Top 30 Children’s Books About Resilience

When things are messed up, resilience is what helps children to get through hard times quickly and with confidence. Sometimes, tough situations have a positive effect on kids, making them stronger than before.

Top 30 Children's Books About Resilience

Resilience is the skill that you can learn and practice. Seriously, you cannot constantly protect your kids from everything, but you can teach them how to cope when things go wrong.

It is not something that kids have or do not have. It is an important skill that they develop gradually with time.

In fact, every child can cope with challenges. The only question is how long it takes them to bounce back from hard times, stress, failures, or even deep traumas.

Why is it crucial to develop resilience? Because resilient kids are more likely to achieve long-term goals; find solutions quickly and independently. They are not afraid of taking risks to try even if there is a high probability of failure.

They are curious but trust their instincts. Such children are brave enough to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

And it is never too early to start learning resilience. One of the most beneficial ways to do it is through reading children’s books about resilience where the main characters have grit.

In this list, you will find versatile stories. Some of them are fictional, and some are based on real facts. Still, all of them demonstrate how other people encounter and cope with difficulties. Remember that examples are the best way to teach, learn, and master a skill.

Children’s Books About Resilience:

1. Gossie: A Gosling On The Go

This is a story about a cute gosling who adores his red boots and wears them every day everywhere. One day, he cannot find it and looks for them in any possible place. But how delighted Gossie is when finally he finds the boots.

The book is a quick read for tiny listeners. It is a perfect combination of a toddler-appealing story and charismatic illustrations that will march directly into the readers’ hearts.

Gossie: A Gosling On The Go

2. Pete The Cat Book

Pete the Cat adores walking. And this time, he wears brand-new white shoes though the road is the utter mud. But Pete does not care. He keeps walking, singing the songs because it feels so good.

The moral of the story is deep and encourages children to “take light bumps when they stride on their life journey.” Plus, it is a great source for linking the topic of colors and music.

Pete The Cat Book

3. Otis

This is a classic picture book but such an amazing one. This heart-warming story is so beautiful inside and out! Every sentence is filled with various emotions and empathy.

The book tells a sweet story about the friendship between a red tractor Otis and a little calf. Otis is so happy to be on the farm, work there, and take care of his friend. But one day, another roaring tractor invades the farm. Unluckily, that is not the only disaster.

The calf accidentally gets herself stuck in Mud Pond. Her devoted friend Otis is the only one who knows how to rescue the calf.


4. The Most Magnificent Thing

This is a moving story about a friendship between an unnamed girl and a little doggie. The girl has a great idea to make something MAGNIFICENT. And this something seems so easy to implement, but in fact, the girl goes through trials and errors repeatedly.

The story teaches a good life lesson that you do not have to be perfect to get everything done perfectly from the first time you do it. Just do not give up, and gradually, you will end up in just the right spot. It is totally fine to let things go, and the world will still support you somehow.

 The Most Magnificent Thing

5. The Tiny Seed

This sweet story depicts the life cycle of a tiny little seed. Even being the smallest seed from the beginning, it manages to grow into a wonderful giant flower, while other seeds are eaten by birds or burned by the sun.

Overall, this lovely story teaches us to take risks on life adventures as, in the end, it can turn into a great success.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

6. Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washington

The main character is young Booker T. Washington. He was born in slavery, but he dreams big. After emancipation, he gets educated and starts his long foot journey. He intends to gain a college degree. When he arrives, all he has is just 50 cents in his pocket, an open mind, and a great dream.

Kids adore this story and are so excited to follow how Booker implements the dream of his life. Seriously, Booker T. Washington is a great-great sample to teach children resilience.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

7. Sad, The Dog

This wonderfully written book will break your heart (but only at first).

A little dog christens himself “Sad” because his owners fail to give him a name. They treat him so poorly.

But when a new family comes, they treat the dog nicely. And his name turns from “Sad” to “Lucky.”

The book conveys a great message for all children: how we treat others can either destroy them or help them thrive.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

8. The Girl Who Lost Her Smile

This thrilling book tells the story of a girl named Jehan. One day she wakes up and realizes that she has lost the most precious thing – her smile. Jehan starts looking for a smile everywhere. Her friends also help her.

