22 Unique Tough Baby Boy Names (Origin and Meaning)

When you name your baby boy, you associate an identity with him. Now for the rest of his life, he is going to be recognized with an identity you have chosen for him. Think about when you hear someone’s name, it creates the very first impression of the person in your mind, right?

22 Unique Tough Baby Boy Names (Origin and Meaning)

When name plays such an important part in someone’s identity, it is obvious for parents to jot down a list of baby boy names when naming their precious child. When you are looking for names for any loved one, it takes ages to find a tough baby boy name that sounds contemporary and suits him well. A tough baby boy name gives your boy a strong first impression and a personality anyone could depend on.

But a strong name doesn’t have to sound old fashioned and rough, it can sound chic and badass too! To help out new parents like you, here is a list of old and contemporary tough baby boy names to choose from.

22 Unique Tough Baby Boy Names (Origin and Meaning)
  1. Aiden: It is an Irish, Scottish Gaelic name, that means fiery.
  1. Alister: Alister is an Anglicised version of the Scottish name Alasdair. It’s a warrior name meaning man’s defender.
  1. Apollo: It is a Greek name that means Destroyer.
  1. Augustus: It is a Greek name Augustus that means majestic. It has many forms like August and Augusto.
  1. Blaze: Blaze is a badass name that means an inherent fire.
  1. Boris: It is a tough Bulgarian baby boy name, that means warrior or fighter.
  1. Brendan: Brendan is derived from the Irish name Breandán, which means prince or King.
  1. Bronco: It is a Spanish name that means rough, unbroken horse.
  1. Bryant: The name Bryant has a Celtic origin. This is the perfect badass name for your baby boy that means noble, strong and virtuous. 
  1. Caesar: Caesar is the name of the famous Roman emperor that means a strong emperor or ruler.
  1. Damon: Damon is a name derived from Greek, it means to tame or to subdue.
  1. Draco: It is a badass name of English origin. Draco means a dragon.
  1. Ewan: Derived from the Scottish name Eòghann, Ewan means born of Yew tree or the one who is born of mountains.
  1. Ezekiel: It is an Old Testament name and has Hebrew roots. Ezekiel means God’s strength.
  1. Griffin: Griffin is a Welsh name that means a strong lord.
  1. Knox: In Old English name originated from the word “cnocc”, which means a round-topped hill. It is an appropriate name for your baby boy.
22 Unique Tough Baby Boy Names (Origin and Meaning)
  1. Lewis: With multiple origins, this name has German and English roots too. The name Lewis means renowned or famous battle. 
  1. Marco: Marco is a popular Italian name that you can choose for your baby. It means Warlike and it refers to the Roman God of war.
  1. Sanjay: Sanjay is a popular Indian name that means sheer resilience. In other terms, it also means the one who conquers.
  1. Takio: Takio is a popular Japanese name. It means as strong as bamboo and you can give this name to your tough little one.
  1. Tyson: It is a popular French and English name that means high-spirited and firebrand respectively.
  1. Oscar: Derived from Old Norse, Oscar has been a popular English, French, Gaelic, Irish, and Scandanavian name. It means the spear of God and a warrior.

Hope you found the right tough baby boy name for your child from these beautiful names. Choose your favorite names and give your baby boy the right personality and he’s going to love it when he grows up. 

22 Unique Tough Baby Boy Names (Origin and Meaning)

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