How To Create Perfect Conditions For Child’s Development?

There are lots of factors that affect your child’s development. And as a parent we are the number one contributor on how they develop. The conditions we create or help create have a huge impact on every child’s development.

Praise right

We often praise children for the slightest efforts. For example, when they eat well, go potty by themselves, draw and pick up their toys. Very soon it’ll become a common thing, and you won’t praise your kids for that.

By praising, we teach our children to evaluate. At school, nobody will give a five just for trying, a result is more important there. Does that mean that we shouldn’t praise our children at all?


How to Create Perfect Conditions for Child’s Development?

It’s important to point those features of character that led the baby to success: patience, insistence, hard work. It may sound silly, but you should pay attention to the reaction of your kid. They learn a lot about themselves.

They develop good self-esteem. They learn to evaluate their actions. But most importantly is understanding of why the child deserves praise. 

Show how everything works

How to create perfect conditions for child’s development

Children always repeat their parents’ actions. They observe first and then do the same thing. Sometimes they try a couple of times.

For example, you show your child how to put colorful rings on a pyramid, but they don’t manage it in the same way. And suddenly, they do everything quickly and easily. That’s why it’s very important to demonstrate your kid how to play with new toys.

Get Through Failures

It’s very important to teach your child to lose with dignity. It’s not easy at first. Voice those feelings that they experience but cannot put them into words: “I know that you are hurt. But you did your best. I’m sure that you’ll win next time”. If the baby fails again, tell them that they are bold and diligent. It was just a new experience for them.

Teach How To Interact

little boy playing with toys

How often do you do something together, like making toys, playing board games, or doing puzzles? Mom should let her child do everything by themselves and help them only when it’s really needed. 

Take Unusual Decisions

In child’s world everything is possible – red elephants, purple wolves, orange camels. So, do not correct baby’s drawings, proving them that such animals don’t exist. You should develop child’s imagination.

little girl writing

Don’t say that watermelons are always green, round, and stripped. In shops, you can find watermelons of different shapes and of different colors. It’s because one day someone took an unusual decision.

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How to Create Perfect Conditions for Child’s Development?

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