How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

There is always a lot going on in the lives of Parents-to-be; after all, making room for the new little member is a life-changing experience. Let us help you with some organization. If you want to build a nursery that is bright, functional, and safe for the baby, maybe you can start from here!

How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

Start with some planning and decide a look

Your baby is going to grow in this space, and naturally, you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery. So, the aesthetics of the space is very important to keep you and the baby happy.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to maintain a sense of uniformity throughout the room. You can play around with color schemes, accessories, and furniture.

How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

You can start by going through some images on Pinterest or picking ideas from a home decor magazine. Maybe you want a nursery that goes well with the aesthetics of your house, or maybe you want everything to be rainbows and sunshine for the theme.

Designing should be a fun experience, and the final creation should be something that you can proudly call your own. So do not worry, there are no rules here. Simply take your time and narrow down some ideas so that you have a concrete foundation and you can avoid confusion later.

Pick a Color Palette

With a myriad of color schemes in front of you, picking a color palette for the nursery can be confusing. You can choose the same color for the whole room or go for an accent wall but remember to use zero VOC emission paints.

It is an eco-friendly and baby-safe alternative. Also, buying a paint that does not require a primer is a safer option because it minimizes exposure to chemicals.

To make your choice easier, start with buying textiles for your room. If you have already decided on the color of your curtains or bedding, you can match it with the color of the walls. This will bring the whole room together without creating any chaos.

Make a Scrapbook for the Nursery

You do not want your mind to be cluttered with different images from Instagram, Pinterest, or magazines you went through for inspiration. Once you have fixed a color palette, grab a scrapbook or a whiteboard and create an aesthetic layout.

You can also go for a digital mood board. Fill it with all the research ideas and raw materials you have collected so far.

By research ideas and raw materials, we mean furniture, accessories, color tones, and wallpapers. You can organize them to make you a model of your masterpiece. Make sure that all the accessories and furniture go well with the color palette.

This will demand constant editing for a while, but we are sure that this will be a fun activity and will also save you some time and money. 

Designing a Floor Plan for the Nursery

You are still at the stage of planning and information gathering. Designing a layout is a practical step by which you can build a functional nursery.

You will need space for a nursing station, sleeping station, and sanitization station, along with some room to sit and walk around.You have to plan this around the windows and doors of the nursery. So, gear up with some pen, paper, and measuring tape for this one!

How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

Set up the sleeping area or crib right in front of the door, along the longest wall of the room. It will give you space to place a chair by the crib so that you can watch your little one sleep. Also, remember to keep it away from curtains or windows to prevent any hazards.

For a sanitization station, you will need a changing table or dresser along with all the sanitization supplies ready. This will keep you from leaving the baby unattended on the table.

The sanitization station should have

  • a storage box for anti-bacterial wipes and diapers
  • a separate hamper or diaper pail for dirty diapers

It should also be away from any decorative items or bookshelves which the baby can pull down.

You bond with the baby while feeding them. It is at the nursing station where Moms tend to spend most of their time.

This is why you should prioritize your comfort in this zone by placing a cozy nursery chair along with pillows where you can sit back and rest while you nurse the baby. You can also get an ottoman if you like to have your feet up.

Strategically position these three stations in the nursery to maximize functionality and ease.

Buying furniture for the nursery  

This is where the measurements and the floor layout will come in handy. You have already narrowed down your options in the scrapbook or mood board, and you have a floor plan.

Make sure you have measured the doors and windows as well to ensure easy and efficient placement of furniture. Now it is time to shop!

The most important piece of furniture that you will need is a crib. It can be the focal point of the room, and you can design the room it. It will also be something that will stay there for years.

The most important factor that you need to consider while buying a crib is safety. It is recommended to buy a new one rather than going for a hand-me-down crib. As the old ones are already exposed to wear and tear, they can put your baby at risk, and the new cribs come with up-to-date safety features.

Avoid filling the crib with stuffed toys and little pillows as these articles are suffocation hazards. If the room is small, you can go for a space-saving option and buy a mini-crib.

How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

The ideal piece of furniture for the sanitization station is a combination of a dresser and changing table. Be prepared for a thousand sessions of diaper changes with diapers, wipes, and rash cream neatly organized in the dresser. You can also use the sections to store other little items like some toys or bips.

As you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery, you can have some space of your own by getting a glider or rocker for the nursery. From a glider, you can feed your baby, sing and read to it and make beautiful memories. You can also get an ottoman or a footstool along with it.


A rug has the potential to bring together an entire room and lend a cozy element to it. Once you have settled on all the furniture pieces, you can move on to buying a rug. You can get one rug to cover all the main furniture pieces, or you can put one under each of the pieces.

What is the ideal lighting environment for a baby?

Babies are sensitive to light, and this is why soft lighting is important for the nursery. For artificial lighting, we recommend installing a dimmer in the room. It will help you regulate the intensity of light and improve the overall atmosphere and aesthetics of the room.

