7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You: Important Things

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

Some women see childbirth as a blessing, while other – as dark hours. In most cases, it is because of traumas, superstitions, anxiety, and medical conditions. There are many factors and reasons why this miraculous experience can be so hard for some future mothers.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown, and it is totally fine to be nervous. I mean, you are going to bring a new life to the world! I think everyone would be intimidated.

Really, it does not matter whether it is your first or fourth child because labor pain is the same; anxiety comes and goes in waves, and the anticipation to hold the baby is always present. Nevertheless, you will see that the outcome is worth the struggle.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You: Important Things

In this article, we will look deeper into the seven signs that childbirth will be hard for you. Here you will find out about:

Mental Conditions

  • Trauma from the past
  • Mental preparation
  • Anxiety and apprehension

Medical Conditions

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Large baby
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Breech presentation

All experiences are different, but remember that nothing is impossible. Without further ado, let us get straight to the point!

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Mental health plays one of the critical roles in childbirth. The mind holds power to make you a Wonder Woman, help you get through the tough times, and live happily ever after. All you need to do is to take good care of your mind and soul.

Here you will find some most common “symptoms” that might occur. However, don’t get desperate beforehand. There is a solution!

1. Trauma From The Past

Both female physical and mental states undergo changes. Becoming a mother changes your perspective and values, and so many more things start to make sense. In order to make this transition smooth and positive, you will need to work on some aspects.

Past traumas are notorious for hiding in the deepest parts of the human mind. People choose to silence unpleasant or embarrassing experiences more often than not, hoping that they will forget about it and heal given time. Unfortunately, in most cases, people end up having a scar on their sole for life.

As we know, vulnerability is one of the states that a person with past traumas tries to avoid. We tend to build walls to protect ourselves and suffer from them whenever we NEED to be our sensitive and vulnerable selves.

Giving birth, women open up in both figurative and literal ways. They are vulnerable. Therefore, most specialists strongly recommend working on past traumas.

It is especially important for pregnant women who want to make their childbirth easier. Working on traumas with a psychologist will let you access the resources to help you get through childbirth.

In case you have past trauma, some fears, or you really feel that there is something you need to talk about, find a specialist and talk about your problems and worries. It is never too late to talk about your trauma and make peace with the past. A new life is waiting for you, so make sure to enter it with serene mind and soul.

2. Mental Preparation

There is no doubt that a birth plan is what you need. However, the birth plan covers technicalities. It is more about the setting, atmosphere, whether you want painkillers or not, etc.

A positive state of mind is as important as a birth plan because it directly influences your labor. Instead of focusing solely on a plan, think about your feelings.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

Think about whom you want to see there with you (friends and family). Have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner.

It is a great thing to have around people who give you a sense of comfort and support. Therefore, pay attention to your mental preparation and a support group. As a result, you will feel 360° protection, and your childbirth will be much comfortable.

3. Anxiety and Apprehension

“Stay positive!” Easier said than done. However, it works!

The women, who have given birth, say that you are more likely to have a positive experience if you are in a positive mindset. Whereas fear and apprehension can lead to a negative experience.

A right way out of this situation would be to be vocal about your fears and concerns. Whenever you have any questions, ask them the doctor who will deliver your baby. Believe me, it is better to ask rather than spend nights worrying.

Get as much information as you need, analyze it, trust your doctor and yourself. There is nothing you can’t do.

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Health issues are one of the crucial aspects of a positive childbirth experience. Some of them are minor and can be treated with rest and medications. However, some conditions require more attention, thoroughness, and stamina. 

4. Gestational Diabetes

This particular diagnosis can cause some struggles during the pregnancy, and in most cases, it leads to early delivery.

It is not something you should be afraid of or ignore altogether. On the contrary, ignorance and fear are only a waste of precious time you could spend on much-needed treatment.

First of all, you need to contact your doctor. The doctor will help you get the idea of the condition you are in, calculate the risks, and adjust your birth plan. In case you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will need to take good care of yourself.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

You will need to alter your ration and eat healthy foods. Apart from this, you will need to monitor your blood sugar and take insulin (if needed!).

These actions will help you make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible, so make sure to treat the problem right from the very beginning. Besides, it’s not like women with gestational diabetes are something of a rarity. In fact, they give birth all the time, and nowadays, a healthcare system is prepared even better for a situation like this.

5. Big Baby

We all know that woman’s body is fascinating, for it can give life to a little human. However, the size of the baby can be a complication. I mean, delivering larger-than-average babies can pose a threat to your health.

A woman’s body has certain limits, though. There is enough space for a baby to come out without getting hurt or hurting the mother.

However, in some cases, when a baby is bigger than average, a mother suffers some damage. It can be loss of blood, perineal tearing, or in some cases, tailbone damage.

It is for sure something you should discuss with your doctor, who might advise you either a Cesarean birth or an early delivery. In this case, the vaginal delivery of a big baby can be a third option.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

In case you decide in favor of natural birth, know that a postpartum will be a much bigger deal than usual is. Delivering a large baby can lead to serious bleeding afterward. In this case, you need to talk to your doctor and decide on the care you and the baby will receive.

On the other hand, it is not like there are no other women in the world who give birth to bigger-than-average babies. There are many of them! Nowadays, doctors have enough knowledge, experience, and resources to make a natural birth more comfortable.

6. Uterine Fibroids

These are benign growths on the uterus. In most cases, they are harmless, and many women have them. However, when it comes to childbirth, they might complicate things.

Women with this condition are more likely to experience some complications. These can be placenta previa, preterm birth, or even severe postpartum hemorrhage. However, more often than not, uterine fibroids do not create problems during the pregnancy.

Take this matter seriously, and make sure to consult your doctor. This way, you will be able to alter your birth plan (if necessary) and eliminate the possibility of unpleasant surprises.       

7. Breech Presentation

A few weeks before birth, a baby moves into a delivery position (head moves closer to a birth canal). In 1 out of 25 cases of childbirth, it fails to happen. It is how a breech presentation occurs.

There are three different types of breech presentation:

  • Complete Breech: When the buttock is at the canal, with legs folded and feet near the buttocks.
  • Footing Breech: When the baby’s feet aim at the birth canal. In this case, feet (or one foot) come first and then the rest of the baby’s body.
  • Frank Breech: When the buttocks aim downward, the baby’s legs are straight in front of the little one’s body. In this case, the baby’s feet are near its head.

The causes of breech presentation are still not entirely known, but in most cases, it is common:

  • When there was a premature delivery;
  • When there were subsequent pregnancies;
  • When there were pregnancies of multiples;
  • When there are abnormal growths (fibroids);
  • When a woman has placenta previa;
  • When the uterus has too little or too much amniotic fluid.

To deal with this matter, you need to take good care of yourself. Prior to your due date, the doctor will check the baby’s position and let you know if everything is okay.

Nowadays, doctors are prepared to deal with this matter and help you deliver a baby safely. Therefore, if there is any threat to your or baby’s health, the doctor will act accordingly.


7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You

A healthy and happy mother means a healthy and happy child. Take care of your body and mind. If you feel that you need the help of professionals – go for it.

Be vocal about things that concern you, and enjoy your pregnancy. There is only so much time you can be inseparable.

Unfortunately, no one can predict the things that might go wrong. Even when everything is thoroughly planned, some things might go out of hand. Regardless of what it is, the doctors will help you and your baby get through all of the challenges that childbirth might present.

7 Signs Childbirth Will Be Hard For You: Important Things

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