20 Books About Emotions For Kids

Parenting is the biggest challenge in life. Even if you are the most skilled parents, raising a kid who has strong emotions is not that easy. Emotions are unpredictable and can turn into a disaster.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

Like all human beings, children are ruled by intense emotions very often. Mostly, they are influenced by their so-called “emotional brain” rather than the “logical brain.” And sometimes kids are unable to understand such intense emotions like anger or frustration on their own. But you can help your precious one.

One of the most spread methods to overcome strong emotions is talking to the child. Though, it may not be enough. But books can help kids recognize intense emotions and show the appropriate ways to respond in times of irritation and disappointment.

Books About Emotions for Kids:

1. I’m Furious

The book greatly illustrates the choice one can make when they are frustrated and mad.

Matt has a little brother who ruined his favorite basketball card (not on purpose!). And the card ended up in the toilet.

Brothers nearly started to fight when mother appeared. She helps Matt understand how he could respond to his brother.

The book demonstrates how responses to irritation can lead to different results. And the best part of the story is the space for discussion left after reading it. Let children share their views on what Matt should do when his brother destroys his favorite card.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

2. I Hate Everything

The book may seem simple, but it uses imagery and easy language to discuss emotions and feelings that kids are confused about so often.

Sam hates everything going on around him. He is mad at his crying brother, and dad who is always too busy to play with him.

He hates when someone else gets a delicious piece of cake that he wants to get so much. Sam just wants to shout: “I hate everything.” And he does so at the birthday party.

His aunt is a wise woman. She takes the boy aside and helps him to pull himself together and handle anger. 

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

3. How To Take The Grrrr Out Of Anger

This book is more of a self-book for children to find out about anger and how to handle it. The book tells various helpful strategies to deal with irritation that kids can start practicing immediately.

It contains solid information, but humor and lovely drawings make the book exciting and involving. Believe it or not, but kids will finally realize that being angry is normal. They will learn how to express irritation in healthy ways.  

What counts most is that children already try to control their emotions after reading and discussing the book. They recollect similar examples from the book and act in the same way.

Seriously, this is “rich.” You will find useful tips, strategies, and even additional sources, including websites and other books for children and adults.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

4. Cool Down And Work Through Anger

This book is an excellent helper for kids to understand and recognize anger. The author uses the first-person language.

And if the child reads the book to themselves, it sounds like an affirmation. And if you are reading it to your little one, it is like telling your experience.

From the story, kids learn that it is fine to feel anger, but it is not ok to hurt anyone with words or behavior. Children discover various approaches to master their skills to control anger, such as thinking, self-calming, talking to a close person about the situation, apologizing, being patient, and view others positively after all.

And the part of these methods is the outcome. Kids feel happy and peaceful again when they calm down and work through anger.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

5. When I feel angry

Everyone experiences anger sometimes, but there is always a way to feel better. And this story is a good source of several helpful strategies to cool down and handle negative feelings.

The main character is a girl who gets angry almost in every situation. She hates when someone laughs at her when she has to do something she does not want to, or struggles to paint a nice drawing, but it still does not look the way she wants. Enraged and disappointed, she wants to scream, fight, and tell mean words to others.

Still, she experiences all those negative feelings and desires inside. Well, feeling it inside and actually doing it are two different things.

The book teaches to identify the cause of such angry emotional reactions, providing simple techniques to feel calm and happy again. 

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

6. When Miles Got Mad

Miles’ little brother Max accidentally breaks Miles’ favorite model airplane toy. Enraged, he shouts at Max and scares him. Miles gets so mad that he cannot control what he is doing or saying.

Suddenly, the boy notices his reflection in the mirror. But he does not see his usual face there, but a furry red monster is staring back at him from there.

The monster encourages Miles to use words to express his irritation. Doing so, the boy manages to calm down and move through this strong emotion.

On the one hand, the story gives constructive tips on how to cope with frustration. And on the order hand, it brings the topic of sibling relations. A double win-win!

