30 Things To Put In Easter Baskets For Your Kid Except Candies

Sweet wrappers everywhere and hundreds of toys kids do not play with anymore is such a familiar situation for every parent. And the worst is that parents pay money for it. Agree that you are a sugar and junky-toys hater.

Easter is coming, and you are probably stuck on what you should put in the Easter Basket for your kids this year. In this collection, you will find no candies and no junk but something much more interesting that will make your kids scream with joy.

This time you should resist the temptation to put traditional foil-covered bunnies and cream-filled eggs. Well, we did, and it worked out just great. And you also know that once the Easter Hunt is over, all those fragile plastic toys will be forgotten forever.

30 Things to Put in Easter Baskets for your Kid Except Candies

Instead, you’d better focus on stuff that your children will actually use, read, create, and play with for a long time. You should get something that will provoke the same excitement as if your kiddo has just received a huge basket of their favorite chocolate.

The goods here are organized according to the age range. So that you can skip unnecessary parts and come to the appropriate age group at once. However, all these ideas can suit multiple age ranges. So, you can quickly scan the list not to miss some really cool variants.

Easter Basket ideas for babies and toddlers (0-3 age range)


  • Cute Pacifiers.

If your tot cannot live without a pacifier (and you cannot imagine your life without it either), you should get one. They have so many fun designs with different animals like Bunny Pacifier, Lamb Pacifier, etc. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=wubbanub&ajr=0&crid=3FIGFQ5E1AY0V&linkCode

  • Teething Rings

If you are at the teething stage, release tot’s stress with a funny bunny teething ring. If you check out the variety of teething ring designs, you will be impressed by how wide and whimsical it is. Your little one will definitely like it either. https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Crochet-Teething-Teether-Newborn/dp/B07DNDM7B1/ref

  • Jellycat Stuffed Animals

If your kiddo does not still have a favorite stuffed animal, consider a Jellycat cute collection of different beautiful and soft toys. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=jellycat+7%22&i=toys-and-games&linkCode

  • Lovey

These are so cute and cuddly. Again, you can choose your lovey from a various range of animals, including bunnies and lambs. Oh, cuties! https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Dear-Blankie-Brown-Giraffe/dp/B000WFPWUQ/ref

  • Sleep Sheep

If you have troubles with rocking your kiddo to sleep (or even if you do not), you should try this cuddly Sleep Sheep. It has a nice small size, perfect for toddlers, and it comes with four soothing melodies that help the baby to relax and fall asleep fast and easily.

And its best part is a strap to attach the toy wherever you need. Get it and use it to the fullest. https://www.amazon.com/Cloud-B-Soother-Sleep-Sheep/dp/B00IABHYV4/ref

  • Pacifier/Toy Clip

It is so great and funny when your tot is so active and moves and plays a lot, but there is so much trouble to pick up the toy or pacifier every time they wave with their little hand or leg. Here is a perfect way out – pacifier/toy clip.

Just loop it to the pacifier or toy and clip its other side to the kid’s clothes. Voila, now it is firmly fixed. https://www.amazon.com/Liname-Pacifier-BONUS-Teething-eBook/dp/B078GTQ85W/ref


  • Egg Shakers

These are such amusing toys. There are four colors of eggs in this set. Also, these are quite educational and develop fine motor skills, auditory and hand-eye senses. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002F5CQK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode

  • Hohner Baby Band

It is a perfect start for your young musician. The set includes four fun musical instruments of different shapes and with various sounds. https://www.amazon.com/Hohner-4-Piece-Baby-Band/dp/B000RGP4ZS/ref

  • Fun Baby Keys

Keys to the house or car works like a magnet to your kid’s hands and mouth. The best solution is to purchase your own own set of keys and let them play with it for as long as they want. And from now on, you will never be afraid of losing your real keys and stuck outside. https://www.amazon.com/B-68625AMP-FunKeys/dp/B0068GXZ9I/ref

  • Jellycat tail book

This is quite an interesting item that you have probably never seen on the shelves of a regular toy store. You will find it completely fascinating. There are various designs.

The pages are whimsical and crinkle with sound. Their texture is very soft and pleasant for tots’ little hands to explore.

Oh, your tot will love it. It is their first special book.  https://www.amazon.com/Jellycat-Cloth-Books-Jungly-Tails/dp/B006X1593I/ref

  • Baby First Brain Quest

This one is a great introduction to education. Teachers approved this method. Cards with colorful objects encourage toddlers to learn and talk.

There are some questions about objects and animals on each card. You do the asking and make time pass with a great benefit for your child. https://www.amazon.com/First-Brain-Quest-revised-4th/dp/0761166629/ref

  • Bubble Trumpets

Bubbles always make kids smile. Your tot will get how it works really fast. They just need to dip the trumpet into the bubble solution and blow.

