45+ Baby Shower Wishes And Messages

If you are sitting in front of a beautiful baby shower card and the only words that come to your mind are “What on earth do I write?” then I’m your man! This article will provide you with the information you are looking for! 

45+ Baby Shower Wishes And Messages

A baby shower is a celebration of future parents and their little universe that will soon come to this world. Apart from this, it is an opportunity for guests to show their support and parents to get all they need to welcome the baby. I’d say it is a win-win for both parties.

The English language has approximately half a million words, and I will help you choose the finest of them to fill your baby shower card with love. Let’s get down to it!

45+ Baby Shower Wishes And Messages

How To Write A Baby Shower Card

Whom do I address?

Addressing may be an issue because you need to consider your relations with the recipient and find out whether it will be a couple’s shower. You don’t want to seem rude or inconsiderate.

Therefore, whenever you receive an invitation, make sure to take a look at what it says. In most cases, bay showers are a couple’s celebration. However, if you are not sure, it is best to ask the host for some clarification.

A traditional baby shower is mostly for women, where they can talk and share the experience with a mom-to-be. Nowadays, people host couple’s showers, which are for both mother and father.

Also, try to determine your relations with the recipient. If you are close, you can use nicknames or cute names. 

If you’re invited to diaper party, a baby sprinkle, or a sip and see, you should be less formal. Apart from the baby shower, these events have a slightly more casual character.

You can address a person in the following way:

  • Dear (Mother’s/ Father’s Name),
  • Dear (Mother’s and Father’s Names),
  • Dear future Parents,

Baby Shower Wishes

I know how difficult it can be to describe your love and affection in a few words. You are not alone in this struggle.

Here are some ideas for the wishes that you can use. Take them as they are or alter them as much as it suits you – all works for the best.

If the child’s gender is yet to be discovered (or you somehow missed this information), it is best to use more general greetings such as:

  • “Best wishes to mommy and daddy on the arrival of your new baby.”
  • “A baby will make days shorter and nights longer, the home happier and love stronger, let bygones be bygones and look forward to the future.”
  • “I am so excited to welcome your little star into this world.”
  • “Congratulations to new parents! May joy overflow you and love light up your life in all of the colors of the rainbow.”

These words sound neutral and reserved without referring to the gender of a little one. Therefore, you can use them or mix them up a bit.

Something to Inspire

Whenever the topic is about babies, always refer it with love. These little ones come to the big world without any idea of what awaits them, and so your genuine warm feelings will be the best gift.

When thinking about this, you will know what to write. Actually, the most important thing is to begin.

When thinking about this, you will know what to write. Actually, the most important thing is to begin.
  • “Best wishes and lots of love to your little miracle.”
  • “Welcome on board, dear parents! May your journey be the most memorable and heartwarming of all.”
  • The littlest baby occupies the biggest space in your heart. Enjoy this love and cherish each moment!
  • “I wish you to feel all of the beauty of the moment of holding your baby for the first time. May this overwhelming feeling of love stay in your hearts forever!”

The wishes above clearly sound much more profound and poetic. As long as these words come from your heart, they can never sound bad or awkward. You don’t need to be a poet to make someone’s heart flutter by saying a few words!

Religious Baby Shower Card Wording

If a family is religious, you might consider referring to God as well. You can either use these baby shower greetings, write your own, or use those from the above.

  • “May God bestow His blessing upon your baby and your family!”
  • “Child is God’s biggest gift. Congratulations on receiving such a beautiful gift.”
  • “God, in His grace, has sent you one of the most beautiful angels. Congratulations!”
  • “God blesses you both as you enter into the new chapter of your life. Congratulations on becoming parents!”

God is love. Therefore, the blessing of becoming parents is already tremendous happiness. These words will warm peoples’ hearts, and faith will soothe their souls.

Baby Shower Cards For Girl

Pink decorations, pink mood, and baby girl! If you know the gender of a child, be sure to use it. You can write tons of wishes for this sweet little bundle of joy.

Baby shower wishes are inclusive, for when you know the gender of a baby and parents well, you can write more and even mention some things about parents’ personal qualities. 

  • “May the little princess be the joy of her parents’ lives.”
  • “Best wishes to your baby girl and her happy parents. May she be blessed for life!”
  • “May your future together be as sweet and filled with love as your daughter’s smile. Congratulations!”
  • “May your daughter’s arrival make you the happiest in the universe. Congratulations!”

Baby Shower Cards For Boy

Use the following wishes for a little prince. Make them memorable so that one day, parents could show them to a little one, and a kid could feel the amount of love you wanted to put into your word.

Baby Shower Cards For Boy
  • “Oh, Boy! It is a sweet baby boy! Congratulations! May your lives be filled with love!”
  • “The little one is blessed with such great parents. We wish you the happiest life together.”
  • “We have your mother’s eyes and your father’s sense of humor. Be the happiest person in the whole world!”
  • “May the arrival of little prince turn your life upside down in the best way possible. Congratulations!”

If you are close with your parents, try adding some personal gist to it, so that they could feel love and bond even more.

