101 Positive Affirmations For Kids

It can be easy to forget that children have emotions too but in actual fact children are emotion-fuelled sensitive creatures. Many children actually suffer with anxious thoughts and low self esteem on a daily basis.

This sad reality often means that today’s young people seek approval and it is important to not only show them this but also to show them that approval can come from within.

Positive affirmations can be a great way of helping a child’s self-worth to grow and grow and we hope that this list of 101 positive affirmations will prove very helpful. 

  1. I Am Amazing – This allows children to feel more confident and a sense of self worth 
  2. I Am Powerful – This allows them to feel like an equal and strong enough to take anything on. 
  3. I Am Enough – This is a simple but very important reminder. 
  4. I Am Better Than I Was Yesterday – This allows them to let go of guilt from the  past and stop holding themselves back. 
  5. I Am The Only Me – This can help to remind them that it is okay to be them. 
  6. I Am Smart – This can really help if they are struggling with something more academic. 
  7. I Am Good – This simple but effective affirmation reminds children that they are good and can be used in most situations. 
  8. I Am Young – This reminds children that they are only young and will make mistakes and do not need to put so much pressure on themselves. 
  9. I Am Growing Everyday – This helps them to not judge themselves by their past.
  10. I Am On A Journey – Once again this links to a notion of self improvement. 
  11. I Can Conquer This – This reminds them of their strength and helps them to believe that they can tackle the current obstacles in their life.
  12. I Can Find A Solution – This helps them to believe that they can sort out a problem. 
  13. I Can Succeed – This can be used in a range of situations and reminds them that they can do well. 
  14. I Can Be Happy – This simple affirmation reminds them that happiness is right there if they want it. 
  15. I Can Do This – This encourages them to at least try as it stops things from seeming so impossible. 
  16. I Can Achieve Anything – This instills hopes and allows children to chase their dreams. 
  17. I Can Do Well – This reminds children that they have the ability to succeed. 
  18. I Can Try Again – This reminds children that it does not have to be now or never and there is always another chance. 
  19. I Can Do Better Next Time – Once again this reminds them that there is always another opportunity. 
  20. I Can Do It At My Own Pace – This reminds children that they are unique and can approach given tasks at their own speed. 
  21. Today Is A New Day – Teaches them to not judge themselves by their past and to be hopeful. 
  22. Today Is Another Chance To Succeed – Much like the above this teaches children that every day is a new opportunity.
  23. Today Is Beautiful – This shows the potential that each and every day holds. 
  24. Every Day Is An Opportunity – This highlights the importance of being the best version of you everyday. 
  25. I Have Power Over My Own Happiness – This allows children to realise that they are in control of their own happiness. 
  26. I Have Power Over My Own Sadness – Similar to above this allows children to realize that they have control over their sadness. 
  27. I Have Control Over My Emotions – This again reminds them that they have control over their own emotions. 
  28. I Have All Of The Tools That I Need To Succeed – This manifests self-confidence
  29. I Have Time To Try Again – This helps to alleviate some pressure. 
  30. I Have Enough Strength To Get Through This – This reminds children that they have the ability to overcome their struggles. 
  31. I Have People Who Love and Support Me – This reminds children that they are not alone in the situations that they are going through.
  32. I Am As Good As Everyone Else – This can help self-confidence.
  33. It’s Okay To Slow Down – This reminds children that they don’t need to be doing everything all the time. 
  34. It’s Okay To Take A Break – This reminds them of the importance of rest. 
  35. It’s Okay To Be Me – This shows how being unique is a good thing. 
  36. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – This validates struggles with mental health and emotions. 
  37. It’s Okay To Fail –  Remembering that it is okay to fail can help children to be less scared of trying. 
  38. It’s Okay To Try New Things – This once again helps to get rid of the fear surrounding trying new things.
  39. It’s Okay To Lose – Again, this reminds children that it is not about winning.
  40. Everything Will Be Okay – This is a simple affirmation yet it is important to remember. 
  41. If It’s Not Okay It’s Not The End – This reminds them that everything will be okay in the end. 
  42. Everything Can Be Resolved – Simple yet important to remember.
  43. A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved – This reminds them of the importance of talking and not keeping secrets. 
  44. Talking Is The Best Medicine – Once again, this reminds them of the importance of talking honestly. 
  45. I Deserve To Be Happy – This reminds children that they have a right to feel happy. 
  46. I Deserve A Life Free From Anxiety – This reminds them that they are worth more than their anxiety. 
  47. I Deserve A Nice Life -This reminds children that they should have a nice life. 
  48. I Am Worthy – This promotes higher self esteem. 
  49. I Am Worthy Of Love – This reminds children that they deserve to be safe and loved. 
