6 Great Ways Parents Can Help During Baby’s Teething Phase

How To Help The Child During Teething? 

When the baby’s teething, the whole family feels it. From the first signs of the teething baby to the very end the baby suffers and cries a lot, depriving parents and others of peace and sleep.

Baby’s Teething Phase

Still, there are some ways to help the child to overcome this difficult developmental period:

1. Double care

In the period of baby’s teething, pay more attention to your little one. It’s a difficult time for the child, and only you can help them. Your care and attention can distract the child from that suffering. And don’t think that you’ll spoil your kid. You won’t!

2. Massage the gums

Use special fingertips to do that. You can find them in a pharmacy or in a baby shop as teething remedies. They are made of food-grade silicone and have small bulbs on their surface.

3. Teethers

Help the Child During Teething

Usual teethers will work. These can be rubber or plastic toys that the child can chew or bite. Teethers that contain water will calm children very well. You can put the toy in the fridge to cool it. When the child bites it, the cold will help to relieve the pain and itching. If the child is 6 months old or more, you can give them a cold cloth napkin to chew.

4. New toys!

New interesting objects are the best way to distract the child from suffering during teething. It’s important to choose these baby teething toys according to the child’s age. Also, they must be totally safe as the child will normally put everything in their mouth.

5. Medications

If the child is experiencing a lot of pain, it’s better to consult a doctor. They’ll advise on the choice of anesthetics in the form of an ointment or gel to apply on the baby’s gums, or homeopathic drops and suppositories to relieve the symptoms of teething.

6. Tough food

baby’s teething

If the child starts to eat on their own, give them a piece of carrot, apple, or bread crust. It’ll be useful for them. Tough food should be on the menu as it trains and strengthens the child’s teeth. Always be with the child while they are eating tough food. That’s for their safety.

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