Baby Shower Cards For Twins

You can get creative with wishes for twins. Use your “double” and “copy-paste” jokes to make things funnier.

  • “May twins double the love and joy in your life. Congratulations, x2!”
  • “Double the joy, double the love of a girl and a boy will bring to you home!”
  • “Sending all my love to your little ones! They are a true blessing.”
  • “One for mommy, one for daddy, and your life will be double as happy!”

Baby Shower Messages

Doodling all over the notebook instead of writing a text that makes sense? Been there, done that.

There is no need to worry, because even writers, sometimes, are stuck on these topics. Here are some ideas that will inspire you or will be enough to fill all of the empty fields in your card.

  • “Baby items, baby clothes may your life be filled with joy! All the best wishes to newly minted parents.”
  • “I wish you to feel this amount of unconditional LOVE that this little bundle of joy will be giving you every day. Warmest wishes to a new family.”
  • “May the magic of parenthood fill your hearts with love and your life with happiness. All the best to you and your baby.”
  • “Now you know how love looks like. May your little angel be the joy of your life.”
  • “It is amazing how the whole world can fit into your hands. I cannot wait to see the little one! Congratulations to newly minted parents.”
  • “You two will be the best parents in the world. There is just no other way! Love you!”

Message To The Baby

I love the idea of giving advice, writing wishes, and saying how much you anticipate the arrival of a little one. Imagine how beautiful it feels to love someone, who is not even here yet, so much? I genuinely believe that it would be great to collect these baby shower messages and wishes and show them to a kid one day.

  • “Welcome to the world, little angel. I am so pleased to meet you finally!”
  • “Your parents are the best in the entire world. Remember this, and you cannot even imagine how much they were excited to finally hold you in their arms!”
  • “I am excited to meet you and give you tons of hugs and kisses!”
  • “Dear baby boy/ girl, the world is your oyster, and we all are here for you and your family to give love and support!”
  • “You are not here yet, but your parent’s love to you already goes to the moon and back.”

Happy Baby Shower to Mommy and Her Tummy!

Let’s call a spade a spade – motherhood as exciting as it is scary for the first-time-mothers. The fear of labor, getting through the first weeks of a little one, and dealing with postnatal depression and other things. However, the clouds only seem so dark, but the closer they get, the brighter they become.

Happy Baby Shower to Mommy and Her Tummy!

A baby shower is a day to celebrate parents and a child and give the mother proper recognition. Friends and relatives are there to support a mother-to-be, give her a piece of advice, and share their experience. They help her get prepare mentally and help with the gifts for a little one.

Remember! If people offer you help with the child (for the first couple of weeks) – take it! It will be good for both mother and the baby.

Here are some baby shower messages for a mother:

  • “Wishing you a safe delivery. Love you!”
  • “You are the luckiest woman in the world, for you are about to build a bond that will last forever. Congratulations!”
  • “May your love cross horizons and love touch the sky, for the baby is coming and will feel what it’s like!”
  • “You are a wife to your husband, a daughter to your parents, a dear friend to me, and the whole world to your baby. Congratulations.”

Signing a Baby Shower Card

The final step is to sign a card. The thing you need to consider is your relations with your parents. Sign off your card with the appropriate words:

  • Love,
  • Lots of love,
  • Best wishes,
  • All the best,
  • Many-many hugs and kisses,

Tips To Write a Baby Shower Card

I adore writing, and it genuinely warms my heart when a person feels moved by the words and emotions I am trying to convey. Therefore, I know how challenging it might be to write emotional messages, especially on such occasions.

Here are a few tips that can help you come up with a great baby shower card. Here we go!

  1. Write Down The Ideas.

Inspiration is unpredictable. It comes whenever it wants and plays Hide and Seek whenever you really need it. Therefore, whenever you hear or come up with nice and relevant phrases – write them down.

These can be separate words or phrases. It does not matter, because later it will be easier to put them together or stimulate creativity and ideas.

  1. Thesaurus is at your service.

Sometimes, you just love the passage or a saying so much that you cannot get it out of your head. However, I wish to be authentic and original prevails. Thesaurus will help you find write words and substitute those in the passage with your own.

The only thing to need to remember – don’t make the same mistake Joey Tribbiani once made. Substitute some words, check their meaning if you have doubts, and add some comments from your heart. Voilà!

  1. Make The Card Yourself.

There are thousands of ideas concerning the topic of DIY baby shower cards. All you need is some free time, a festive mood, and a pinch of love (or a wagon if you want). The recipe is relatively easy, isn’t it?

Look for ideas online and fill the card with the warm words that come from your heart. You can add a message for parents and a child, so one day, a little one will read it. Be creative and make the gift special.

Final Word

They say love cannot be put to words. True, but you don’t need to do this. Show your affection, support, and joy with the warm words that will be forever engraved in the paper and peoples’ hearts. Parents to be will appreciate your words, and they will make their anticipation even higher.

The information above will help you get the idea of what to write in a baby shower card. Be creative, share your love, positivity, and root for parents-to-be and their bundle of joy.

45+ Baby Shower Wishes And Messages

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