6 Easy Baby Cold Remedies for Parents to Take Care of Your Infant

How to Treat Your Baby if They Get a Cold?

When the child gets a cold, their parents do their best to help their little one to recover as soon as possible with baby cold remedies.

Baby Cold Remedies for Parents

You should be very serious and careful when administering any baby cold treatment. Their organism is so weak that there can easily appear some complications. That’s why it’s better to consult a specialist in any case. Please, don’t self-medicate your baby!

The doctor will examine the child and prescribe the appropriate treatment for the baby’s cold. If the symptoms of a cold are not significant, and a very high temperature is not noted, you can actually treat the child by yourself.

If there are no serious symptoms of a cold, but only a baby’s runny nose and sneezing, then you shouldn’t treat it at all. Let the child’s organism cope with the virus by itself and develop its own immunity.

 If you still decide to somehow help the child’s organism to recover, direct all your efforts on boosting their immune system. 

  • Nowadays, there is a huge choice of medications, but don’t give your child all possible drugs or syrups immediately. The best treatment option for the baby will be natural, like fruits for the baby, and proven by generations’ “home” remedies.
  • Everyone knows that vitamin C copes with a cold very well. That’s why if your child is not an infant already, and is not allergic to citrus fruits, then give them black currant or its juice every day. If the child doesn’t eat berries, give them fresh orange juice. Also, kiwi and rose hips contain a lot of vitamin C. For lunch, you can cook dishes with cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, or broccoli; they are also rich in vitamin C.
  • During a cold, the body needs a lot of liquid. That’s why you should frequently give your child something to drink.
Treat Your Baby Cold
  • If the child has a runny nose, you should warm up their nose with a warm rag several times every day. Additionally, rinse the baby’s nose with a sea salt solution. You can find it in any pharmacy.
  • If the child is coughing and has a sore throat, honey will help. But to avoid allergic reactions, don’t give it to children under 3. If there is no high temperature, you can apply a warming compress from mustard plasters on the chest for the night. Also, pay attention that this method doesn’t suit children under 3.
  • Still, for children under 2, you can apply plasters with eucalyptus above clothing. It’ll make their breathing easier, and it also has an antibacterial effect.

In case of fever, give your baby any antipyretic, according to their age and dosage. If the temperature is above 38 C for a while, call your doctor. If it’s already above 39 C, then call the ambulance. Don’t self-medicate in such situations.

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