Packing for Vacation with Baby

Packing for Vacation with Baby

Going on a vacation with baby can seem pretty scary.  What do you do and what do you need to take?

The most important thing is to start writing a list of what you need at least a week in advance. It will give you time to remember all the things that you might forget and will also mean you can tick things off on the day to make sure everything is there.

Packing for Vacation with Baby

There are lots of kinds of vacations, near and far, but assuming you have limited space or weight you may have to be consideration of what you take.

Things to consider while going on vacation with kids

You are pretty much going to need a stroller. If weight is a consideration you may wish to get a lightweight one or use your regular one but perhaps without all the additional bits you usually have on it.

You’ll need to feed the baby; this might be simpler if you are breastfeeding, or you are using bottles. You’ll need to ensure you have the ability to sterilize them and take the liquids or powders you require.

Also If they are on solids, you may want to take a couple of foods, but you will be able to get equivalents where you are going.

Don’t forget a water cup if they need one. Take some anti-bacterial cleaning wipes so you can be reassured surfaces the baby is eating from or using is safe.

Think about what clothes to take and pack for the weather. If there is laundromat you can use, take less, but remember detergent if baby is used to a particular type. You’ll also need sunhat/ sun lotion/ swimsuit.

If you can buy nappies where you are going, even if they are more expensive, it will be worth it on bulk and weight, so just take enough for the first two days.

Do take a thin changing mat or some disposable bed mats for changing. It would be worth taking your preferred wipes though as you may not get these.

Packing for Vacation with Baby

A couple of toys will be essential. In fact a favorite soft toy and their blanket, will help them to get off to sleep anywhere at all and provide comfort even in a new and unusual place.

If you are off to a warmer or colder place than normal, then an additional fleece or linen blanket will be very useful, for keeping them extra warm or to cover them when asleep in the stroller.

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Packing for Vacation with Baby