47 Tarot Magic Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults (FREE DOWNLOAD)

In the ancient world of mystical practices, few carry the weight of divination quite like the art of tarot, now beautifully intertwined with the enchanting world of Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. 

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Tarot magic Coloring Pages

A practice steeped in history, tarot cards have whispered secrets and foretold destinies for centuries, their imagery and symbols now captured in captivating coloring pages that invite both meditation and creativity. 

Even in our modern world, the allure of tarot endures, with many having heard tales of messages from the universe that seemingly came true.  

If you’ve been on Tiktok lately, you’ve likely come across one or two readers spreading wisdom from the angels- as someone who has experienced this firsthand, the signs and synchronicities can be quite amazing. 

Whether you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast or simply captivated by the mystique of ancient symbols, the “Tarot Magic Coloring Book” invites you on a journey of mystical exploration. 

Beyond the pages of this digital download lies a collection of 47 intricately designed illustrations, each a portal to the enchanting realm of tarot symbolism. As you color, you’re not just adding pigment to paper; you’re infusing each card with your unique interpretation and creative energy. 

Perfect for all ages, this coloring book bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary expression, offering a meditative experience that transcends time.But before you fully immerse yourself in the mystical journey, make sure to check out the end of this article for an exclusive sneak peek. So grab your favorite crystals and incense, put on something cozy and get ready for a spiritual awakening! 

47 Spellbinding Tarot Designs For A Coloring Experience Beyond Ordinary

1. Mystic Archer’s Celestial Dance

Step into a world woven with mysticism through these Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A celestial archer reaches for a sunbeam, her form graced with stars. She dances between moon and sun, her arrows poised to sew fates across the cosmos. This illustration, rich in symbolism, beckons colorists to cast their hues upon the cosmic ballet.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

2. Aquatic Whispers In The Bamboo

In this serene addition to Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, koi fish glide under the bamboo’s gentle sway. Surrounded by the stillness of water, these messengers of good fortune create ripples of calm. As you add color to their underwater realm, let the simple act of creation be your guide to tranquility. Each stroke brings these symbols of perseverance and courage to life.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

3. Celestial Voyage Of The Forest Whale

Embark on an ethereal journey with Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, featuring a majestic whale soaring through a forest canopy. Adorned with foliage, it swims amongst the stars, blending sea and sky into one.

This page captures the imagination, inviting a splash of color to a world where dreams and nature entwine. Let creativity flow as freely as the whale in the starlit heavens.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

4. Lunar Oracle’s Enchanted Cards

Amidst the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, a lunar oracle holds the key to hidden wisdom. Crowned by moon phases, she gazes through her realm with cards that whisper secrets of the future.

Her poised figure, framed by celestial bodies, calls for you to define her story with vibrant shades. Let each color you choose unveil the mysteries held within her cards and the stars.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

5. Solar Symphony In Cosmic Harmony

A solar spectacle unfolds within these Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, where planets orbit a radiant star. Comets streak past, and celestial bodies spin in the silent music of space. Each element awaits your touch to infuse warmth into the cold void. As your palette brings this astral scene to life, reflect on the universal dance of the cosmos.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

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6. Moon’s Embrace In The Starlit Wonders

Delve into the nocturnal beauty presented by Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, where the moon’s crescent cradles the essence of night. Stars twinkle around orbiting planets, inviting a touch of radiance to the void.

Each stroke of color casts a spell, illuminating the night’s allure. Let your imagination chart the course through this celestial tapestry as you color the moon’s gentle embrace.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

7. Stellar Queen’s Radiant Reign

Within the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, the Stellar Queen emerges, her crown a constellation of cosmic jewels. Her gaze holds the wisdom of the stars, and around her, celestial patterns await the infusion of color.

As you choose shades for her regal visage, you partake in her astral domain. Here, every color brings her universe closer to ours, bridging worlds with the stroke of a pencil.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

8. Crystals Clasp The Moon’s Whisper

Join the mystical embrace where crystals rise to touch the skies in Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Guided by a hand above, they cluster around the moon’s soft curve, pulsing with hidden energy.

