Energy Activities For Kids: 28 Ways To Involve Them

Are you stuck at home with your kids for the whole day because of the quarantine, bad weather, or any other reason? Do not rush to give gadgets to your kids. Check this list of cool indoor energy activities that suit children of different ages – from toddlers to schoolers.

Energy Activities For Kids: 28 Ways To Involve Them

We all know that the mix of energy and kids is equal to the full mess and chaos in the house. There are so many indoor activities that will fight boredom and strengthen the child’s body at the same time.

It is very important to play games that can keep your child up and move. Then every member of the family is happy as there is no time and place for kids’ crying.

Energy Activities for Kids: 28 Ways to Involve Them

The activities will get them moving. Some of them also train their brain and make them think logically.

If your kid learns or is just going to learn letters and numbers, you will find awesome activities to teach them or to check their knowledge.

Most of these games can be turned into a real competition. Children adore competing. So, you should stock up on treats for participators. 

You do not have to buy some super expensive equipment. All of them are very easy to prepare. You can use what you have in the house to get ready for the game, like tapes, stuffed animals, balls, balloons, plastic cups. 

All that remains to be done is to check these ideas and give them a try.

Energy Activities for Kids:



It is a very simple item that you can manipulate in so many different ways. A tape will become your best helper in involving children in a lot of creative energy activities.

And you will definitely add such activities to your list of Boredom Fighter. Let us show it to you!

  1. Tape Shape Games

These games are quite easy to organize. Your task is to clue letters and numbers in various orders on the floor. It is great if you use colorful tapes.

Then start the game from the first sign, ask the child to move to the next letter or number in a particular way; for example, they must hop like a frog to number 1.

This game makes your kid move all the time and helps to learn letters and numbers at the same time.

  1. Tape Lines

Make several tape lines (5-10) on the floor. The first line is the starting point. Then experiment with different commands:

  • Long jumps. Check how many lines the kid can jump over. You can record the score and see the longest jump;
  • Run and jump. Check if your kid can jump further from the running start;
  • Jumping backward. Add more challenges and check how far they can jump backward;
  • Hop. Check their ability to jump on one leg;
  • Stretch. See how far the child can reach with one foot starting from the first line.
  1. Car Racing

You are right! You can organize car racing using tape. Make a long curved road with the tape.

Put some obstacles on the road. For it, you can use pieces of furniture that you do not mind to be driven over. Kids can play with their favorite vehicle.

Kids adore racing a lot, especially boys. So, one more competition will keep your boys busy for hours. And if you can make the road super long and curved, it would be awesome.

  1. Hopscotch

Yeah, it is one of the best options if you have a very active kid and not much free space in the room. Hopscotch is a great game for both girls and boys.

The only thing that you need to do is to make squares using tape. Ask your kids to help you with that. They will gladly do so.

  1. A Huge Square with Numbers

Using tape, make a huge square. Then, make smaller squares inside of it. Put numbers in each smaller square. Voila! The game is ready. Just go ahead and start playing.

Lead the game and ask your kid to move to a certain number in a certain way. For example, your commands can be “scroll to number 15”, “hop to number 5”, “jump to number 3”. You can also include letters.

As you noticed, this is a developmental game as well. The child will learn the shape of numbers and letters at the same time.



Balloons raise interest in children from the first moment they see it. Playing with balloons is an amazing way to develop the child’s motor skills and give off their unmanageable energy.

However, you must BE CAREFUL! If a balloon pops, its pieces can be a serious choking threat, especially if you have babies.

  1. Do not Let the Balloon Touch the Floor

It is classic, but it is always a lot of fun. The rules are very simple. The kids hit the balloon back and forth, not letting it touch the ground.

You can set the timer and check how long they can keep the balloon in the air.

Further, you can add the next levels and make it more complicated by adding more balloons or tieing one hand behind their back. Also, think about the reward if they break the score.

  1. Waddle Like a Penguin

Place the balloon between the child’s knees. Set the start and finish points. The child’s task is to waddle from start to finish without dropping the balloon.

Level up your game by adding obstacles. Let the child go around some objects. If you have several kids, let them be team players.

Place the balloons between their hips. When they understand how to move and manage to carry the balloon, set the timer, and see how fast they can reach the finish point.

  1. Tap the Ballon

Pin the balloon to the ceiling or door a little bit higher than your kid’s arms reach. Their challenge is to jump and touch the balloon. Set a timer and check how many taps the child can make within a certain period of time.

If you have more than one kid, organize a competition. This activity is tiring but brings joy.

  1. Balloon Blow

Make a road with the start and finish points. The easiest way for it is to use our favorite tool – the tape. The rule is to blow the balloon all the way to the finish point.

The balloon must not touch the floor outside the determined road. If it does, then the kid starts all over again.

You can also level up the activity by making the road curved, with some obstacles. The child will have to crawl and more a lot to reach the finish line. This game really takes a lot of energy.

  1. Balloon on the Backhand

You will be surprised that such simple entertainment can make the child move so much. The task is to balance the balloon on their backhand and let it fall down. Set a timer and break records.

  1. Balloon on Your Legs

The principle of this game is the same as of the above one. The child lies down, and you put the balloon on their legs.

The kid’s task is to balance the balloon on their feet as long as possible. The kid will have to flex all muscles of their small body to challenge it.

  1. Balloon Volleyball

If you have at least two kids, it is a perfect energy activity. Use a string or tape to make a “net” for balloon volleyball.

