6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now

From the very first moment you conceive, you and your loved ones can’t help but pop the question, is it a boy or a girl? And when you realize the baby’s gender, the next question rolls, how will the gender reveal party go?

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now

If you are a new parent, you don’t need to worry about having a great gender reveal party. This article has all you need to know, from unique gender reveal party ideas to the perfect theme. Make your big announcement as fun as it can get with thoughtful ideas that you will never forget. 

Here is the answer to all the new parent’s gender reveal party questions in one article. Dive deep into the article to know everything and be the best parent you can be.

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now

Gender reveal cakes

A saying goes, “There is no party without a cake; a party without a cake is a meeting.” Cakes are always a good idea when you are planning a party, especially your baby’s gender reveal party.

They light up the special occasion, and they add a highlight to the gender reveal. When you are going for a gender reveal cake, it should go with your theme and the reveal.

You can go for a traditional cake, a blue-themed cake for boys and pink-themed cakes for a girl. The cake can reflect your style, too; even in decorations, your personalization can add a hint of style. You can also make the cake special with their birth date. 

But maybe you are going for a gender-neutral baby name (link); you can go for a gender-neutral gender reveal cake! Why constrict your baby boy to blue and baby girl to pink when you have a whole new horizon to explore. Choose different colors, different themes, and pick something special for the family too.

If you plan on something different from the conventional gender reveal parties, you can always try quirky cakes. These days cakes come with several decorations; you can have pictures of the family or the mom-to-be and small miniatures of the couple with the baby. Isn’t it cute, super cute? 

Did you know you can have a message written on the cake too? Here are some ideas for you to choose the perfect quote for the celebration.

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are.”

“He or she, what will our cutie be?”

“Girl or boy? We’ll soon know.”

“You already make us happy; are you he or she?”

“Jack or Jill? We can’t chill.”

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supergirl/Superman!”

“Ten little fingers, ten little toes, who will our baby be, no one knows.”

“Pink or blue, we love you!”

“We are tickled pink to say our princess is on the way!”

“Is it pink? Is it blue? They are almost due!”

To make the cake even cuter, you can add miniature toppers. Balloons, animals, babies, families, and teddy bears are popular choices you can go for. And it never hurts to have fun with icing; after all, it’s your baby; go all in!

Gender reveal party theme ideas

You may think themes are challenging to abide by, but a theme at every party makes everything much more fun. Think about a reveal party with matching balloons, decorations, cake, and everything nice; doesn’t it fill you with excitement? 

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now

A gender reveal party theme is a great way to enhance the party and make it seem like you put effort. Everything in-theme and uniform gives a put-together feel to the special occasion, and every guest will love it!

To help you, here is a list of gender-reveal party theme ideas you’ll adore. Explore them, and you’ll find the perfect theme to welcome your little one.

  1. He or She

Why choose between pink or blue when you can coordinate the two?

He or She themed parties are one of the most popular gender reveal party themes, and rightfully so. You can make use of both the colors and a neutral one to breathe life to the party.

Little bows, lips, shoes, and mustaches make the perfect accessory for your party. You can even make props from printables and have fun photographs.

This gender reveal theme is a classic, and everybody loves it. You can add so many details and work your way around the gender-reveal party of your dreams. It can work with bright colors and soft ones too, it depends on your preference and all-over decoration.

Tip: To make this more interesting, don’t forget to include bows, tutus, tiaras, and many more accessories. 

  1. Ties or Tutus

Your gender reveal party isn’t confined to just some colors or a particular idea. You can have your theme around props too, ties and tutus gender reveal parties are examples. In this theme, you don’t have to be very particular about the colors and shades; you can go for props that take your heart away.

To give your party more variation, you can have cakes, props, baby dresses, decorations, and balloons in the same style. On top of that, you can have a photo booth even if you are not calling a photographer. After all, the essence of a picture is in its memories, isn’t it?

Moreover, it never hurts to have yummy desserts that look cute. Choose cakes with bow or tutu toppers, layered cakes, chocolates, pretzels, and everything excellent to keep everyone fulfilled, at heart and stomach too.