  50. I Am Worthy Of Compassion – This reminds them that they are equal and deserving of people’s kindness. 
  51. Other People’s Actions Are A Reflection Of Themselves And Not Me – This can be great for conquering bullies. 
  52. It Is Okay To Recognise Your Own Success – This is a friendly reminder that sometimes it’s a good idea to give yourself a pat on the back and to feel proud of yourself. 
  53. I Am In Control Of My Life – This allows children to feel a sense of control. 
  54. I Am In Control Of My Destiny – As above, this allows children to feel that they are in control of their future.
  55. It Will All Be Worth It In The End – A reminder to keep going.
  56. My Future Is Bright – This confidence booster instils hope.
  57. I Matter – Simple yet important to remember. 
  58. Today I Will Conquer My Fears – This is helpful when trying to overcome fears.
  59. Today I Will Face My Anxiety – This can help children to feel strong enough to conquer their anxiety. 
  60. Today I Will Choose Happiness – This reminds children of the importance of happiness.
  61. One Day Or Day One – This shows the importance of making a start on things that are important to them. 
  62. I Will Use My Coping Strategies – This is a nice self reminder to use the tools that they have acquired. 
  63. I Will Keep A Positive Mindset – This helps children to remember to remain positive. 
  64. I Will Use My Breathing Exercises – This can help them to remember to maintain control over their breathing. 
  65. I Have Got This Under Control – This can help children to feel more in control and stop fear. 
  66. I Can Do This – This can increase self confidence. 
  67. I Can Combat My Anger – This shows them that they can defeat their angry emotions. 
  68. Winners Never Quit – This is an important reminder to keep going and not give up.
  69. Do Not Let A Bad 10 Seconds Make It A Bad Day – This is a good reminder to focus on the positives. 
  70. Everyday Is A Gift – A simple reminder that everyday is special and should be treasured. 
  71. Everything Is Fine – Simple yet important to remember. 
  72. I Am Beautiful Inside And Out – This helps to increase self-worth.
  73. My Potential Is Limitless – This reminds children that anything is possible and that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to. 
  74. My Possibilities Are Endless – This reminds them that there are infinite options in life. 
  75. I Am Clever – This simple saying reminds children that they are smart enough to achieve great things. 
  76. Progress Is Progress – A simple reminder to keep moving forward no matter how slowly. 
  77. Keep Moving Forward – Again, this shows the importance of not giving up. 
  78. Keep Going – As above, this focuses on the importance of not quitting. 
  79. Everyone Has Bad Days – A friendly reminder that it is okay to struggle and to make mistakes sometimes. 
  80. Nobody Is Good At Everything – It is important that children remember that they are not expected to excel at everything. 
  81. It Is Okay To Give Myself A Break – This highlights the importance of resting and not being too hard on themselves. 
  82. My Worth Is Not Defined By Anyone Else – This is important to remember especially when it comes to bullying. 
  83. Today I Will Not Let My Emotions Get The Better Of Me – This reminds the child that they are greater than their emotions. 
  84. Today I Will Stay Calm – An important reminder that being calm can be effective in most situations. 
  85. Today I Choose Peace – An important reminder that sometimes its best to avoid conflict. 
  86. It Is Okay To Speak Up When Something Is Not Right – This is a good way of rembering that its okay to tell someone if you are not happy with something. 
  87. It Is Just A Bad Day Not A Bad Life – This reminds children of the fact that sometimes its okay to look past a bad day. 
  88. One Bad Chapter Does Not Mean That My Story Is Over – A reminder that tough times end and happy times are just in the horizon. 
  89. I Will Be Patient With Myself – A reminder of the importance of self love. 
  90. Worrying Gets Me No Where – This reminds children that worrying is often a waste of time. 
  91. I Will Not Worry About Things Which I Can Not Control – This reminds children to focus their energy  on more positive things. 
  92. Every New Day Is A New Opportunity – This shows the importance of always trying again. 
  93. I Am Unique – A reminder that being you is the best thing that you can be. 
  94. If I Fall Down I Will Get Back Up – This reminds them to be strong and courageous. 
  95. I’m Capable Of So Much – This can really help with low self worth. 
  96. Grades Do Not Define My Worth – This can be helpful for children who are struggling academically. 
  97. I Am Kind – This helps them to focus on their positive qualities. 
  98. I Stand Up For What I Believe In – This reminds children of the importance of speaking up when something is wrong and sticking to their own beliefs. 
  99. I Can Be Brave – This reminds children that they can through anything. 
  100. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – This is a good reminder to always look for the positive in a bad situation.
  101. My Best Is Enough – A simple reminder that as long as they are trying their best it is enough. 

Final Thoughts

Positive affirmations are really important when it comes to the mindset of children. They can increase confidence and self-belief and improve mental health. Overall, it doesn’t matter which ones you choose to use with your child as long as they help. 


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