Will she find it at all? Or where is the smile hiding from the girl?

When you find the answers, you will realize the beautiful lesson the folktale teaches: how important it is to uncover life’s hidden beauty.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

9. Click, Clack, Moo

This is a very funny book. Kids easily get the joke of the story, and parents will enjoy reading it too.

Farmer Brown lives a happy life and adores working on his farm. But one day, he faces a curious problem. He receives messages from his cows. And all he hears is click, clack, moo. And what is next? The cows organize a strike.

Such a comic story, but it teaches kids to stand up for themselves.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

10. Rosie Revere, Engineer

From the first reading, this book will become dear to you!

Rosie’s dream is to become a famous engineer. When others see a pile of rubbish, the girl sees great details to invent something new. And one night, she creates something beautiful and useful from the odd and ends.

And what a positive message the book conveys! It is all about being different, about never giving up. Seriously, you can truly fail, only if you quit.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

11. Whistle for Willie

The book is visually gorgeous. The narrative is simple but exciting. The book is perfect even for toddlers.

It tells the story of how Peter struggles to whistle for his dog. He sees how other boys whistle, and their dogs run to them. And the boy dreams about the same with his pet. The boy keeps practicing until he whistles.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

12. She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World

This instructive book should be in the home library of every kid. If your child cannot read yet, they should listen to the story. 

The book tells 13 short stories about 13 successful American inspirational women who changed the world.

It teaches lessons everyone can use. Seriously, if you keep trying, you can do whatever you want. After all, it doesn’t matter who you are; it just matters what you do.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

13. She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History

This book conveys a similar message as the previous motivating stories do. The narratives are about 13 different girls/women from different countries. You will be surprised that even you may not be aware of some of these ladies.

Each story is told on a single large page and includes an instructive quote from each girl/woman.

Dreaming big, motivation, inspiration, persistence. These notions will perfectly characterize the book.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

14. Ada Twist

Ada is a cute girl who did not speak until she was three. That was likely because when she learned how to speak, she mastered that ability on her own every day by questioning everything.

Ada is so curious, adventurous, and remarkably persistent. She loves solving puzzles and mysteries of life around her.

The main idea is that curiosity can get you in trouble, but it is worth it.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

Children’s Books About Resilience:

15. Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

The book shows an interesting story about Katie Honors. She is a good girl with good manners. She diligently performs her house duties and obeys her parents.

But sometimes Katie is not that nice Katie, but a real Bombaloo. She is out of control, uses her legs and fists instead of words. She throws stuff and yells. When she is Katie again, she is so sorry and so scared.

The book demonstrates how kids look when they act that way. And it is a great reminder for parents as well. Maybe your kid just needs a hug to calm down.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

16. Buddha at Bedtime

You will be blown away when you hold this awesome book in your hands. Cover to cover, it is wonderfully illustrated and filled with 20 amazing retellings of ancient Buddhist tales.

Each tale teaches a good life lesson. In the end, a little Buddha gives the reader a piece of wisdom to take from the story. 

Just open the content, let your kiddo choose the story at bedtime, and enjoy the reading altogether.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

17. Violet The Pilot

To be totally honest, this is a perfect story for young engineers. It is creatively unique, stunningly illustrated, and inspires little inventors to overcome the fear and present the world with original ideas.

Violet, the main character, is the very one who deserves respect. She is a young inventor with amazing ideas in her head. At first, peers tease her, but they do not know what Violet is capable of.

You will be impressed with the invention she is going to make. Read the whole story to find out!

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

18. The Paper Bag Princess

It is a cute tale about princess Elizabeth who is about to get married. But a dragon comes and messes everything up. Now the young lady has no castle, no clothes, and even no fiance.

Well, she is too brave and purposeful to sit down and cry. Beth outsmarts the dragon and gets what she wants.

Still, the stroy is not over. You will be impressed with the twist at the end. 

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

19. Nothing Stopped Sophie

The book tells a true story of a self-taught mathematician Sophie Germain who forges her path in a male-dominated arena. 

Since her early childhood, Sophie was in love with math. Even when her parents took away the candles to prevent her from studying math, she still found the solution.