  1. Little prince or princess

You know your baby is a little angel, and they deserve the best in the world. You treat them like your little prince or princess, so why not give them a similar gender reveal!

Let’s say a royal is on the way!

If you are going for an extravagant gender reveal party theme or something extra, this is the best theme for you. Your gender reveal is actually a regal and a special announcement; that’s why you can go all in.

Go for a prince and princess-themed decor and accessories that will help you add a royal touch to your event. You will love it, your guests will love it, and your baby will have fantastic pictures to look at when they grow up.

Pick a cake inspired by your favorite or a popular Disney prince or princess to keep the kids excited too. You can have bows, crowns, tiaras, and everything magical to make the party a success. You can use printables as fun additions to your photo booth or guest pictures.

  1. Starry gender reveal

You must remember from your childhood how much stars captured your imagination, and maybe they still do. Kids love the moon, stars, and everything celestial, no wonder. Use this as a gender reveal party inspiration

It is one of the most fun and most comfortable themes you can go for, and want to know why? You can create the celestial magic yourself! To DIY your own stars and moons, you need glittery or plain craft paper, some ribbons, glue, cotton, and ribbons.

Cut the craft paper in circles and different shapes of stars, pour a lot of glitter, and glue over them. You can stick cotton on the moon and add some sparkle to it, too; this will make the moon look beautiful and glowy like it actually is. 

Add ribbons to the amazing stars and moons you created and hang them wherever you like. You can also get starry lights, moonlights, and lanterns to add warmth to your evening event.

  1. “What will it bee?” theme

Yellow is the perfect color to describe happiness and warmth. If you are planning on a gender-neutral gender reveal party, yellow is the right color for you. And what better little beings to depict this happiness in the form of cute honey bees. 

It is a modern, and easy take on the classic gender reveal party. It is visually pleasing, and bees and beehives make the perfect backdrop too.

Decorate your gender reveal party with shades of yellow with black and go with stripes everywhere. You can create your own honey bees or download printables to print and stick honey bees directly. 

You can have an elegant and minimal cake with a filling depicting the gender of the baby. It can be in the form of a colored filling, or you can hide a note in the toppers. It would be a simple and cute idea.

  1. Food-themed gender reveal party

Love food? Why not make it the center of the party? You can go for food or dessert-themed gender reveal party. It will allow you to mix and match things while still maintaining the theme. 

Have your favorite cake, cupcakes, muffins, puddings, chips, and everything else you like. You’ll be amazed how many people love these kinds of parties and they will surely remember yours.

Even if you are the center of the party’s attention, you can add a personal touch to the party by knowing some favorites dishes of your guests and adding them (or something similar) to the menu. You can use food printables of cakes, fruits, and other food items to make everything cute for welcoming the baby for decorations. 

Tip: You can also give a food brooch to every guest as a gift. It’ll go with the theme, and your guests will love the idea too.

How to reveal the baby’s gender?

There are many ways to reveal the baby’s gender. You may want a simple reveal or a fancy one, and depending on your style and party, here are cute and easy gender reveal party ideas for you. 

  1. Silly string reveal

The best thing about gender reveal is that it is so much fun! Not only are the parties fun for the new parents, but it’s fun for everyone that shares the joy. There is happiness, joy, laughter, and good food; what else is there to ask. 

This is another fun gender reveal idea you can try out at your party, where you let the guests guess and vote. Ask them what they think the baby’s gender will be, and they will vote; it will be a fun bonding activity with smaller parties that include the family’s close ones. In the end, every guest is given a can of silly string, and they spray it to reveal the baby’s gender.

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now
  1. Get under the umbrella!

To make your gender reveal party more unique, you can always use more props. You can use an opaque umbrella and put pink or blue confetti inside it (depending on the gender of your baby).

And when it comes to the gender reveal, stand under the umbrella and open it. You can do it with other items, like balloons or pinata filled with colored confetti, and it’s as simple as that!

  1. Gender reveal cookies

No matter if you are going for a food-themed gender reveal party or not; gender reveal cookies are a great idea. Have a pink filing for girls, blue for boys, and disclose your baby’s gender in a creatively tasty way. You should consider gender reveal cookies as an option of showing your baby’s gender in style.