As you shade their facets, each crystal reflects a story of power and peace. The clouds and stars around them wait for your colors to breathe life into this silent, magical symphony.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

9. Cosmic Dancer’s Graceful Ascent

Behold the Cosmic Dancer as she ascends in the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, her hands cradling a crescent moon. Stars shimmer around her, casting a celestial glow on her flowing garments.

With each color you lay down, her journey through the heavens takes on new life, her dance weaving through the tapestry of the night. Capture her grace and let your creativity soar with the stars.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

10. Stargazer’s Waltz Under The Crescent

The Stargazer twirls in the heart of the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, her hair and dress flowing like the night sky. As she dances under the crescent moon, stars sprinkle the space around her, waiting for your colors to bring them to life.

With each shade you add, you join her in a dance that celebrates the mysteries and beauty of the cosmos. Let her movement inspire a spectrum of stellar hues.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

11. Palmistry’s Path Amidst Verdant Flora

This illustration from Tarot Magic Coloring Pages presents the ancient art of palmistry, hand rising amid lush greenery. The heart line converges with a sacred flame, symbolizing life’s passions and paths. Moons in sequence grace the top, suggesting the cyclical nature of time and influence. Immerse yourself in the mystique as you color, letting each line on the palm tell its own vibrant tale.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

12. Floral Orbs Guarded By Crescent Moons

In this Tarot Magic Coloring Pages piece, floral spheres flourish under watchful crescent moons. They float in a star-studded expanse, each petal and leaf intricately designed to captivate and calm. With your colors, bring out the harmony of nature and the lunar phases, celebrating the connection between growth and the celestial dance. 

Floral Orbs Guarded By Crescent Moons

13. All-Seeing Eye Amidst Cosmic Array

This Tarot Magic Coloring Pages selection features the all-seeing eye, a symbol of wisdom and protection, encircled by celestial bodies. It is a universe unto itself, with rays that pierce the vastness of space. As you color, you illuminate the vision that sees through the stars, moon, and sun. The surrounding constellations await your touch to reveal the eye’s insight into the unknown.

All-Seeing Eye Amidst Cosmic Array

14. Moon Adorned With Crystalline Dreams

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages present a crescent moon, draped with crystal charms that dangle in the starry ether. Each jewel captures a dream, a wish, a moment suspended in time.

As you color, infuse each gem with the hues of your hopes. The stars surrounding this lunar spectacle twinkle in anticipation of the brilliance you’ll add to this nocturnal enchantment.

Moon Adorned With Crystalline Dreams

15. Triangular Beacon Of Lunar Cycles

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages offers a geometric marvel where a triangle encases an all-seeing eye, radiating beams of light. The lunar cycles above and mystical symbols below frame this central figure, each phase and sign holding ancient meanings.

As you apply color, contemplate the perpetual motion of celestial bodies and the timeless wisdom they convey. Your artistic touch reveals the luminous guidance within.

Triangular Beacon Of Lunar Cycles

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16. Crystal Vision Under Moonlit Glow

In the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, a crystal orb cradled by a crescent moon beckons with hidden depths. It floats, radiant with potential, against the backdrop of a twinkling night sky.

As you color, the sharp edges and smooth surfaces of the crystal come alive, shimmering with the possibility that lies within. The surrounding stars and phases of the moon create a symphony of light and shadow, waiting for your creative touch.

Crystal Vision Under Moonlit Glow

17. Sun’s Gaze Amidst The Eternal Flames

This captivating page from Tarot Magic Coloring Pages depicts the Sun’s face encircled by fiery waves and leafy rays. As you bring color to this celestial being, its expression will shine with the warmth you provide. The illustration invites you to imbue life into the solar flames, casting a glow on the intricate details that make up its timeless visage. 

Sun's Gaze Amidst The Eternal Flames

18. Alchemist’s Rite In The Enchanted Garden

Discover the alchemist mid-ritual in the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, framed by a lush garden and flasks of potions. Her hands conjure a symbol of balance, inviting you to infuse the scene with color. With careful strokes, add vibrancy to the foliage and the mystical attire, bringing to life the magic of transformation. 

