Baby Friendly Date Ideas

Whether you are a mom or dad, couple or single parent, thinking about going on a date can be really tricky. If you’ve got a small baby then going out for a date, whatever the circumstances, can be really daunting. Likelihood is you won’t be able to leave the baby for any amount of time and no doubt you would not want to, so here are a few ideas for some dates with a baby or even just at home:

1) Date Night At Home

Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

Pop the baby to bed, put on some romantic music, light a candle and cook a three course meal (or reheat or get a takeout!)

2) Movie

Most movie theaters allow babies into the shows or have baby-friendly showings, so this could be a great option for a fun date.

Baby Friendly Date Ideas

3) Picnic In The Park

If you can add some bubbles and sparkle with some strawberries it will be even better!

4) An Arty Afternoon

Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

Art galleries and museums are all completely kitted out for babies with everything from baby-changing facilities to bottle warmers in the cafes and can feel very sophisticated and adult even with baby.

5) Paint Pottery

While your date creates a masterpiece, you can create some baby hand and footprints immortalized on clay!

6) A walk

Take a wander; you can both have a hand on the stroller as you push along.

7) Film Night At Home

Get some popcorn in and put on a romantic movie!

Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

8) A Coffee Shop Date

Time it when the baby is asleep if you can do it and take a bit of you and me time together.

9) The zoo

What could be cuter that a trip to see the animals and for baby too.

10) Scenic drive

Baby-Friendly Date Ideas

Take a trip through the hills, countryside, desert or city. Whatever you love, take a scenic drive and no doubt baby will be fast asleep before you have left the driveway!

With a baby, “you” time is really important and dates are a great way to get closer to the one you love, even if baby is in the middle.

Baby Friendly Date Ideas

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