It will come in handy during the late hours of the night when you want to avoid blaring light falling on the baby. You can also use nightlight to create a calming ambiance for the baby.

Go for task lighting for focal points like sanitization stations. You can go for table lamps or wall scones but make sure that the table lamp is out of baby’s reach.

You can install multiple lights with different intensities, which you can switch according to the baby’s mood. Also, lighting fixtures that will go well with the decor of the nursery should be preferred to achieve a cohesive look.

Do not forget about the windows!

Window covering is important because it concerns the safety of the baby. Use heavy blinds for the windows so that you can use natural light on a clear day and also regulate the exposure on a hot day.

Opt for blinds with kid protection on the cords because it can be a safety hazard if the baby pulls them down. You can also use drapes depending on the decor of the nursery.

Plan a proper storage system  

Life after a baby will get a little stressful, and organization will be quite a task if you do not have proper storage. It is difficult to take care of the baby, get rest and stay on top of your game when there is a pile of baby clothes waiting in the laundry bag every day. Here are some storage tips that will help you be at ease and save your sanity.

  • Start with essentials like blankets, diapers, bibs, and Onesies before buying fancy outfits for the baby. Minimalism will help you with effective storage.
How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas
  • Stock up on some baskets, small hangers, shelves, and drawers to promote the easy organization of things.
  • You can use the shelves or drawers of the dresser to stock up sanitization supplies.
  • Sort all the outfits according to size and clothing.
  • The items that you use frequently should be stocked in one basket.

Get creative with accessories

If you want to give a multidimensional quality to the nursery, then you can achieve it by accessorizing. Your choice of accessories is guided by the decor style and color scheme of the nursery.

But more than this, you can give a deeper meaning to the room by sharing some stories and emotions. You can add some keepsakes which hold sentimental value. You can also get toys, stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets according to a theme that you have decided on.  

It will tie the whole room together and give the final finishing touch to your baby’s space.

What is the ideal time to paint the room?

Once you have made the order for all the furniture pieces and finished shopping, you can start preparing the nursery. Get to cleaning and making space because an empty room is perfect for painting. You cannot risk dropping paint on the new furniture.

It will save you from the hassle of moving things, and it is easy to get rid of the fumes from an empty room.

Baby-proof the nursery

You might feel like putting it off for later, but soon your little newborn will grow into a toddler and will be crawling around the house. It is better to be prepared for a time like this while you are carrying out the other preparations.

Hide the chords and cover all the electrical outlets. Secure the rugs and take care of all the potential choking and poisoning hazards. Make sure the baby does not get exposed to any sharp edges of the furniture.


Once you have painted, give yourself some time to shape the nursery. Start with bringing in the furniture and rugs that you bought and then adorn it with accessories.

Take your time to set things one by one and enjoy the process. Your baby is going to love its nursery!

Baby Registry Checklist

For mom

  • Comfy birthing gown
  • Coming home attire
  • Nursing bras and cami
  • Nursing pads
  • Nipple Cream
  • Postpartum recovery kit


  • High comfortable chair
  • Feeding bibs
  • Fresh formula
  • Four Oz bottles
  • Breast milk storage bags
  • Bottle warmer
  • Bottlebrush
  • Dishwasher basket
  • Nursing pillow
  • Burp cloths
How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas


  • Changing pad covers
  • Changing pad liners
  • Changing dresser
  • Changing pad
  • Nursery chair
  • Storage bins
  • Exciting hampers
  • Crib & crib mattress
  • Fitted crib sheets

Health and safety

  • Mellow night light
  • White noise machine
  • Baby gate & monitor
  • Baby grooming kit
  • Outlet caps
  • Thermometer and aspirator
  • Furniture or TV strips
  • Humidifier


  • Clothing dividers
  • Socks
  • Newborn onesies
  • 0-6-month-old onesies
  • 0-6 months home clothes
  • 0-6 months pants
  • 0-6 months sleep n’ plays
  • Coming home outfit
  • Mittens & hats


  • Infant tub
  • Bath toys
  • Bath toy storage
  • Baby kneeler
  • Washcloths
  • Baby body wash
  • Baby medicated shampoo
  • Warm hooded towels
  • Baby moisturizing lotion
How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas


  • Infant car base and seat
  • Travel fitted sheets
  • Bouncy seat
  • Travel crib
  • Stroller
  • Accessories for stroller
  • Shopping cart
  • Shopping cart cover
  • Baby wrap or carrier
  • Safe baby swing


  • Rattle toys
  • Teething toys
  • Physical activity gym
  • Mobile
  • Books
  • Playmat

Diaper Changing

  • Stocked Diapers
  • Diaper pail
  • Diaper bags
  • Diaper pail liners
  • Diaper sensitive rash cream
  • Clean baby wipes 

First-trimester Checklist

To-Do List for the Exciting First Three Months!

How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

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Choose your OBGYN or Midwife

Be Mindful of the Red Flags

Be sure of your Medical History

Keep your Medicine List Handy

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How To Design a Baby Nursery: Timeless Decorating Ideas

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