9 Ways For Teaching A Baby To Walk The Right Way For Parents

Walking With The Child. How To Do It Right?

Every parent knows that it’s necessary to teaching a baby to walk correctly and do it at least once a day. Though, inexperienced parents often ask when, how, and where they should go for a walk for helping a baby walk.

Walking With the Child

Here Are Some Tips About When, How, And Where Parents Should Go For A Walk With Their Baby:

  • Have a walk with the child far away from the road and traffic.
  • You can walk even with a newborn starting from the second week of their life (if the weather and mom’s health allows that). You can start from 15 minutes, adding five to ten minutes daily into children’s walking time, gradually bringing the duration of walks to two or three hours in summer and an hour and a half in winter.

Teaching a Baby to Walk

  • If the temperature outside is below 10 degrees, it’s better to postpone the first walks with the baby. You can start with a short sleep on a glass balcony (with an open window).
  • The principle of choosing clothes for the baby: as for yourself + one more layer of clothing. Also, don’t forget to put on a hat or a cap when the baby starts walking outside. In the warm season, including spring and autumn, it is better to put several layers of clothes so you can easily adjust to the weather conditions. In winter, it’s better to refuse that many clothes because the child can sweat and get cold very easily. It’s better to use envelope blankets, and in summer – baby slips. They are easier to put on and fasten. When you need to change a diaper, you won’t have to undress the baby completely. Remember that the child’s mouth and nose must not be covered with clothes, even in winter.
  • Do not dress the baby until you dress yourself! If you do vice versa, the child will quickly sweat. Put a hat on the baby at the last moment as the child’s head sweats the fastest. In the baby carriage, keep a light blanket in case of windy weather. If you want to check if the child is cold, just touch their wrists, ears, or neck.

Ways for Teaching a Baby to Walk

  • You should have a special bag for walking. Diapers, wet wipes, an extra pacifier, a bottle of water, and toys must be in that bag. It’s better to keep it as a walking kit, so you don’t have to go over your bag every time.
  • Apply a special cream (from wind and frost) on the baby’s nose and cheeks when the weather is windy and frosty.
  • Open the windows for ventilation while you have a walk.
  • Plan the route of the walk-in advance. The child can fall asleep during a walk, and you’ll be able to read a book, listen to music, watch a movie, answer a letter, pick up things from dry cleaning, etc.

The main thing is while teaching a baby to walk you need to take whatever you’ll need if it happens.

What do you think of our ideas? When did your baby start walking? Let us know. Make sure to check our related articles.

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