Popular 19 Top Baby Names of The Decade With Meanings

One of the most monumental decisions a parent makes is choosing their baby’s name. Every parent wants a name that holds a special meaning, stands the test of time, and is still unique for the little angel, isn’t it? Why not start your search with the top baby names of the decade and find the perfect name for your baby.

Top Baby Names Of The Decade

With plenty of research and multiple resources, this article has curated the top 19 baby names of the decade, especially for new parents. Here are the top baby names from the last year and beyond for you to have excellent options. Start making notes for these baby names and their meanings, and pick the perfect baby name for your newborn.

Popular 19 Top Baby Names of The Decade With Meanings
  1. Noah: Noah is a popular Biblical name in Hebrew. It is an old name, but it has stayed popular over decades. With known Babylonian origins, Noah means rest which is popularly considered a reference to the Babylonian floods.
  1. Liam: Liam is another old yet trendy name that has gained more popularity over the past decade. It is a shortened version of the Germanic name William. So indirectly, it has Germanic and Irish origins from around 1066 AD.
  1. Jacob: The name Jacob has varied Hebrew roots; it has two different meanings in the language. It can mean the one who follows as well as someone who replaces. In Latin origins, Jacob means “may God bless.” This name has been popular among parents and youngsters too.
  1. Mason: Mason is a trendy name that has been a parents’ favorite for decades. It has Biblical origins and means the artificer of stone. If you are looking for a strong name, you can go for it!
  1. William: William has been one of the most famous names for boys of all times. This Germanic name can be divided into two parts and means a determined protector. It was first introduced to fame by William the Conqueror in 1066. It has Irish origins too.
  1. Ethan: The name has Hebrew, English, and French origins. In Hebrew, Ethan means strong, enduring, and firm. It has been a popular choice among parents even before the last decade, and it seems it’ll be a favored name ahead as well.
  1. Micheal: Derived from the Old Testament, Michael means someone like God or a gift from God. Though the name has never lost popularity among parents, there has been a constant rise in them opting for it for the past decade.
  1. Alexander: Alexander is a popular Greek name that parents have graced over decades. Although you may find many adults with this name, its popularity hasn’t faded a bit. Alexander means the defender of people or protector of men.
  1. Elijah: Elijah was a Hebrew prophet who worked to save the religion of Yahweh. In some versions of the Bible, it is spelled as Elias, and it’s also written as Elia. The name has risen to popularity over the past years, and you can choose it too.
  1. Emma: The name Emma has been derived from the German word “ermen,” which means universal or whole. It is a beautiful name that is trendy as well as appropriate for a long time to come. It has also been used as a popular nickname for names starting with the sounds “em” like Amelia and Emmeline.
  1. Sophia: Many Greek names have gained popularity over the years; one such name is Sophia. It is a beautiful name, still extremely popular in Eastern countries, that means wisdom. It has many derivatives like Sophie, Sofia, and Sofie; you are free to choose what you like.
  1. Olivia: Derived from Latin, the feminine name Olivia refers to the olive tree. The masculine version of Olivia is Oliver, and it is just as impressive. It has been used since the 13th century as a great name and was popularized by Shakespeare.
Top Baby Names Of The Decade
  1. Isabelle: Isabelle is a Biblical name. Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, Isabelle means God is perfect, or God’s my oath. The nicknames or derivatives of this name are Belle, Ela, and Elle.
  1. Ava: Ava is a trendy name parents have been choosing for their baby girls. It has a Latin origin with different meanings such as life, bird, water, and island. Ava can also be short for Aveline, Evelyn, Chava; you can choose any name you like. It is beautiful and has been trendy for a while.
  1. Mia: Mia is a cute name for girls that has been a go-to choice for parents. It has Spanish and Slavic origins; in Spanish, Mia means mine, and in Slavic, it comes from Mila, which means dear or darling. It can also be used as a short name for Maria, Miriam, Amelia, Emily, or Maya. You can use it as a cool name or a nickname for your baby.
  1. Abigail: Abigail is a beautiful girl’s name of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, it comes from the name Avigail which my father’s joy. It is a unique name for your child to show your love and care throughout their life and beyond.
  1. Emily: The name Emily has been trending for past years, and it is on the rise again with popular pop culture and Hollywood characters being named Emily. The name has English, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and many more origins; in general, it means a gift of God and a flatterer. If you are looking for a name with the same ring, you can go for Amelia too.
  1. Madison: The popular name Madison means the son of Matthew. It has English origin and has taken over the west with its popularity. It is still a very trendy name for a baby girl, and it could be the right name if you need a safe yet modern name.
  1. Charlotte: Charlotte is considered to be a variation of the male name Charles. It has French origins, and it means a free man or someone petite. It makes a good name if you are looking for an evergreen name for your baby girl and are looking beyond trends. Other variations of this name can be Charli and Charlotta.

Now that you know the top trends for baby names in 2021, it is your time to explore and choose the best name for your little one. Save this helpful article and use it while naming your baby and share these trends with your loved ones too.

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Popular 19 Top Baby Names of The Decade With Meanings

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