This girl is a great example of the benefit of being resilient even in the most unfavorable conditions.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

20. The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

Beekle is an imaginary friend who does not have a friend. But he does not lose hope and keeps waiting to meet his best friend to have fun together. It takes too long, and Beekle gets tired of waiting.

At last, he decides to take control over his life and starts his search. Beekle discovers so many special places and experiences cool adventures until he meets his match.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

21. A Perfect Mess-up Story

Little Louie wants to tell his tail perfectly. But he gets messed up too often. Louie hates that. What is the point of telling the story if he cannot do it smoothly and perfectly?

Louie takes a deep breath and finally realizes that it is not a big deal and his story is a good one.

Seriously, the moral behind is important to learn – it is ok to mess up. 

A Perfect Mess-up Story

22. A Visitor for Bear

Bear hates visitors and has no friends. A little shrewish, he pretty much doesn’t want to do anything. But the ever-positive Mouse becomes Bear’s little friendly companion. He has a kind of gleeful persistence and always pops up unexpectedly. A

fter all, Bear realizes that having a friend is not so bad.

A Visitor for Bear

23. Emmanuel’s Dream

It is a true story about an innocent little boy named Emmanuel, who cycled around his home town Ghana. His target was to improve people’s attitudes towards disability. And he achieved what he wanted.

This tale is worth reading indeed.

Emmanuel's Dream

24. Home of the Brave

The book tells a story about a refugee from Sudan. A little boy named Kek sees his father and brother killed. After the second attack, he loses his mother either.

Now he is sent to America, where Kek starts a new life in a new family and finds new friends.

The story is riveting and with a perfect amount of humor. It raises a topic of the immigrant experience that is always important and timely.

Home of the Brave

25. The Curious Garden

It is a tale about taking care of the forgotten.

Liam is always curious about the outside world and explores it every time he gets the chance. One day he finds a tiny patch of plants and starts taking care of it. And gradually, it spreads through the dark city, turning it into an amazing green place.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

26. El Deafo

The book gives a good lesson about treating people who are different physically and how you would like to be treated by them.

Cece loses her ability to hear at the age of 4. And she has to relearn how to communicate all over again, but now it is harder, especially at school. But Phonic Ear is her rescue. Well, not just that. It gives her a superpower to hear everything on pretty long distances.

It is one more thing that makes the girl different but so special.

26. El Deafo

27. Raymie Nightingale

Raymie loves her father, who has recently left the hometown with a dental hygienist. But the girl desperately wants her father back home. And she has a plan how to do it – to win the Little Miss Central Florida competition. But she has serious opponents.

Later on, the unpredictable conditions unite these girls into a strong friendship.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

28. Out of My Mind

Melody is 8. Doctors determined a diagnosis – cerebral palsy. Melody is unable to speak, walk, and write. Still, she has a unique peculiarity – a photographic memory. She remembers every single detail. And she is the most intelligent kid. Unluckily, she is unable to tell it. But she has a plan how to let the whole world know about her ability.

Top 30 Inspiring

29. Hatchet

This is a story about a 13-year-old survivor of an aircraft catastrophe. Brian is all alone in the Canadian wilderness. He has nothing but his clothing and a hatchet.

The book depicts Brian’s struggle to learn survival skills step by step. Through failures and triumphs, he is going to live and be rescued soon. When they finally find the boy, Brian has changed. He is more mature and patient now, with a greater understanding of himself.

Top 30 Inspiring

30. A Long Walk To Water

This is a first-person narrative by two different characters from different times: the boy from 1985 and the girl from 2008.

Salva is an innocent boy who was forced to run away during the civil war. Nya is a little girl who had to make a long journey to fetch water from the pond for her family.

At the end of the story, the children’s fates intersect. But how and under which circumstances? You will find out when you read the whole book.

Top 30 Inspiring Children's Books About Resilience

Each book from this collection is special. Each one has an intelligent question to discuss with children after reading to understand the deep moral of the story.

They all have totally different plots but teach the same – resilience. These absolutely delightful books will evoke sympathy and courage not only in kids, but adults will learn a good life lesson as well.

Top 30 Children's Books About Resilience

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