Decade Day

  • Choose a decade, like the 80s or 90s, and dress according to the time
  • You can use slang from those decades
  • You can also lookup for popular food from the decade and prepare it for dinner
  • Have a dance party and play the songs from the decade

Movie Star Day

  • Play a movie star dress up
  • Watch movies of your favorite movie star all day long
  • You can also have a red-carpet entry where you can pose and click pictures
  • Teach your kids about table manners while you serve a fancy dinner

Rainbow Day

  • Set up a rainbow food tray with vegetables and fruits of different color
  • You can also go for rainbow jellies
  • Plan some rainbow-colored activities
  • Teach kids about rainbow and sky

Pajama Day

  • Have breakfast in all meals
  • Wear matching clothes and matching PJs
  • Host a Pajama fashion show
  • Bedtime stories or bonfire in the garden

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Musical Day

  • Dress up as your favorite singer or musical character
  • Play songs and music all-day
  • Hold a musical movie marathon
  • Learn dance steps and dance to your favorite music together

Age Swap Day

  • swap your age with the kids
  • let kids do small household chores, and you can play with the toys
  • play the Xbox, bounce on the trampoline, and have a great time.

Sports Day

  • make a healthy breakfast and do morning exercise
  • have a sports tournament
  • dress up like a sports person and wear clothes according to your game
  • you can have light games like egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, three-legged race.

Space Day/Star Wars Day

  • make a space shuttle cockpit with the help of a cupboard. Use tin foils and install lights
  • make space helmets from tinfoil
  • you can also make your rockets via science experiments
  • watch space movies
  • use a sky app to spot constellations and learn more about stars

Camp Out

  • Set out tents in the backyard or living room and decorate them with lights.
  • You can also sleep in sleeping bags
  • You can also play Minute to Win It Camping Games Sing along with campfire songs
  • Paint stones
  • Here are some food ideas for camp theme day – hot dogs, s’mores cookies, chips, and walking tacos.
  • You can also get these camping printable packs printed for your children.
  • Lay under the stars and teach your kids about constellations,
  • play card or board games
Space Day/Star Wars Day

Spa Day

  • Plan manicure and pedicure sessions
  • You can do each other makeup and hair
  • Create organic face masks and bath soaps
  • Relax and listen to calm music

Game Show Day

Superhero Day

  • Dress up as your favorite superhero or wear fun superhero t-shirts
  • You can also make your capes and hats
  • Talk about your superheroes
  • Superhero movie marathon
  • Host a superheroes comics reading session

Casino Night

  • Teach your kids about card and dice games
  • Make mocktails and fancy non-alcoholic drinks
  • Serve appetizers and snacks
  • Give out cash prizes for game winners

Under the Stars Movie Night

  • Set up a screen and a projector outside in the garden
  • Make popcorns and snacks
  • Turn the movie night into a movie marathon
  • Spread mats and blankets with pillows for extra comfort


Mother Goose Day

  • Recite nursery rhymes
  • prepare foods from favorite nursery rhymes
  • Search online for nursery games
  • Print nursery theme pictures and color them

Family Talent Show

  • Make a list of talents of each member of the family
  • Set up a small platform or stage for them to display their talent
  • Give out fun awards for winners

Here are a few ideas for talents you can perform: a skit or short play, monologue or poem recitation, water glass melody, spoon games, magic tricks, singing, dancing, acting, doing martial arts, displaying art, gymnastics, juggling, comedy skits, instruments playing, showcasing new artistic skill or hobby, speaking new languages, rope jumping, hula-hoop, etc.

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Mother Goose Day

Dr. Seuss Day

  • Dress like your favorite character from Dr. Seuss
  • Make green eggs and ham for breakfast
  • Speak in rhyme all-day
  • Ready Dr. Seuss Books

Jungle Or Zoo Day

  • The theme should be based on animals
  • Play matching outfits like t-shirts with animals printed on them
  • You can place toy animals around your house
  • Set up animal models in your garden, and one person can become a zoo guide
  • You can also pack picnic food

Zombie Day

  • Do a zombie dress up and makeup
  • Prepare zombie-themed snacks
  • Play zombie hide and seek

Pirate Day

  • Dress up like a pirate with an eye patch, a wooden leg, a parrot, or a crazy pirate hat.
  • Learn how to talk like a pirate
  • Get an old piece of paper to make a treasure map.
  • Have a team and find the treasure
  • Place some money or snacks in the garden as a treasure.
  • Sing and dance like pirates
  • You can also build your ship with a wooden box

Gamer Day

  • Play video games all-day
  • Wear comfy PJs
  • Give awards for winners
  • Odder pizza and celebrate with the family

Under The Sea Adventure

  • Get the underwater feeling with a bubble machine
  • wear swimming costumes, goggles, and flippers
  • create sea creatures from cardboards
  • paint the windows with glass paint or paste a blue film on them to give the effect of underwater
  • Here are a few food items for underwater theme day – starfish-shaped sandwiches, fish fingers, jellies.
  • Play games like crab football.

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Mad Scientist Day

  • Dress like a mad scientist
  • Participate in various science experiments with your children
  • Watch a sci-fi movie or documentary

Backward Day

  • Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for supper
  • Eat dessert before your meal
  • Wear your clothes backward
  • Play backward spelling game
  • count backward
  • recite the alphabet backward
  • sing a song backward
  • call everyone with their names in backward alphabetical order
  • read a book backward
  • walk backward

Harry Potter Day

  • decorate your house with Harry Potter things
  • choose your house and wear clothes according to that
  • do science experience to create magic, like making a cloud in a jar
  • drink butterbeer

Beach Party

Beach Party

Jurassic Park Day

  • makes giant dinosaur footprints outside your house
  • hide a toy or cardboard dinosaur somewhere and ask your children to follow in their footsteps and capture the dinosaur.
  • Hide fake dinosaur bones and fossils in the mud and ask your kids to excavate the ruins

Carnival Theme

  • Create a traditional fair with fairground rides, food stalls, fun games like win the prize booth, and more.
  • You can also ask for a magician to perform tricks for your kids
  • Perform some dance and singing

Back To School Theme

  • Nostalgic school theme day
  • Create activities for kids and yourself
  • You can include materials like colors, crafts, shapes, letters, and much more in the activities
  • Plan easy activities like jumble words, minute to win games, school drama society, etc.

Picnic / BBQ

  • Go out to a park or stay at home in your garden
  • Make picnic food like burgers and dogs, potato salad and pies.
  • Spread a picnic mat on the ground
  • Play fun games


  • A fun way to celebrate Halloween twice a year
  • Wear something scary
  • Dress up as characters from horror movies and cartoons
  • Make Halloween themed food
  • Decorate your house with pumpkin lights, skulls, and spider webs.

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Top Family Theme Day Ideas Which Will Make You Want to Celebrate Every Weekend

Do you have more exciting ideas about theme day? Tell us in the comment section below.

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