10 Books On Growth Mindset You And Your Kids Will Love

If you are the kind of parents who read a tone of literature about children’s development, then you have probably heard about this buzzword – growth mindset.

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

What does that mean? It refers to people who believe that intelligence can be trained and improved through constant learning. Scientists proved that as a rule those, who care about their growth mindset, are more successful in all spheres of life: career, relationship, love.

Frankly speaking, books about growth mindset are compelling. After reading them, you will change your view on bringing up your kids considerably.

Instead of praising their efforts, you will start praising their results. Instead of cautioning them, you will encourage them to take risks.

Changing the way you talk to your child influences the growth mindset a lot. And reading books that convey a similar idea has the same effect. Still, if you do both, the outcome will be tremendous.

Growth Mindset Books:

In this article, we got a collection of 10 awesome books that will change kids’ outlook on life. They will learn that failures and challenges are not dead ends but just steps to their future success.

Children will strive for great results through trials and failures. And the last will even motivate them more to work harder and try new ways to achieve success.

1. Salt In His Shoes

This is an amazing story about a boy who is struggling to master basketball. It is lovely to read for kids before bedtime, but all your family will like the story indeed.

The illustrations are beautiful. And the message that the story conveys is also tremendous and instructive. The ending of the story leaves a pleasant and optimistic “afterbite.”

The plot of the story is about a boy who feels frustrated because he is not very tall, and that is why he cannot achieve any success in basketball. Well, he thinks so. His mom has a different opinion.

Trying to motivate her son, she puts salt into his shoes and makes him believe that the salt will help him grow. Time goes by, but nothing’s changed.

Then father intervenes in this process and assures his son that the key to success is not in the salt only, but in constant practice, effort, doing his best, trying again and again. That is what really makes the difference.

As you see, the title just intrigues the reader but does not disclose the main message at all. The story teaches that only faith and diligence are the main ingredients for all of us to stand where we want to.

And this interesting idea with the salt in the boy’s shoes is just a part of the plan to show that the boy wants to push himself even in the most unusual way, but he is not going to give up.

Encouraging is in every chapter of the book. And that is what you will like the most. If you have courage, you will win in the end and achieve your goals.

Salt In His Shoes

2. The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes

If a little perfectionist is growing up in your home, this is the very book you need. You see how your kids disappoint when something is not going smoothly or not according to their plan.

This is a story about how to value mistakes and learn from them. And it is not a simple message that it is OK to make mistakes. The main idea lies far more profound.

The main character is a girl Beatrice who is scared to death to make a single mistake, and she never does one. Still, it happens that she accidentally drops a few eggs. It turns into a colossal disaster for Beatrice.

And she limits her moves to the maximum to avoid similar mistakes. Indeed, she overcomes this fear of making mistakes through an unexpected lesson.We will not tell you which one not to be spoilers! Anyway, this event turns her life upside down.

When you finish reading the book, there is so much space to discuss with your child about being anxious and how it is OK to make mistakes. It has a fantastic lesson indeed.

Colorful illustrations go along with clever but easy wording. Kids will love the plot, the main character, and the hammer is so cute there.

. The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes

3. What Do You Do With A Problem

This is a terrific book with a valuable lesson that will entertain both kids and their parents. Yes, this is a children’s story, but sometimes adults lack realizing such simple life rules and this book will totally fit their needs.

The main character is hiding from any kind of problem all the time because he has no idea how to cope with even the slightest one. Still, the times come when the boy pulls himself together and decides to face his problems.

Surprisingly for him, it is not that bad as he made it out to be. And the best part is that he accepts each problem as a new great opportunity.

When you read this story to your kiddos, they will listen to you with delight. And when you are done, kids will gladly tell you their problems (their problems are so cute sometimes!).

The main message of the book is you cannot ignore problems. You cannot run away from them all the time. Even if you manage to escape from one issue, another is always waiting ahead.

And you never know what it is. You just HAVE to tackle it. And most importantly, each problem is a new opportunity.

Seriously, it is a great strategy to see problems as something different than obstacles. Highly-highly recommended!

 What Do You Do With A Problem

4. What Do You Do With The Idea

This is a brilliant book for kids, but we bet you will keep it for yourself, either. Even if this story did not win the best-book-of-the-year award (but it has all chances), it still deserves a bit of your attention.

How many times did your kiddo come to you and say: “I have an idea.” They are little inventors indeed.

And if you (in the first place) and others cherish these ideas, they become valuable. And they ARE precious certainly! And kids start to learn how to cherish their ideas.

The author of “What Do You Do With The Idea” depicts an intelligent little boy who has so many great ideas in his little head. Still, the boy is afraid that his ideas can be turned down by others. He is scared of even telling them to anyone.

Ultimately, he makes up his mind and decides to share his thoughts with other people. Of course, some of them DO NOT approve them.

Despite their opinion, the boy is not going to quit his ideas because he has a plan and knows that it will turn outright. And finally, the boy achieves what he wanted.

You know, an idea can be compared to a small egg at the beginning. Then it starts to grow step by step and turns into something big and special.

The book is gorgeous. And the message it conveys is also amazing. Just believe in yourself and your ideas. Do not let other people decide what is right and what is not because they do not know the whole plan.

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

5. Jabari Jumps

This is a gorgeous book that will become a famous classic soon. Its beautiful and unique illustrations are perfectly combined with an appealing story. You and your kids will love the layout and the message that the story conveys.

Well, here it is. A boy named Jabari takes the courage to jump off the pool’s diving board. Still, the boy hesitates and is afraid of doing it every time he is standing right there.