Voila! Imagine how exciting your tot will be when they see what cool magic they are making. And its best part is the sound made while creating bubbles. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Blossom-Bright-Trumpet/dp/B00ARV3B6C/ref

  • Lacing Sheep

If you want to have fun and develop your toddler’s skills at the same time, do not go any further. This lacing wooden sheep consists of separate rings. You need to take them apart and ask the child to put them back together.

There is color coding inside as a prompt. https://www.amazon.com/PlanToys-0515000-Lacing-Sheep/dp/B0015D8AIK/ref

  • Silence and Sort Wooden Eggs

If you insist on something still traditional on Easter, consider these wooden eggs. The toy may seem simple, but in fact, it is very engaging. Approved!

The playing is to cut the eggs with a knife, which is also included by the way, and then put the eggs back together so that the yolk colors match. So, if your tot adores “cooking” with you, these wooden eggs are the best solution. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Slice-Sort-Wooden/dp/B00V924HF2/ref

  • Finger Puppets

Oh, these are so cute. You will love it, and your littles will do either! So, if you are not afraid of breaking the Easter rules, then have fun playing with these finger puppets that feature an amused sun, a shrewish cloud, and a good spider. https://www.amazon.com/Pllieay-Puppets-Educational-Cartoon-Animals/dp/B079L6WJF8/ref

Easter Basket ideas for children age 4-7


  • Sticker Book

Let us present you a great entertainment on the Easter theme for your kiddo. The book has an interesting plot and so much space to stick over 150 bright stickers to decorate the pages and discover Easter traditions like Easter baking, hunting for eggs, a tea party, an Easter parade.

One more option is to teach your child to draw by themselves already. Check out this miniature book, “How to Dress A Bunny.” There are basic sketches of a bunny waiting to be “dressed.”

Take a set of colorful crayons and start drawing. By the way, a new set of crayons would be a great idea either. https://www.amazon.com/Easter-Usborne-First-Sticker-Books/dp/1409534871/ref


  • Play-Doh Spring Easter Eggs

Add even more Easter mood to your celebration with these cute play-doh spring easter eggs. If you go crazy about eco stuff, it is a must-have for your children. This play-doh is made of natural ingredients only.

It is really soft, moldable, and totally safe for your littles. https://www.amazon.com/eco-kids-Eco-Kids-Eco-Dough-by/dp/B009NMH4NM/ref

  • Printable Easter Activity Book

Such a book will become a pretty great addition to your Easter Basket. It comes with plenty of entertaining activities like egg hunting, iSpy, coloring pages, and also some active tasks.

There are many variants of the book content. They also include a lot of educational activities such as counting eggs, coloring, matching identical eggs, ABC order, and many-many other interesting stuff. You can easily find it in PDF format or purchase the already-printed version. https://www.amazon.com/Fun-Relaxing-Adult-Activity-Book/dp/1988923026/ref

  • Balloon Animal Kit

The instructions on how to make balloon animals are pretty simple and easy to understand. The book with the instructions is bright and interesting. This set of balloons come in different colors.

Besides, there is a cute pump that will help your littles to blow balloons easily and fast. Have fun together with your children, making dogs, monkeys, and fish. https://www.amazon.com/Schylling-Balloon-Animals-Refills-Bundle/dp/B01JH26SXE/ref


  • Wooden Memory Game

Probably, you also had one in your childhood as well. And this memory game is never getting old, isn’t it? There is such a wide range of this game’s themes.

You will definitely love this hand-made wooden one. The images are hand-crafted there. And it looks so nice.

We bet that this wooden memory game will live forever unless the items are lost. Anyway, it comes with a cute sack for keeping and traveling, which increases the chances to save each tile. https://www.amazon.com/Wooden-Matching-Toddlers-Montessori-Learning/dp/B08HMLLYQT/ref

  • Family Dinner Box of Questions Game

If you are a family-game lover, this one will perfectly suit your huge family-game collection. It is a great option to have a lovely dinner and entertain yourselves. The game has a box with a pile of tricky questions that you ask around the dinner table.

Kids really love answering questions from those cards. And questions are so different, like “Do you remember what you used to play with when you were a toddler?”; “What has a family member said or done for you this week that was very thoughtful?”; or “What you like the most about the person sitting opposite to you?”.

Once you try this dinner game, you will be surprised how nicely your littles behave at the table and how obedient they finish their meal without an issue. Your kiddies will beg you to bring out the question box not only at mealtimes but on the road or to the restaurant. https://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Family-Dinner-Questions/dp/B004XAF9G8/ref

  • Nada Game

Be ready to have lots of fun and giggling. This game is very engaging though it has three rounds. The rules are easy to understand.

