Smelly Pumpkin – Sense of Smell Sensory Kid Activity Worksheets (2-6 Year Olds)

Help children understand how their sense of smell works by doing a fun home activity. Check out our smelly pumpkin sensory play activity.

Smelly Pumpkin - Sense of Smell Sensory Kid Activity Worksheets (2-6 Year Olds)

It is amazing to see the perfect way each part of our body works, just like our sense of smell. Did you know that children since they are in the uterus can smell their mom and perceive her smell, one of the reasons that allow them to recognize her when they are born?

The senses are linked together, that is, they complement each other, for example, when I am cold the food does not taste the same, a child who is stimulated olfactory puts less resistance than other children when it comes to trying new foods.

So, if we want to include food in the diet of our children we must allow them to stimulate their sense of smell through various smells.

Smells are psychological experiences; a smell leads us to specific moments in our lives. Our task as parents is to promote spaces for children to learn from the world around them and from themselves through their senses.

The way we can stimulate sense of smell is by making children aware to the smells they are perceiving and this task is not difficult to perform because the world is full of smells, let us invite our children to identify the food being prepared, the smells of the plants they find outside, etc.

Make learning fun for kids. Let them study the sense of smell with a fun Halloween "The Smelly Pumpkin" smelling game kids activity. Click to see how this activity works.



Age: 2 to 4 years old

Objective: Through this sensory activity kids will stimulate their sense of smell.

Difficulty level: This sense of smell activity is designed for children to perform the task independently by following instructions.


  • Follow-up instructions
  • Sense of smell
  • Concentration


Materials for the smelly pumpkin kids activity.
  • A cloth or object to cover their eyes
  • A cup with perfume
  • A cup with coffee
  • A cup with chocolate
  • A cup with pumpkin
  • A blank paper sheet with the scents represented
    by a drawing of each one.


Step 1:

Show  the child the scent he/she should identify (in this case is the scent of the pumpkin) ask him/she, ask him/she, to point out on the sheet the pumpkin drawing and then  cover his/her eyes.

Sensorial kids activity game to understand how smelling works.

Step 2:

After covering his/her eyes, put the container close to their  nose with each scent, do it  until the boy or girl identifies the pumpkin smell.

The smelly pumpkin kids activity.


The sense of smell smelling chart game

Smelling chart game for the smelly pumpkin kids activity.


Let kids learn more about how their sense of smell works. Click the link below to download our free printable preschool worksheets.

Smelly pumpkin sense of smell free printable worksheets for preschoolers

Download the Free Printable Worksheets


The sense of smell kids activity ‘’SMELLY PUMPKIN’’ is focused on children from 2 to 4 years old, but it can also be done with younger children, you can let the child experience the odors without having to relate them on the paper sheet(under adult supervision) , the important thing is that children have the possibility to experience different scents.


In this video, you will find the step by step and the final result of the sense of smell kids activity ‘’THE SMELLY PUMPKIN’’, in which children will develop the sense of smell, they will have to follow instructions and be very concentrate in order to identify the smell of the pumpkin, at the same time that they play and have fun.

The materials to be used in this kids activity are a cloth or an object that helps to cover the eyes, a cup with perfume, a cup with coffee, a cup with chocolate, a cup with pumpkin, and a blank paper sheet with the scents represented by a drawing of each one.

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Fun easy sensory play for preschoolers. Smelly pumpkin sense of smell activity
Fun smelly pumpkin sense of smell activity for kids.

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