3 Life Changing Tips Mothers Should Follow for Joyful Motherhood

Motherhood is a wonderful experience but it can be tough. To have a happy motherhood experience read our tips on how to be a joyful mom.

Motherhood is one of the happiest experiences that a woman can have. However, to make it more joyful, you have to put forth some effort to have a happy motherhood experience.

3 “Don’ts” for a Happy Motherhood

1. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

Nowadays, there is a picture-perfect image of a strong and independent I-can-do-it-all mother who manages to do everything on her own. The truth is that image is not even close to being real. A mother has so many chores and needs of her own that she cannot physically manage without someone to help her. For happy motherhood, once or twice a week, a woman needs to have some time for herself, get a manicure, meet up with a friend, or have a movie night.  When the mother is happy, then everyone is happy. For this reason, you should ask for help whenever you need it.

2. Don’t compare what you have to what others have

There is always a mother who seems to be better than you. After observing them, you feel as if you are doing it all wrong. Their baby knows three languages by the age of 2 and could recite the alphabet backward before it could even say “mama.” Unfortunately, people cannot help but lie and reveal only the good things to the public.

If you continue comparing your lifestyle and child-rearing skills to those of other people then you and your child will be the saddest people in the neighborhood. Blame, insecurity and anxiety are a destructive force that leaves behind nothing but sadness.

The only line you can draw in your life is between you in the past and you now. This is the only comparison you can make. Think of your accomplishments as a mother, think of your baby. That is what really matters.

Happy motherhood tip: Never explain yourself to people (whether they are relatives or good friends) for not wanting to have a second baby right away or for not having enough time for infant swimming! Your family is your kingdom with its beliefs, schedules, and possibilities and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Cherish it the way it is.

3. Don’t try to control everything

Parenthood is an unknown realm of life, which people enter with joy, but at the same time, with the fear of unknown. Labor, childbirth and new responsibilities bring more stress. By nature, humans deal with fear by gaining control over the situation, so it does not seem this scary and out of hand. However, total control poses a threat to your mental health and relationships with your loved ones. For a happy motherhood, relax and breathe. It’s going to be okay. And if it’s not, ask for help.

Total control can lead to paranoia and dissatisfaction with everything your child does. A childish drawing with crooked contours can irritate you. This is the moment when you start looking for imperfections in your child. As a result, a little one starts feeling bad about itself, too.

Imperfect is the new perfect. Help your child embrace itself, feel loved, and special. It will help your baby to become strong, happy, and a decent person. Let kids make mistakes and understand that mistakes are part of life, that’s a key to a happy motherhood. If you push them and leave no place for oopsies, then they will spend their entire life feeling insecure and not worthy of your love. Don’t do this!

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