16 Fun Activities To Do To Keep Your Child Busy At Home

How To Keep The Child Busy At Home?

If you’re thinking about how to keep your child busy at home, you should know you don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort. You just need to use your imagination and spend a little bit of your time on this to help your child’s development.

Fun Activities to Do to Keep Your Child Busy at Home

Organize activities at home in such a way that you can have some free time, but also it can facilitate the child’s correct development.

  • Children develop thinking by doing something with their fingers. Devote some time to such activities as modeling, drawing, playing with a constructor set, and mosaics.
  • Children can make appliques with enthusiasm, make crafts from the natural material gathered during a walk. It can be pinecones, leaves, flowers, seeds, acorns, twigs. And they all must be safe. You can connect them with plasticine.

keep the child busy at home

  • Creating stories develops a child’s strengths and abilities like a kid’s logic and speech. You can use pictures for that. Parents put them in a certain order and ask the child to describe what they see in the first picture. Then the child tells what is happening with characters, and parents help them by asking questions and giving prompts.
  • You can buy a set of stickers with familiar characters from books or films. Let the child place the stickers on a sheet of paper in the way they want. Also, ask them to describe what characters are doing in those stickers. If you wish, you can draw some additional details.
  • Putting together a picture is very useful for training the child’s thinking abilities. Or you can use ready-made puzzles or cubes with images printed on them.
  • There is always a pile of old-fashioned clothing at home. So, organize a fashion show.
    Arrange a real home theatre using stuffed toys. Also, you can draw or scissor out animal figures.

activities can parents do to keep your child busy at home

More Ideas To To Keep Your Child Busy At Home

  • Make a small house together using materials at hand – a big box, or simply cover the table with blankets.
  • You can play with pillows or tickle each other but establish some rules.
  • You can cook together or bake a cake. Children can participate, as well. Of course, they won’t do everything right, but, at least, the feeling of their importance and participation will give positive emotions.
  • It would be interesting to create a family blog together. Modern technology allows that.
  • A good idea is to look through your closet and put away things that you no longer use, including toys, books, and give them to an orphanage or a charity organization. This activity will be useful and educational for the child.
  • Blow bubbles!

how to keep your child busy a home.

  • Put together a puzzle with your child. Its theme should be interesting for the child.
  • Draw a picture together.
  • Offer your child a chance to create their own “magazine” on a favorite topic (for example, about their favorite characters from cartoons). Use a simple album or a copybook where the child can make some drawings, applique works, handwritings, and glue pictures or stickers.

Things You Need To Keep the Child Busy at Home

Sometimes it happens that you need to involve the child in something immediately (for example, you are going to have an important call or write an urgent email). Still, the child insistently demands your attention, and simple toys are not interesting for them anymore.

In such situations, some materials at hand can help to keep the child busy at home. You just need to turn them into an exciting activity.

An old bag or a makeup purse with a zipper, and pockets, and some different unnecessary stuff in there. For example, discount cards, unused buttons, hair ties, keys, and so on. Also, you can give the child a travel suitcase instead.

Child Busy at Home

A hole punch would be great if you have several hole punches of different sizes and several sheets of paper. It’s funny to make snow from circles made with a hole punch. You can easily clean the stuff with a vacuum cleaner after that.

A magazine and scissors: the child looks for and scissors out pictures on a specific topic: cars, people, fish for an aquarium.

Tracing hands, cups, saucers, or other interesting objects with a pencil on a piece of paper.

An old keyboard or an unnecessary mouse.


A big calculator.

Pots and lids of different sizes, plastic containers, colanders, slotted spoons, and some other kitchen utensils.

Baking foil and small objects that you can wrap in it.

A pile of clothing or bed linen. The child can hide there, play ghosts, and so on.

Pouring water from one container into another or playing with foam in the bath (add some soft soap in the bath and fluff it).

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