Why Is Labor Companionship an Insanely Good Option for Delivering Mothers?

Do you need a birth companion? Read and find out how a birth partner can help you during labor and delivery.

Do you need a birth companion?

It takes two to decide on a labor partnership. Furthermore, the decision must be made in advance. There are situations when one of the partners is against the whole idea of a birth companion. Therefore, the two parties need to come together, talk, and make a firm and cold-minded decision. Never make someone do things they do not want to do because it can cause more damage rather than good. The reasons for refusal can be serious – for example, fear of blood.

How Can a Birth Companion Help During Labor?

First of all, a man needs this. During the whole process of delivering a baby, a man’s feelings toward a newborn grow faster and stronger.

Second of all, a birth partner is tremendous support for a woman, for:

  • eases the pain by massaging her back, neck, lower back or feet,
  • prompts the right actions, for example, how to breathe correctly,
  • helps to track the time between the contractions,
  • soothes and supports his loved one,
  • takes pictures and videos, in case parents want to capture this memorable moment,
  • call a doctor, bring water, walk you to the shower, etc.

Last but not least, a man or birth companion guards over the woman’s interests and monitors the doctors’ every action.

When is it reasonable to dismiss the idea of a birth companion?

  • When one of the partners absolutely disagrees;
  • When there are disagreements or conflicts of any sort. As a result, the woman might end up having additional stress;
  • When a father-to-be has fears or phobias that might appear during or after delivering a baby (for instance, fear of blood or doctors, etc.).

How should you and your birth companion prepare for labor together?

  • Prepare in advance: if there is an opportunity for two parties to attend special courses – go ahead and do it! If there is no such opportunity, then watch videos on this particular topic and read literature;
  • Choose the hospital. Where having a partner during labor is a regular thing; it is good to go to the hospital beforehand, consult doctors, and ask them about the procedure. They will give you information such as: how should you prepare yourself (run medical tests, sign a contract), what you can and cannot take with you;
  • Talk to one another, discuss the plan (if you have one);
  • Talk to couples that have the experience, or find some reviews on the Internet.

If parents approach the upcoming event responsibly, then the labor and the hospital stay, in general, will go much easier and comfortably with a birth companion, rather than if a woman by herself.

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