Just roll the dice and find the matching symbols. When you see the match, you must call one out and grab it. If there are no matches, say “Nada,” and you will grab all the dice.

But speak too soon, and you will pay the price – it will take you out of the next round. So, you can win the game or get nothing at all. Be careful! The winner is the one who gets more dice.

This amazing game is designed for 2-4 players. It develops kids’ fine motor skills, but the attention and visual skills – the most. It will become your favorite high-energy, funny game for every evening. It comes with a nice bag that is perfect for storage or taking with you everywhere.


Easter Basket ideas for teens


  • Coloring Washi Tape

When it comes to school supplies, kids adore decorating, coloring, and sticking their school items. This coloring Washi tape is absolutely awesome. Kids can put it wherever they want and color-in however they like.

Believe us; such things are still very popular. If you want to make this idea even more exciting, add a set of gel pens. They will not only use them to color the tape but for doodling or writing notes to their friends.


  • Journal/Diary

Do you remember how excited it was to get your diary, hide under the blanket, and start your favorite “Dear Diary”?

Every child dreams about a special journal where they can confess their feelings, dreams, and inner thoughts. Such a thing is really precious and will become a keepsake for your child.

Just imagine how curious it will be for children to read their diaries when they are grown up. Oh, that is a real treasure. It is all about pure emotions, friendship, and first love.

It will be such a great memory of the past years later on. You will never regret it. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=peaceable+kingdom+diary&linkCode


  • Scratch Off Tickets

Kids adore receiving scratch off tickets. They are so curious about what is hidden this time. Just write any kind of reward and cover it with the provided sticker.

The rewards are all up to you. For example, “breakfast in bed,” or “staying up one hour before bedtime,” or “watching kid’s favorite movie today.” Put these tickets into the Easter basket and disclose the surprise.

Be creative and write down some specific kids’ desires. https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Clever-Party-Stripe-Scratch/dp/B01K50T50U/ref

  • Scratch Travel Items

If you find the idea with scratching absolutely adorable, consider these scratch travel items. A scratch travel journal will be a great option for older kids. The journal contains everything they need to plan and record the adventures.

Its best part is small maps that they scratch off where they have been. https://www.amazon.com/Original-Travel-Journal-Beautiful-Travelogue/dp/B00UJL8HVO/ref

If you would like to make their journeys even more remarkable, consider this huge scratch map poster. They can hang it in their room as a cute reminder of where children have already been and where they are planning to come.

Well, kids like posters anyway. And such an awesome map poster will be a wonderful addition to the exciting ones, won’t it?


  • 97 Things To Do Before Graduate High School

Being in high school means much more than just attending lessons. It is a whole new world for your child. And your task is to make it as amazing and interesting as possible.

This book provides an interesting list of things to accomplish before the child graduates high school. And the tasks are so various, starting from “take part in a school theatre play” and ending with “have a new hairstyle.”

This book will not tell you something that is taught at school. Here you will find 97 ways of how to interest and entertain yourself and your friends. Life does not stop after classes are over; it only gets started. https://www.amazon.com/Things-Before-Finish-High-School/dp/0979017300/ref


  • Personalized Key Chain.

We know how much you like such trifles. Your kiddos do as well. If they have their personal set of keys, they will surely like this pretty personalized key chain.

A very useful thing indeed. If it is not what you want or if you already got such, there is a huge rate of funny keychains.

Just think about what they like the most. For example, they use the same smiles in their text messages to you, or they like everything sequin. And our favorite and very useful today – a hand sanitizer one. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Tassel+Keychain&ref=nb_sb_noss

  • Gift Card To Child’s Favorite Hang-Out

If your children seem to have everything, even almost every item from THIS collection, a gift card to their favorite hang-out is the best option. Whether it is Starbucks or your local cafe, it will always be a cool idea to hang out with friends or family and spend time together. And do not forget to make a nice photo for your archive.

  • Movie Or Theatre Tickets

If you are a movie or play lover, one more theatre trip sounds brilliant. And it is one more chance to take a break from your constant business and spend time together with your kids.

Probably, you are also looking forward to putting together an Easter Basket. And each time, you want it to be somehow different, special, but still traditional. Hopefully, this article is a good resource for you to add a note of creativity to this holiday and make your kids surprised.

Easter Basket is not always only about Easter eggs, bunnies, and candies. Games, keepsakes, or useful stuff are always better anyway. So, bookmark this round up of nice ideas to check it when the time comes.

30 Things to Put in Easter Baskets for your Kid Except Candies

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