And father NEVER judges him for that. One day, Jabari climbs the ladder and tells himself reassuring and encouraging words. Finally, the boy leaps.

Every child faces new challenges, and parents should be their support and positive coaches.

This book is sweet in many ways. The main questions here are: what do we need to soar, and how are we cherished? After reading, you can analyze the story.

Bright illustrations will help your kiddo understand the main point and the feeling that the main character went through.

Do you know what the best part of the book is? – This is about an African American family with an amazing, encouraging father. If you do research, you will see there are barely a few books about African American people that do not portray slavery.

Probably you have a vast collection in your library at home. But “Jabari Jumps” will become that one that your kiddo will keep coming back to, revisiting the pictures and discussing the story. It is terrific indeed!

 Jabari Jumps

6. Hana Hashimoto. Sixth Violin

This is a charming book that depicts a cute little artist that manages to make their own art. The plot of the story is so touching and will warm your heart with the girl’s courage to play violin in front of a huge audience despite fear and anxiety.

The main character Hanna has taken only three violin lessons and decides to take part in the school talent show. Her brother does not support her at all and thinks that she is crazy because she is just a beginner. Still, the girl works hard, practices every day, and truly believes that it is NOT going to be a disaster.

And when the time comes, she hesitates. “What if the brother is right and it is going to be a complete failure?” But no! She recollects her grandpa’s wisdom, who was a violinist as well, and goes on the stage.

Her performance is great. She surprises everyone, even herself, experiencing her own kind of success.

You see how lovely the plot is. And the illustrations are beautiful and help kids to be more involved in the story. Hana, a little cute problem solver, will become your kiddo’s favorite character, especially if you are raising a young musician.

This brilliant story of a little girl-violinist shows the result if you face the courage. Follow your dreams, follow what you believe in, and you will achieve them. Sooner or later, but you will!

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

7. Beautiful Oops

It is completely fine to make mistakes – that is the life lesson that every parent wants their kids to learn. If you have a perfectionist at home, every tiny mistake is a disaster for them.

They start crying, tear the paper apart, and want to start all over again. And if simple talking is not helpful anymore, “Beautiful Oops” will significantly improve the situation.

Of course, the artwork is not perfect on the first try. Yet, the mistakes you make can be turned into an excellent design that you didn’t even expect.

The creativity process is unpredictable and sometimes hides attractive new opportunities. And that is what the book conveys. Every spill, smear, smudge, and folded paper, all create magic.

The possibilities are unlimited. For example, you can do a penguin with folded paper or a dog from a torn piece of a magazine. The same is with drawing.

Imagine that you are drawing an apple, but it doesn’t look very much like an apple. Go on drawing, and oops, it turns to the paint being poured out of a pail.

Seriously, you will love everything about this book. It shows examples, teaches and inspires!

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

8. The OK Book

Your attitude to this book might be contradictable at first glance because you want your child to strive for greatness but not just be OK in everything. BUT the author of the book conveys a bit of a different message. Yeah, it is OK just to be OK at something while you are learning and practicing to achieve better results and to become a professional at that something.

Now, let’s talk about the plot. You probably have never noticed that the word “OK” looks like a stick person. Well, it does: “O” is the head and “K” is legs and arms.

And the word “OK” is that cute little hero of the story that shows the wisdom of being OK at something. Every day OK is trying something and looking at the results.

OK knows that one day the results will be excellent but does not know exactly what it is going to be. The time will show.

Not only your kiddo, but you as well will enjoy the scenario. Adults face the problem “to be perfect in everything” very often either. And this book is a great reminder that not everyone can be perfect at everything they do.

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

9. Rosie Revere, Engineer

This is such a captivated book. This is a story that every little girl (or every little boy) needs to read at least once. It conveys such a positive message about being different, unique, not giving up, developing inner power.

The main character, Rosie, has a dream to become an engineer. And most of her free time, the girl spends constructing machines. Until her uncle giggles at her inventions.

Rosie feels so ashamed that she stops doing what she likes and keeps her dreams for herself. Her worldview and her whole life change when her auntie comes. She is a wise woman and convinces the girl that what she is dreaming about is amazing.

Thanks to her aunt’s support, Rosie continues implementing her dreams. So many new opportunities are open for the little girl now.

The book teaches a good life lesson that every person needs to learn: it is OK to fail, but it is not OK to quit your dreams after someone’s disapproval; just believe in yourself and give it a try one more time.

Seriously, failure is a good way to learn from your mistakes to master whatever you are doing. And that is how successful people become successful.

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

10. How To Catch A Star

Whimsical! That is the word that can describe this whole book. It is a cute story that tells how a little boy adores stars and wants to get one and what he does to achieve his goal.

At first glance, the plot may seem ordinary and conveys the same message that almost all instructive stories do. But have a look at the artworks. These bright illustrations bring it to life.

The story will not just teach your kiddo a good life lesson but also make their imagination soar. In their head they will draw the whole picture in detail of the way the little boy gets the star.

You are an adult, and you do not dream about getting a star, but you still have your dreams and goals. Believe us or not, but after reading this book to your kids, you will be so motivated to “take over the world,” believing that you can do anything. And you will do it!

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

Subconsciously or not, but books always leave a great impact on our attitude towards everything that surrounds us. And even if it is a children’s book that you read to your kiddo before bedtime, you will also feel different.

Every person, despite their age, needs support. And you are the only and best support for your kids. So, make them happy, fulfill their life with joy, and believe in them. They need it so much.

Being a parent is an essential and demanding mission. We know that you may also need some kind of support at this period. So, let this collection of amazing books become one.

10 Books on Growth Mindset You and Your Kids Will Love

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