10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery – Start Early!

There is nothing more beautiful for a mother than to see her baby arrive in this world finally. It is one of the most enriching experiences to hold your baby for the first time and look into their eyes as you realize that the definition of love is so much more than everyone explains it to be.

10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery - Start Early!

More than anything, every mom wants to be prepared for their baby. One of the significant categories of preparation belongs to that of your baby’s nursery.

What do I keep in mind while preparing a nursery?

All moms want to ensure that their lists have a tick mark all through them. If there is anything highly crucial to mom and baby, it is the nursery that your baby will be spending most of their time in. It will be a place that gives your baby their first memories and is the place through which they will learn about shapes, colors, textures, and more.

10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery - Start Early!

Not just that, this will be the place where you will also be spending a majority of your time, which is why ensuring that you have everything you need to access and be comfortable in this place is essential. 

The more comfortable you are, the easier it gets to care for your baby. Of course, there will be other significant things to take care of; however, ensuring that you have a ready and comfortable nursery will help take some stress off your plate. 

Ensuring that this place is a one-stop for most of your baby’s needs is the primary goal.

What will I require for my nursery?

Worried you are missing something or want to confirm if your list matches with us? No worries! Here are ten must-haves in your baby’s nursery!

1. The Crib, DUH!

One of the most important things that are usually in the topmost section of our lists. However, this is one of the things that you absolutely must get right.

Your baby will be spending a lot of time sleeping in there, so there is nothing more important than ensuring that they are comfortable and safe in there.

After all, a baby spends 75% of their day sleeping which constitutes about 18 hours a day, so the surroundings and area where they spend time is crucial. 

Remember some essential factors while buying a crib, such as ensuring that your crib is JPMA (Juvenile product manufacturers association) certified. Also, the mattress is dense and firm, so it does not weigh down with the baby’s weight, the structure is sturdy, and size is well suited as per your baby is crucial. 

2. Waterproof mattress cover

Since your baby will be spending a lot of time in the crib, this also means that there will be several sessions of spit-ups, wetting the bed, or other such instances.

It will require you to wash your baby’s clothes and the mattress, which is not an easy feat considering the number of times you will need to do it.

An average baby can pee up to once an hour or once in three hours and poop up to 4 times a day. With that kind of a number, using a waterproof mattress cover is the best option.

This way, you will only need to wash the mattress cover instead of cleaning the mattress altogether. Having a set of 5-10 such covers will help with quick changes and save a lot of time and unwanted manual work.

3. Nursery Rocking Chair

This product is mainly essential for mommy or daddy since this is the spot where you would be sitting the most while feeding, burping, or rocking your baby. Ensuring that the seating is comfortable, the headrest is adjustable, the backrest provides good support, and the rocking feature is perfectly balanced.

4. Baby Monitor

10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery - Start Early!

Thanks to evolving technology, having a virtual method of checking on your baby has never been easier. Thanks to baby monitors, you can keep an eye or ear out for your baby whenever and wherever you are.

Video monitors give you the visual satisfaction of checking in on your baby whenever you please and are preferred. Audio-based monitors work fine too when you are at home and near to your child—keeping in mind a good brand that provides quality and long-term functioning is essential, so you don’t have to keep replacing it. 

5. Closet storage manager

At the start, you will realize that your baby, in reality, needs a lot of baby clothes than you anticipated. Having a spot where you can have quick access to these is ideal.

A hanging closet storage manager containing things you need on the go and quickly, such as napkins, diapers, etc., is of great use. It is a great asset to have if you are looking at saving space and making it look good.

6. Calming colors

As your child will explore the world of colors and shapes the most through their nursery, using colors to help them feel calm or create a soothing feeling is essential.

Every color has a personality and feeling associated with it, which can help a great deal with your baby’s nature and state of mind. For example, as per an article by spruce.com, it is said that using muted green colors in your nursery can help reduce anxiety and helps increase reading ability.

There are several colors associated with character attributes that you can choose from or even mix and match!

7. Light and sound protection

Since sleep is a very crucial factor in your baby’s growth, ensuring that they sleep peacefully without any interruptions is essential. To help stimulate this, using dark curtains, heavy curtains, or window shades can help by cutting out light.

10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery - Start Early!

Babies are susceptible to light and sound. Even the slightest of it can break their sleep, and getting them back to bed can be highly challenging. Paying attention to factors such as blocking out unnecessary light and checking on factors that can make noise, such as a creaky door or floorboard, is extremely important.

8. A nursery rug

It may seem unnecessary at first since your baby will be spending most of their time either in your arms or the crib, however after a while, when your baby wants to explore, having a soft rug in the nursery will be of immense use. Nursery rugs are soft and therefore safe for your baby to do a little bit of crawling and exploring under your supervision. 

9. Sanitization set up

With the current situation, no amount of sanitization is enough. Having a quick stop of antibacterial wipes and baby-friendly sanitizer for you to use is crucial.

Giving a quick wipe at spots that are used frequently will be giving your baby an additional sphere of protection and removing any chances of unwanted bacteria on any surface of the room that may have come from somewhere.

10. Night lights/Lamps

Using simple night lights can help soothe your baby and give a sense of security as they sleep. It is also helpful when you need to make night visits to your baby to feed or attend to them if they need anything. It does not have to be anything fancy.

A simple low-wattage and dim light are perfect. Using blue night lights is ideal, so they give a calm and relaxed feeling to the baby. Using warm and bright colors such as red or yellow is an absolute no-no!

10 Must-Haves For Your Baby’s Nursery - Start Early!

While this concludes our ten must-haves in your baby’s nursery, there are always other accessories and items you can add after talking to your friends and family! Perhaps you could take inspiration from your nursery when you were a baby to add a slight personal touch to it. The possibilities are endless! 

However, It is crucial not to wait until the last minute to implement these as it takes time. Creating a list and writing down a plan of action along with a timeline is extremely useful. If you keep waiting, you won’t even realize when time flies and your baby arrives.

Doing it after their arrival will be stressful, so do not wait and work towards getting your nursery done within the first six months of your pregnancy. 

It also takes an additional few weeks for you to stock up on baby clothes, diapers, and other essential items for your baby. Stocking as much as possible in advance is helpful, so you don’t have to make as many trips to the store, at least for a while.

You will only be able to do this once you have a fully prepared nursery, so create your list right now and get ready to welcome your baby to a whole new universe.

Add These 10 Must-Haves to Your Baby Nursery List!

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