You can switch up cookies with cupcakes with frostings or muffins with fillings, and it can be a sweet surprise, just like you want it to be. It’s a treat, and you can double the fun!

  1. Balloons for gender reveal

Balloons are the best way to decorate events, surprise people, and lift everyone’s mood! Another way of using balloons is using them for disclosing your baby’s gender to the world.

Don’t like popping balloons? Or maybe you want additional excitement; you can use hydrogen-filled balloons.

Pack the colored balloons in a box and when the time comes, open the box and watch everyone’s eyes twinkle as the balloons fly. It will be a magical experience for any party, no matter what theme you choose.

You can also take ordinary balloons in a box and one balloon filled with colored confetti for the gender reveal. Decorate the box, and you’ll be done.

  1. Sibling spilling the beans

There is something about kids and events. Think of the time when a baby gets to be a flower boy/girl at the wedding, and it’s a delight to watch.

They are so cute, and they try to do their best; it makes everyone’s day. If you have a child, you can take their help to disclose their little one’s gender. 

They can carry a basket with flowers colored in your designated color and throw it. Or they can also have party poppers and balloons; you know, whatever kids do, they look absolutely adorable.

They enjoy this too; after all, they are going to be an older sibling. Make them a part of the celebration, and you’ll cherish these memories forever.

  1. Gender reveal using pets

If you have a pet, the gender reveal party is going to be super fun. The pet will not only keep the guest cheerful while being by your side, but you can also make them a part of the celebration. They can help you reveal the gender of your baby in many fun ways, and it will surely melt everyone’s heart.

You can adorn the pet in the assigned color with bows, collars, a dress, or anything that symbolizes the baby’s gender for you. You’ll feel the warmth of your pet’s cuteness, and it’ll be a gender reveal people will remember for a long time.

  1. Boy or Girl?

If you want to keep things simple and easy, you can go for a simple boy or Girl gender reveal. You can share the secret with someone close and ask them to keep it a secret to help you out with your preparations.

Get a simple party cracker or a party popper with colors and when everyone gathers, burst it for a burst of happiness. Invite your close friends and family to keep the pressure low on the parents-to-be. Take pictures and make videos of the moment to keep it in your memories.

  1. Twin celebration

If you have twins arriving, you need to have double the fun. And if there are two genders to reveal, you have so much more to be excited about.

There are many ways you can execute this with your child, props, or pets. One popular theme is the nautical theme. 

Sometimes you have two genders to reveal! If you’re having twins and just found out you’ll have a girl and boy, incorporate the classic pink and blue into a seamless theme. These cookies are sure to impress and go great with a nautical party theme.

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now


Here are all the gender reveal party theme ideas you need to know.

He or she: A gender reveal party with boy and girl accessories for those who like it simple.

Ties or tutus: A complete outfit-themed gender reveal party with tutus, ballerina shoes, ties, coats, and everything blue and pink to enjoy.

Starry gender reveal: Dive into space to borrow some stars and planets for your baby’s party. Use some inspiration from the galaxy to light up the occasion.

What will it bee: Cute honey bee-themed gender reveal for all the animal lovers. Use other animals you like to double the fun!

Food-themed party: Add sweet, spice, and everything nice as decoration with food items you love.

Follow these fun gender reveal ideas and add them to your party.

Silly string reveal: Use silly string bean cans to disclose the baby’s gender.

Get under the umbrella: Shower colored confetti as the umbrella opens for the gender reveal.

Gender reveal cookies: Have cookies with colored fillings to let the guests know the secret themselves.

Balloons for reveal: Fill a box with balloons and unbox it for a good old gender reveal.

Spill the beans: Take some help from the expected baby’s older sibling to do the honors.

Let the pets reveal: Trust your animal friend to reveal the baby’s gender to everyone.

Boy or Girl: Use a party popper or cracker to have a simple reveal.

Twin celebration: Use twin themes and two different ways to have a blast.

6 Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas Every Parent Needs Now

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