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

7. Mad Isn’t Bad: A Child’s Book About Anger.

Kind people can get mad sometimes either. Well, everyone does. And that is normal.

What should one do with this strong emotion? And does one have any choice to get rid of anger?

“Mad Isn’t Bad” answers these questions. It clearly explains how frustration and irritation manifest themselves. Knowing what anger is and why it appears, children will understand how to handle this feeling.

“Mad Isn’t Bad” will become a great helper for every caring parent. Teachers or those who work with kids will find this book super helpful, either. Why? Because it refers to children of all age ranges and brings up a positive view on anger.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

8. When Sophie Gets Angry

Anger is always frustrating. And for kids, it is double upsetting. People do various things when they are furious. And this story shows what Sophie does when she feels anger.

When the girl is super angry or frustrated, her only desire is to run away somewhere deep in the woods, where no one can hear or see her. Just she and the beautiful nature. The girl likes sitting comfortably somewhere on the tree and cools down. It works for Sophie.

The bright sun and the cool breeze reassure her. Once the girl pulls herself together and finally settles down, she comes back to the house.

The book shows one of the helpful methods of keeping control of strong emotions and finding a place to feel better again.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

9. Llama Llama Mad At Mama

This is such a true-to-life story. Every parent and their kids will recognize themselves in “Llama Llama Mad At Mama.”

Llama is having a great time playing when mom takes him to the supermarket. And a shop is supposed to be a bright wonderland for little kids. Lots of aisles. Lengthy lines.

But it is not that funny for Llama. And he gets so-so mad at his mother for taking him away from joyful playing. All of a sudden, his anger grows into a full-out tantrum.

When mama notices, she tells her son, “That’s enough!” but she also realizes that shopping is quite boring for her kid. So, she gets cool ideas on how to make it entertaining.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

10. Happy Hippo, Angry Duck

This book is a great reminder, especially for parents, that feelings are passing, but support is always there.

The story is so optimistic. The author manages to convey negative emotions positively.

From the book, kids will find out about all types of moods, from angry duck to happy hippo.

And what is your mood today? Do you feel grumpy like a mouse? Or are you excited like a dog?

Children are definitely to giggle when they read such an interactive story that asks them about their mood. 

At the end of the book, each character says, “I hope you are happy,” but if you don’t, your parents and friends are always there for you.

The moral of the story is simple but so important to remember: bad mood does not last forever; it changes day to day.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

11. Zach Gets Frustrated

The main character of the story, Zach, experiences social issues typical for all young kids: frustration, anger, making mistakes, failure. That is definitely his logy day.

In the morning, Zach drops his toothbrush in the toilet. Then he finds out his best friend is not coming. And on top of all that, Zach cannot get the kite to fly.

For Zach, this is the worst day in his life. The boy is super angry and disappointed. All he wants is just to go back home. But his dad positively turns things and teaches his son how to handle his frustration easily and fast.

The technique consists of three simple steps:

  • name what you feel (anger/frustration/apathy)
  • tame it (think about the happiest moment that you’ve ever experienced; breathe deep; visualize)
  • reframe it (change your thoughts to change your feelings).

This “triangle” strategy is easy for kids to understand, remember, and practice.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

12. Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day

This book is a must-have for young kids who need help to deal with issues that come with their young lives.

Sally wants to complete a super important for her achievement – to cook a huge double-decker sandwich. That is her class assignment, and it must be perfect. As she tries to hurry up and be the fastest, her efforts fail.

Sally is so frustrated that all she wants is to give up and everyone to leave her alone. But the teacher knows how to help Sally and encourages her to keep trying until the girl achieves the desired outcome.

The story teaches a good lesson to learn: the key to success is patience and practice.

After all, life doesn’t always go the way you want, but it is not the reason to break down about it.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

13. Spinky Sulks

Spinky is sulking. It seems to him that no one can understand him. So, he goes off to sulk in his hammock.