Explain to your kids some basic rules and principles of the game. The main thing is not to let the balloon touch the ground.

If your kid is the only one in your family, you can play with them, if you have time, of course. If not, the child can play it on their own.

They can run back and forth in order not to let the balloon touch the floor. It moves slowly, and the child can manage to play with it alone.

  1. Balloon Football

If you have a lot of space in the apartment, why not play balloon football?! Put two objects to make football gates and blow a balloon. And that is it! Go ahead and start your big match.



The games that you are going to read about are funny and a bit extraordinary. You will see that even you would like to play them.

  1. Sticky Spider Web

Use tape to make a cobweb on a doorway opening. Then make small paper balls and give them to the kid. The rule is to throw up the balls at the cobweb in such a way that they can stick to it.

You can be more creative and use colorful balloons for the game. It will raise even more interest in your little one.

  1. Sticky Note Wall Bop

You will need a lot of big colorful stickers, some small objects, and a wall. Write letters or numbers on the stickers and stick them to the wall randomly.

Establish the line at a certain distance from the wall. The child has to stand out of the line and do their best to hit the letter or number that you command to them.

Prepare some softballs or stuffed toys that the player will use to throw up at the stickers. If you have a desire to try it also, then just set a number of attempts and take turns. Your kid will gladly instruct you on which letter you have to hit.

  1. Floor Bop

The game is similar to the above one, but only on the floor. The rule is to toss the object to land on the instructed letter or number.

  1. Color Toss

This game is quite similar to the floor bop. Put colorful mats on the floor and get some other objects of the same colors to toss. To make the game competitive, create your own points scale.

For example, if the child tosses and lands the object on the mat of the same color, put 2 points for it. If the colors are different, but 1 point. If the child misses, they get 0.

Another way to use colorful mats is to instruct your child to get to a mat of a certain color in the way you tell them (e.g., Run to yellow; tiptoe to blue; hop like a frog to green).

  1. Ping Pong Ball Catch

You need some plastic cups and a ping pong ball or any other object that can fit in the cup. Player 1 tosses the ball, and player 2 has to catch it in the cup.

Seriously, you can create a real ping pong match. Create levels of the game. Stand close when you start playing.

And then move backward to make it more challenging. Set a score for each level. And finally, think about the reward for the winner.

  1. Crab Walk.

First, you need to show the child the crab walk. Decide on the start and finish and compete who can crab walk faster to the finish line. Let the siblings compete and prepare some presents for your kids to motivate them more.

If you want to make the activity even more challenging, put an object on their belly. The rule will be to crab walk from start to finish without dropping the object.

  1. Cotton Ball Game

Cotton balls are very soft and easy to fly. The child’s task is to move the cotton ball on a spoon from one corner of the room to the opposite one. Set a timer for this activity and see how fast the kid can cope with the task.

  1. Movement Chain

It is a great game if you have a full house of children and you need to involve all of them in playing.

The children should stand in a circle. The first player thinks about a movement (e.g., three jumps; 2 squats) and shows it.

The next players have to repeat the movements of every previous player and make up their own one. The player who forgets somebody’s movement breaks the chain and is out of the game.

  1. Obstacle Maze

Create a tangled maze in the hallway. Make up an interesting story about why the kid has to navigate through the maze. To make it more adventure, place some treats on the other side.

Explain to the kid that they are not allowed to touch the tape of the maze when they are going through it. Otherwise, they will have to start all over again.

  1. Figure Skating

Yes, you can play figure skating indoors! Clean some areas in the room from furniture and carpets. Use imagination and pretend that you are gliding across the skating-rink.

Put on mittens and scarves to create the atmosphere of a real figure skating performance. You can use dryer sheets or paper plates to glide on the floor.

  1. Bowling

Plastic bottles and cups from coca-cola will come into use. Use tape to make bowling “lines.”

Get any type of balls that you have. The target is to knock down as many cups as possible. You can score the attempts and make a real competition for this activity.

  1. Mini-Golf

To play mini-golf, you need to make a putter and a hole for balls. Use plastic cups to make a tunnel for balls, and use paper to make a putter if you do not have one.

  1. Dance Party
Dance Party

Your kids will definitely not get bored because they have to stay at home all day as it is snowing or raining outside. Dancing always makes people happy and relaxed. You can have a disco party.

Simply turn on some energy music that all of you like, switch on the colorful lights, and have a dance. Make sure that your dance floor is free from furniture items so that the child will not hurt themselves.

  1. Freeze Dance

Continue having fun and dancing but turn it into a game. Kids have to twist, and twirl, and move around the room.

Then you stop the music, and everyone must immediately freeze. You can switch on the light instead of turning off the music if you like. The principle is the same.

  1. Musical Letters

This one is a very emotional and energetic activity. First, you need to get ready and spread big pieces of paper with letters written on them around the room. When you turn the music on, everyone is dancing.

When you turn it off, tell them a certain letter. The kids must find a piece of paper with this particular letter and sit down on it. You can count to 5 or 10 after the music is off.

That will be the time frame for the kids to find the very letter you called out. If they sit down on the wrong one, think about the movement or action they have to perform in this case.  

So, if you have been scouting for some funny indoor games, you probably have noted some of the above.

There is no age limit for these activities. Winter is coming. It means that it is high time to check the ideas on how to release the child’s energy and keep their pastime active.

So, bookmark this page to come back when you run out of what else you can play with your kids.

Energy Activities for Kids: 28 Ways to Involve Them

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