Swaddle Blanket Vs. Receiving Blanket: 5 Steps To Buy A Baby Blanket

Newborns are blessed with all the world’s cuteness and delicate skin. This makes it critical to take care of their skin and provide them the best of everything. That’s why blankets are more than just a cover for your little one. Choose the right baby blanket for your kid with 5 simple trusted tips from parents.

Swaddle Blanket Vs. Receiving Blanket: 5 Steps To Buy A Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is a newborn’s best friend, and every parent has to decide to choose one. But among the sea of options out there, how can you buy the best baby blanket?

Here is good news for you, you don’t need to worry! This article has the 5 main criteria you need to go through to find the right baby blanket for your newborn.

Swaddle Blanket vs. Receiving Blanket: 5 Steps To Buy a Baby Blanket

From detailed research sources to what parents swear by, here is everything you need to know to keep your baby comfortable and safe. Dive deep into this article, but first, let’s understand why you need a baby blanket?

Why do you need a baby blanket?

It isn’t until a person is about to become a parent, they realize there is a whole different section of product they do not know about. Baby blankets are one of those products which are essential in a baby’s routine, and yet many new parents can differentiate between the right ones.

So, what are some popular baby blankets? And what do you need to know about a receiving blanket and swaddling blanket before making a choice?

A receiving blanket is a blanket your baby is first handed over to you, thus the name. It is the very first fabric that the baby is wrapped in, and you hold them in your arms for the very first time.

This beautiful moment has a special place in every parent’s heart, of course. Choosing a receiving blanket is essential as you get introduced to your baby in them. But, after you “receive” your baby, the blanket is up to you to use. 

Insight: It is easy to confuse a receiving blanket with muslin blankets. Muslin is a breathable fabric, and the muslin blanket is more oversized. It can serve many purposes similar to receiving and swaddling.

Before arriving in the world, the baby is used to the mother’s warmth for months. When the baby is born, the familiar environment they know changes, making it difficult for them to adjust for a while.

A swaddling blanket is used to help newborns feel warm and at ease. They are used to wrap a baby, so they feel snug and comfortable if your practice safe swaddling. This also helps the baby (and parents!) have a good night’s sleep as they are not startling themselves awake.

Different fabrics are used in a swaddling blanket than receiving blankets, but the materials can be interchanged, and both of them will still serve the same purpose. 

How to choose the right baby blanket?

How to choose the right baby blanket?

Now that you know how essential baby blankets are, here are the 5 fool-proof steps you need to choose the right one. So grab your pen and paper and get down to read and by the end, you’ll know what’s the best blanket for your little one.

1. Purpose

Just like anything you buy, it is vital to know the purpose of the blankets you want. It is a good idea to identify what purpose something may serve before actually buying it; it’ll avoid hoarding too. 

To pick the right blanket for your baby, think of what use will they be. Ask yourself do you want a blanket to serve a single purpose, or should it be multi-functional?

Buying a baby blanket just for swaddling will help you pay more attention to its materials, and it’ll be helpful for a long time. On the other hand, if you want a blanket to serve different purposes, it’ll be cost-effective and save you a lot of laundry and space (yay, minimalism!).

Review your choice based on swaddling, nursing cover, stroller cover, and reusability. To help you make a choice, here are some other uses of baby blankets:

  • sleeping blanket
  • cover for nursing
  • burping cloth
  • changing area cover
  • stroller cover

2. Cost

Another deciding factor while buying baby blankets is the cost. Cost majorly dictates most of your choices, sometimes even more than comfort, so don’t forget to budget beforehand. Many features decide the price of a baby blanket, and you need to prioritize what factors are important to you.

Generally, the details which decide the price of baby blankets are:

The fabric: Go for breathable materials that are non-allergic. They don’t have to be expensive.

The purpose: Blankets that are advertised for a specific purpose cost more.

The design: Generally, the detailed the design is, the more the blanket costs.

The brand: It doesn’t matter which brand you buy from as long as the quality is excellent.

The gender: Many times, there is a slight difference in blankets referring to different genders.

3. Quantity

The number of blankets you are going to buy is also a determining factor. Buying one blanket is not the best option as you’ll need to wash it, and the baby is sure to stain the blanket. 

You can buy a collection of both swaddling and receiving blankets. This way you won’t have to spend time contemplating your choice, and you can buy what you like.

Muslin, cotton, and cotton flannel are great materials for baby blankets that’ll keep the baby warm and comfortable. You can buy your blankets in sets, and that’ll save you some money too. 

You’ll love the variety of blankets and the accessibility to wash them whenever you like, as their number does not confine you. 

4. Durability

 how essential baby blankets are, here are the 5 fool-proof steps

The quality of a baby blanket is an indicator of its durability and comfort. If the blanket is made out of suitable materials and is made with care, it will last you a long time. You won’t need to repurchase clothes; this means a good blanket is an investment for a long time.

To analyze the quality of a blanket, first look at the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the blanket is. The question is, how much is high? Well, a simple and soft baby blanket would have a thread count of almost 300.

But if you want a much softer blanket, you can easily go higher, even up to 700. Strong seams are also a marker of durable and good quality blankets. I hope you’re taking notes! ?

5. Age

Another factor that plays an essential role in determining your choice of baby blanket is the age and size of the baby. While any baby blanket may suffice a newborn, but every baby experiences a different growth spurt. Some babies gain weight more than others, and some grow more in height; therefore, blankets with a default size may not be appropriate.

Make sure you look at the size of the blanket first and then proceed to buy a baby blanket. While many swaddle blankets come with specific months and weeks mentioned while receiving blankets, they do not come on such a wide variety as they already are pretty big.

After a blanket gets small for your baby, it can serve other purposes. So your baby’s age doesn’t define the blanket’s age; it just changes the blanket’s use. 

So, which baby blanket should you choose?

If you need the baby blanket to serve a single purpose for a short duration of time, i.e., as long as the baby swaddles, you can go for a swaddle blanket. There are a lot of swaddling blankets that have easy folds to make wrapping easy. If you want the baby blanket to serve multiple purposes and grow with your little one, buy a receiving blanket.

Swaddle Blanket vs. Receiving Blanket: 5 Steps To Buy a Baby Blanket

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