Every member of his family tries to comfort Spinky. His brother wants to cheer him up by telling stories. His sister apologies for calling him Stinky-Spinky.

His mother and granny hug him, but the boy remains indifferent and sad. Even family pets worry about Spinky. Still, nothing can get him to stop sulking. At the end of the story, forgiveness and redemption cheer the boy up.

The book reminds us that the people who love you, love you under any circumstances, even when they are angry. Seriously, it is much more fun to forgive them and be happy again rather than sulk with your “rightness.”

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

14. What To Do When Your Temper Flares

Anger is like a fire. It starts with a sparkle. And if you do not put it out, it will turn into a huge fire, causing a lot of trouble.

This book is a great guide for kids and parents that include cognitive-behavioral techniques to deal with rage. You will find engaging examples, lovely drawings, and step-by-step instructions for cooling furious thoughts and controlling angry behavior.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

15. A Volcano In My Tummy

The book offers different ways for anger management. It includes stories and articles, games, and activities to teach communication of emotions.

“A Volcano In My Tummy” is the very resource you’ve been looking for to learn how to put aside problems with all those damaging emotions and to stay cool when you are at it.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

16. The Cranky Dragon

Everyone gets cranky, whether young or old!

The story is about a cranky little dragon. Every day he feels like that. He wakes up and goes to bed, snarling and complaining. No one wants to talk to such a person, and gradually he loses all his friends.

The only one who cares about the cranky dragon is his mother. She is loving and kind. She knows her son is always in a grumpy mood.

And she takes the responsibility to make her son happy again. So, she cuddles Joe often, offers to practice reassuring activities such as counting to 10 and deep breathing.

The dragon obeys his mother, and finally, he stops being angry all the time.

This marvelous story gives a useful solution to turn a grumpy day into a joyful one.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

17. Roaring Mad Riley

The story will capture your attention from the first page. There is no need to act like roaring mad dino Riley because you will know how to cool down and smile again.

After reading it, kids will be able to name their emotions and manage them using easy techniques. Actually, the book is NOT ONLY to read. It has three parts: the engaging story with bright illustrations, tones of super easy ways to feel much better, and practice activities to do after reading together with parents.

So, if your precious one is into dinosaurs, that is a double win-win!

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

18. The Bad Mood And The Stick

This amusing tail shows how the bad mood can travel.

It all starts with Curly poking her brother with a stick. But instead of getting angry, it cheers him up. And the bad mood goes to her mother instead. Being friends, the bad moon and the stick walk together around the town and turn upside down in many situations.

You see, you never know what is going to happen. But the thing that you should know is that the bad mood is just a temporary thing.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

19. Ravi’s Roar

Ravi is a tiny boy, the smallest in the family. It prevents him from many things: he cannot reach the monkey bars; he cannot ride a slide; he cannot win the hide-and-seek game.

It makes him so mad that Ravi cannot control his emotions anymore. All of a sudden, he turns into a wild, roaring tiger.

It feels good until he realizes that nobody wants to play with the one who grows all the time.

The book is a great introduction to learning emotional intelligence. It also raises the topic of building self-confidence, positive self-image, and managing strong emotions.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

20. No Fits, Nilson

Nilson and Amelia are two besties. They do everything together. But Nilson shows his bad temper every time something goes wrong.

Amelia always helps her friend control his strong emotions by promising him to play whatever he wants or get banana ice cream. Still, Amelia can get angry too. And then it is Nilson’s turn to help his friend.

The story of these two friends proves that how one deals with a tantrum is as important as recognizing the strong emotion itself.

20 Children's Books About Strong Emotions

Each of these books gives a tone of useful tips, examples, activities, etc. And at the same time, they prove that strong emotions like anger and frustration are necessary emotions for the life process. And managing feelings – that is the hardest part.

So, bookmark this article with useful sources to learn/teach strong emotions when the time comes.

20 Books About Emotions for Kids

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