Jumping Feet Craft Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Worksheets (4-6 Year Olds)

Part of personal hygiene is to keep all parts of one’s body clean. It’s important to teach kids how to take care of their feet with proper hygiene. Gross motor activities for kids can make this fun, check out the step-by-step instructions to our jumping steps activity for preschoolers.

Jumping Feet Craft Gross Motor Activities for Kids with Worksheets (4-6 Year Olds)

Preschoolers Lesson in Hygiene

Let’s jump right in here! Get it? It’s a joke! However, taking good care of our feet is no laughing matter. We often take our feet for granted by not giving them the proper hygienic care they deserve.

It is for this reason that we frequently fail to teach our children how to properly care for their feet until we have difficulties walking or participating in activities that require motor skills in the lower extremities.

It is the responsibility of adults to teach our children to take care of their feet, to make sure that they wear the right shoes that will not hurt them. Still, beyond that, they must acquire the care and hygiene of their feet as a habit to avoid infections or fungi, bad odors, and even nail pain.

Sometimes these lessons to children can be very trying and even painful for the adult. Many parents have to put on a protective shield to prevent them from being kicked by their children when cutting their nails.

Yet, despite this scene, it is necessary to explain to them that nails are cut to avoid hurting themselves and prevent bad smells. Parents must also teach them that the kids should wash in the middle of their fingers and toes during bath time.

However, this procedure will not work if children do not learn to dry themselves because the moisture remaining between their digits can cause finger and nail fungus.

We can avoid all these problems if we link good hygiene habits at an early age, but how do we achieve this?

With healthy and safe practices, our children will understand why we must take care of ourselves to internalize that their feet exist, and our body parts need care.

Jumping feet craft for preschoolers. Gross motor activities for kids with free printable worksheets.



Theme: Foot Care

Healthy Hygiene Activities for Younger Children

Age: 4 to 6 years

Activity objective: With gross motor activities for kids, we will reinforce good hygiene practices.In this case, the child’s feet, such as keeping their nails short and good washing between the fingers.

Difficulty level: This gross motor activity is designed for children to follow the instructions given and do it independently.


  • Gross motor skills (control of your body)
  • Cognitive skills (concentration)
  • Hygiene habits
  • Following directions


  • Colored card stock or construction paper, the quantity depends on how long you want to make the footpath.
  • Colored paint
  • Clear tape to put together the card stock sheets
  • You can put some music to give the activity some rhythm
Materials Jumping Feet Gross Motor Activities for Kids


Step 1:

We take our children’s feet and paint them with paint. This is a good time to talk to them about the importance of foot care.

paint the child's feet. gross motor activities for kids

Step 2:

After painting the children’s feet, we will put their footprints on the colored card stock.

To make this motor skill activity more fun and complex, we can alternate card stock sheets with two footprints, the next with only the right foot, and so on. Also, we change the feet’ direction so that the children turn their bodies, which will create a challenging activity.

put their footprints on the colored card stock

Step 3:

We put the cardstock sheets together using clear tape, then we place it on the ground. We are ready to begin the activity, which means our children can start jumping.

child jumping on the card stock sheet. gross motor activities for kids


Jumping feet motor skill


After their gross motor activities for kids, make sure to also give kids our printable worksheets that will teach them more about their feet. Click the link to download and print.

How to take care of feet. Free printable preschool worksheets.

Download the Free Printable Worksheets


This gross motor activity can be developed with younger children. The footprint squares can be larger to give it greater stability.

A box with two footprints can be accommodated, the next with a single footprint, two footprints to achieve stability, and finally, one footprint with the opposite foot.


This gross motor activity video will discover how to develop the “JUMPINGFEET” activity step by step. With this activity, the children will reinforce the importance of their feet’ care and hygiene and develop gross motor skills.

Activities to Teach Preschoolers about Hygiene

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Fun gross motor activities for kids. Jumping feet activity to teach children how to take care of their feet.
Teach kids about foot care in this jumping feet gross motor activity for kids.