Paint the Invisible Spider Halloween Art Ideas for Preschoolers Worksheets (4-6 Year Olds)

Encourage kids to be creative by introducing them to fun art ideas for preschoolers. Let them paint the invisible spider for Halloween, check out the step-by-step instructions for this activity.

Paint the Invisible Spider Halloween Art Ideas for Preschoolers Worksheets (4-6 Year Olds)

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Several times I had to resort to drawing to better explain what I have in my mind. Drawings are a way to bring to life and show what we have in our minds. That’s how imagery works. When I listen to someone saying “table,” I immediately imagine an object with a flat surface with four legs, not the word “table.”

Most therapists use drawing to cure adults with movement problems. When we draw, we create neuronal links between our hands and brain. We switch on the right hemisphere, which is our creative and artistic brain’s side.

Children who paint from an early age have a great capacity to create things and master their movements. When our kids are painting, we should not affect their creativity. For example, if he/she draws a purple apple, that’s good; please don’t say, “apples are red or green.” If we do that, we are blocking their creativity skills.

To make this art ideas for preschoolers activity fun, we can tell them to draw Halloween spiders in different forms and sizes.

Halloween invisible spider kids activity. Fun art ideas for preschoolers with free printable worksheets



Topic:  Drawing

Age:  4-6-year-old children

Goal:  Stimulate children’s fine motor skills through drawing.

Difficulty level:  Average. This art ideas for preschoolers activity is designed to be done independently by following instructions.


  • Fine motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Following instructions


Materials Painting Spiders Art Ideas for Preschoolers Activity
  • White crayon
  • Black paint
  • White card stock or construction paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Water


Step 1:

On the card stock, we are going to draw a big spider using the white crayon. It will not be visible because the card stock sheet and the crayon are the same color. That’s an interesting part of the activity.

draw a big spider using the white crayon

Step 2:

After we draw the spider, smear the paintbrush with the black paint and add some water. Please, don’t forget to do this because this is the most important step. Otherwise, this activity will not have the expected outcome.

smear the paintbrush with the black paint
paint the spider


Easy and simple Halloween spider painting art ideas for preschoolers.

Painting Spiders Art Activity


After doing art ideas for preschoolers give children fun spider-themed worksheets. Click the link below to download and print.

Free printable spider worksheets for kids

Download the Free Printable Spider Worksheets


You can do this art idea for preschoolers’ activity with younger children. They can use crayons with different colors to paint all over the card stock. After that, they should paint with black paint. When the black paint gets dry, please give them a hole punch to imprint holes over the dry black paint. Wherever the hole punch was used, the paint will flake away, and a beautiful picture will appear.


This art ideas for preschoolers video will illustrate a step-by-step explanation of the “PAINTING SPIDERS” activity, designed for 4-6-year-old children. This preschooler activity consists of drawing a spider with a white crayon that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Still, when the black paint is applied, magically, the spider begins to appear. Children will do it by following instructions. They will use a hole punch, card stock, black paint, white crayon, and water.

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Halloween spider painting art ideas for preschoolers
Simple and fun spider painting.