Super Mom’s Guide To An Amusing Pajama Day Celebration

What Exactly is a Pajama Day?

If you are the one who loves laying around in the house in comfy pants, you might be familiar with the term ‘Pajama.’ Wondering what a Pajama Day is? Well, it’s a fun theme day, or even counted as a holiday where your pajamas or PJs are celebrated. A fun way to celebrate a piece of clothing, right?

Before we move ahead with the slumber party, let’s rewind and dive into the history of Pajamas, or Pyjamas. The term came from the Persian language back in the 1800s.

Pajamas or PJs is an outfit that consists of two pieces of clothing, upper and bottom, also known as loungewear. “Pyjamas” is the OG, while “Pyjamas” is the Americanized version. Besides PJs, you can also hear people using fun words like JimJams, Jammies, and much more.

Super Mom's Guide to An Amusing Pajama Day Celebration

Fun Facts about Pajamas

Here are some really cool facts about Pajamas:

  • This clothing item was first invented in India back in the Ottoman Empire.
  • During the same time, Pajamas were also found in countries like Iran and Turkey.
  • People in African and South Asian countries often refer to pajamas as “Night Suits.”
  • One crazy record was made in Texas back in 2012, where 309 people footed in the largest Pajamas.
  • People in the 1920s used to wear pajamas to the beach.
  • Up till the 1950s, the jammies were used as bathroom clothing items.
  • The initial design of the pajamas has a drawstring tied around the waist.
  • Pajamas were a part of lounging outfits in England during the 17th century.
  • Pajamas turned into sleepwear, especially for women, during the early years of the 20th century.

So, do we celebrate National Pajama Day?

There are many National Pajama Days. Every year on the 16th of April, an unofficial holiday is celebrated as “Wear Your Pajamas to Work” Day. Surprisingly, or strategically, this day is celebrated right after Tax Day, when people stay up late to work on their taxes.

Hence, the day after Tax Day is all about laziness, comfort, and relaxation in the United States. However, we came across other countries where pajamas are celebrated not for adults but children in foster care and kids battling cancer.

But, the whole idea of this article is to tell you that you don’t need an official holiday to celebrate your jimjams. Instead, choose any day or weekend in a year or every month when you can stay at home and have a PJ party with your kids, friends, and family.

What’s the best way to celebrate Pajama Day?

There are dozens of ways you can celebrate the Pajama Party. Please keep it simple or make it a blast, totally your call. The only thing that you can’t skip over is your comfy pair of PJs. So keep reading to find some exciting ways to celebrate Pajama Day.

All Day Breakie Day!

List out your favorite breakfast items and serve them the whole day. It’s your party; you pick the rules. Hence, serving bacon and eggs or pancakes for dinner is acceptable. The idea is to keep the pajama vibe since you typically have your breakfast in the PJs.

How about creating a DIY sandwich table or an omelet customization bar? Get creative and enjoy your PJ party.

Pajama Dress Up Whole Day

Get yourself some matching outfits or mommy and me pajamas with vibrant prints. This way, you can plan for a dress-up day and enjoy multiple mother and baby sets. How about having a fun PJ fashion show with your friends and family?

Crazy Hairstyle and Makeup

While you’ve decided to have a mini fashion show, let your kids have fun with some hair products and makeup. Teach them how to do a crazy hair-do and put on light makeup.

Purchase a new set of PJs

To make this more exciting, you can pick out a new set of cute PJs from your nearest local shop. You can also plan it a week before the celebration and purchase matching clothes or pajamas online. If you are thinking – “where can I find matching family outfits online,” check out this adorable collection here.

Charity and Celebration

How about donating a pair of Pajamas to someone in need? It’s the best way to express gratitude and give back to society. Donating an old pair of pajamas to someone in need can help you get rid of the clutter and become an opportunity to buy new clothes for you and your baby.

An Educational Celebration

Besides the party, you can turn your Pajama day celebration into an education session for your toddlers. Talk about the benefits of good sleep and how to get a better sleep cycle. Good sleep has several advantages: a healthy mind and body, a happy mood, better productivity, and an active routine.

Post-Bedtime Celebration

This point can be opposite to the previous one, but staying up late once in a while is fun. You can celebrate your Pajama Day as a Pajama Night by staying up late after bedtime. How about adding a little more by lighting up a bonfire and sharing horror stories? Dancing around the bonfire in your comfy PJs can never go wrong.

Light Up the Slumber Party with Matching Pajamas

Suppose you want to make this Pajama Day celebration a family event, stock up on some matching pajama sets. You can buy matching holiday sets and wear those on the PJ party day. After all, wearing a matching Christmas set on the 4th of July is no wrong!

Stargazing In Your Comfy Pants

Who doesn’t love gazing at the night sky full of sparkling stars? This is the best way to teach your kids about the night sky, stars, constellations, space, and planets. Lay out a mat in your garden or place your favorite bean bags on the lawn and enjoy the night sky.

Pet Pajamas? Hell yes!

Yes! You read it right. Including your pets in the Pajama party is a great idea. You can easily find pet pajamas online. So buy some cute PJs for your furry friends and enjoy Pajama Day.

Fun Activities for Kids

Not enough fun for kids? Here are some fun activities for kids that can make the Pajama Day celebration even better. You can also plan a Beautiful Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for your kids.

New, Clean Sheets

Pull out those new sheets and make a fresh bed for your pajama party. You can also buy some new pillows and quilts for the day. The whole idea is to have the latest, fresh vibes on Pajama Day.

Build a Fort

Remember how you used to build a fort in your bedroom with pillows and sheets. Teach your kids how to build a Fort and decorate it with lights and plants around. You can also do a mini camping session in your garden and teach your kids how to make a DIY camp.

Art and Craft Ideas for Pajama Party

Here are some fun art and craft ideas for your Pajama Day:

Pajama Day Book Reading

Kids love reading books with illustrations and pictures. Buy your kids many comic books, illustrative books, or mangas, and have a book reading party at your place. Below is a list of Pajama Day books you can purchase online:

Pajama Day Playlist

Here are fun songs to dance on during your Pajama Party:

Pajama Day Content

You can have a small contest on your Pajama Day. Don’t forget to arrange some awards for the winners. For example, give out prizes to silly pajama wearers or the ones with silly hairstyles and so on.

Movie Marathon

Don’t shy away from playing some fun movies on Pajama Day. Here are some movie recommendations:

  • The Christmas Chronicles
  • Toy Story
  • Frozen
  • Peter Pan
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Monster’s Inc.
  • Home Alone
  • Sleeping Beauty

Pajama Photoshoot

Don’t forget to have a fun photo session with your friends and family. To make it more interesting, you can add some DIY photo booth props and wear matching outfits.
Have you ever hosted a Pajama Party?

Super Mom's Guide to An Amusing Pajama Day Celebration

Tell us your experience in the comment section below. Also, if you are looking for fun holiday ideas for your kids, check out DIY Holiday Decor for Baby Room and More and St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottles