51 Positive Affirmations For Kids For A Positive Mindset

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying. ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ – Mary Anne Radmacher

Positive affirmations are positive beliefs and self-talk; it is a practice that involves encouraging yourself to adopt a growth mindset. Positive affirmations for kids aim to enhance self-esteem and instill the trust that you can improve your potential.

If you already have a strong mindset, these affirmations will promote any aspect of your behavior you like. Even in the face of difficulties, positive affirmations support you and help you overcome the challenge.

These positive words are significant for kids as their minds are impressionable, and their personality is yet to form completely. If they hear such encouraging words from their parents and themselves, they are open to work, which lays a good foundation for their mental development.

51 Positive Affirmations For Kids For A Positive Mindset

Positive affirmations for kids are also a measure to overcome negative self-talk, doubt, bad habits, and much more. Once you and your kids set your minds on something, you can achieve it with your mindset. Positive affirmations are a way of manifesting your thoughts into reality. 

How to use positive affirmations with your child?

You must have observed how many times you and your kids tell yourselves you can’t do something. You don’t take up a new hobby because you might not be able to do it, kids give up tricky questions because they feel they can’t do them, and this goes on and on. 

Research and studies show that, on average, 70% of your thoughts can be negative. They get rooted into your brain, and you repeat them to yourself again and again. This can have a long-term negative impact on children’s minds.

To break away from this negativity that may make a home in your child’s mind, you need positive affirmations. It would help if you practiced using these affirmations daily so that your kid’s mind stays free of negativity. It would be best if you repeated these affirmations till you believe in them and start working towards them; it’ll help your child grow and convert this into a habit.

Self-doubt, negative chatter, and discouragement are sources of this negativity. While your child says, “I can’t,” you need to be the voice of reason and tell them they can.

By a simple change in words, there is a world of potential you can help your child unlock. Quotes, sayings, mantras, and simple words of positive affirmations for kids can boost their morale like nothing else. They are the best way to turn every negative thought into a stepping stone towards your kid’s success. 

During times of trouble, you can entrust your kids with these words of affirmation to help them overcome them. If you make these positive affirmations a part of your child’s daily routine, you’ll not need to worry about your children’s mindset. Daily affirmations will pave your child’s path for a strong, healthy growth mindset in your children.

But one thing you need to know is, positive affirmations take patience and consistency. If you create a routine of these positive affirmations, they will help with your child’s character development for their whole life.

51 Positive Affirmations For Kids For A Positive Mindset
  1. Start by identifying negative self-talk. Anything that harms your child’s mindset and growth needs to go.
  1. Negative self-talk can be changed into positive dialogues with a few simple changes. The next step is to change that “I can’t” attitude to “I can” by changing the way your kids speak to themselves. For example, change “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it yet. I’ll need some time and efforts.”
  1. Use simple words to create positive affirmations for kids. Kids should understand the words they are speaking; that’s why keeping it simple is a wise choice.
  1. Practice these affirmations daily and thoughtfully. If they can imagine themselves saying these encouraging things, they’ll feel better about themselves. One good way to follow through is making kids practice in front of the mirror or recording themselves.

Now that you know about positive affirmations and apply them in your child’s life, read these simple and effective positive affirmations.

  1. I believe in myself. 
  2. I am happy.
  3. My problem has an answer. 
  4. I can do it if I try harder.
  5. I will have a fantastic day.
  6. I can learn new things.
  7. I can learn from my mistakes.
  8. I will learn from the mistakes I make.
  9. I can overcome every challenge.
  10. I’ve got this!
  11. I will be kind today. 
  12. I will ask for help when I need it.
  13. I like myself.
  14. My mom loves me.
  15. My dad loves me.
  16. My family loves me.
  17. I enjoy sharing because I love my sibling (name).
  18. I believe I can do this.
  19. My feelings matter.
  20. It’s okay to be sad.
  21. I can talk about my emotions.
  22. I care about others.
  23. People care about me.
  24. I will be a good friend.
  25. It’s okay to lose.
  26. It’s okay to fail.
  27. I will work hard.
  28. I am wise in many ways.
  29. I am unique, and there is no one like me.
  30. I can learn complex things if I put my mind to them.
  31. It’s okay to share my opinion.
  32. I am strong.
  33. It’s okay to cry sometimes.
  34. I will have fun today.
  35. I will work hard and do my best!
  36. I deserve good things.
  37. I am thankful for the good stuff.
  38. I can help others do good things.
  39. Good things will happen today.
  40. I am beautiful.
  41. I like how I look.
  42. I will try to accept what I can not change.
  43. I will help my family to do (name the activity).
  44. I can relax.
  45. My failures do not define me.
  46. I can channel my emotions with colors, crafts, and reading.
  47. I am important.
  48. I am protected.
  49. I will work hard for things I can change.
  50. I will not worry about things I can not change.
  51. I will teach my friends the things I am good at.
51 Positive Affirmations For Kids For A Positive Mindset

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