10 Things You Can Do Right Now If You’re On Bed Rest

  1. Try out meditation. Forget the posture and the calming music. Just allow yourself to relax in mind and body and truly connect with yourself. It could be an immensely useful tool for when the baby arrives.
  1. Rate all the holidays you have had with your family on a scale of 1 to 10. Identify what went well and what did not so you can have the perfect holiday when you are up and about again. Plan that perfect holiday.
  1. Mentally list out all the clothes in your/your partner’s/your children’s wardrobe and designate each item (in your mind) as ‘keep,’ ‘donate’ or ‘recycle.’ Sorting them mentally is half the work done for when you need to get to it, physically.
10 Things You Can Do Right Now If You're On Bed Rest
  1. Think of one incident in your life that you feel has the potential to be a great short story. Tweak details, if necessary, for dramatic effect. Plan the story from start to finish. Better still, try out an ending different from what actually happened in real life.
  1. Allow your pet a long-overdue cuddle session. Relax rules regarding pets on the bed, if any. Don’t set a time limit for it. Indulge. You may not get such an opportunity again for quite some time after the baby’s arrival.
  1. If you have checked out (and surely you would have!) any safe exercises for those on bed rest, try it out gently. No hurry. No pressure. Just as much as the doctor has advised. Just as much as you feel comfortable doing.
  1. Allow your mind to go through all your favorite pictures. Plan a picture wall and decide which one of your favorite moments need to be framed and put up. While you are at it, think of some awesome designs for the frames too.
10 Things You Can Do Right Now If You're On Bed Rest
  1. Sing out loud if you are a good singer, great! If you are not, even better! This is your chance to see how good you could get. Once you get the hang of listening to yourself, you are going to find this is an immensely relaxing and enjoyable activity.
  1. Get your husband to set out a nice couch for you outdoors. Enjoy the weather and commune with Nature. You get your recommended Vit D, enjoy some sights and sounds of the world around you and go back in feeling refreshed.
  1. Make home improvement plans. Go as elaborate as you can – from colors and fabrics to additions or modifications that you may need down the lane. Go all the way to what you would do with all the space when the kids go away to college.
10 Things You Can Do Right Now If You're On Bed Rest

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