Alchemist's Rite In The Enchanted Garden

19. Mystic Hands Weave The Starlight Tapestry

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages come alive as mystic hands gesture across the cosmos. Each palm holds a symbol of esoteric knowledge, from the glowing sun disc to the revealing tarot card. Stars dot the expanse, waiting for the colors that will illuminate their intricate dance. As you color, imagine the hands guiding the flow of universal energies.

Mystic Hands Weave The Starlight Tapestry

20. Celestial Harmony In The Sun’s Embrace

Featured in Tarot Magic Coloring Pages is a radiant sun, smiling benevolently, ensconced within a geometric frame. Above, the crescent moons balance the sun’s warmth with their cool presence. Below, an all-seeing eye observes this celestial equilibrium. As you choose colors for this tableau, reflect on the day and night’s endless cycle, the cosmic balance that guides us, and the eye that sees beyond.

Celestial Harmony In The Sun's Embrace

21. Eternal Cycle Of Sun And Moon

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages invites you to color the eternal passage of time as represented by a grand hourglass. The sun and moon, celestial counterparts, occupy each half, marking the endless dance of day into night. As you fill this scene with color, consider the steady rhythm of the cosmos, the changing tides, and the constancy of celestial movements. 

Eternal Cycle Of Sun And Moon

22. Visions Through The Crystal Orb

In the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages, an all-seeing eye oversees a crystal orb rich with mystical potential. Between the gaze of enlightenment and the grounded sphere, a universe of possibilities unfolds.

Surrounding celestial symbols and the rays emanating from the eye invite you to a world where foresight and intuition reign. As you add color to this page, you bring clarity to the visions contained within the orb and the watchful eyes above and below.

Visions Through The Crystal Orb

23. Hermit’s Quest For Celestial Insight

This page from Tarot Magic Coloring Pages portrays the Hermit, a figure of wisdom and introspection, standing beneath the moon and stars. He holds a lantern, guiding him on his solitary journey towards enlightenment. As you color, bring light to the Hermit’s path and consider the quiet search for inner truth that he represents.

Wheel Of Fortune's Cosmic Turn

24. Wheel Of Fortune’s Cosmic Turn

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages present the Wheel of Fortune, surrounded by symbols of ancient deities and celestial bodies. It spins under the watchful eyes of the sun and the moon, dictating the fate of the stars around it. Coloring this intricate mandala, you participate in the universe’s cycles of change and destiny. 

Wheel Of Fortune's Cosmic Turn

25. Justice Presides With Balanced Scale

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages unfold with the image of Justice, a symbol of fairness, decision-making, and karma. Crowned and robed, she sits before pillars of law, scales in balance, and sword raised high. As you color this figure, contemplate the impartiality and discernment she embodies. 

Justice Presides With Balanced Scale

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26. Hanged Man’s Reflection And Revelation

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages depict the Hanged Man, a symbol of surrender, new perspectives, and enlightenment. Suspended in tranquility, he views the world from an inverted angle, amidst foliage and clouds. As you bring color to this card, embrace the invitation to see things differently, to release old patterns, and to illuminate new wisdom. 

Hanged Man's Reflection And Revelation

27. Deer Of Dawn And The Weaver’s Web

In this Tarot Magic Coloring Page, a serene deer stands adorned with a spider’s intricate web. Above, a diligent spider works under the twinkling stars, symbolizing creation and connection. As you add color to this natural tapestry, consider the delicate balance between the gentle deer and the spider’s craft. 

Deer Of Dawn And The Weaver's Web

28. Skull Of Knowledge And Time’s Blossom

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages reveals a skull resting atop ancient tomes, a snail exploring its contours. This symbol of mortality and wisdom is juxtaposed with the snail, an emblem of time’s slow march. Flourishing plants grow beside, hinting at life’s persistence.

As you color, reflect on the lessons of the past, the patience required for growth, and the beauty that thrives in the cycle of life and death under the watchful stars.

Skull Of Knowledge And Time's Blossom

29. Astrological Mandala Of Cosmic Unity

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages feature an astrological mandala, a complex symbol of the universe’s interconnectedness. Zodiac signs interlock within geometric shapes, surrounded by celestial bodies. As you color, meditate on the universal bond between the stars and their influence on our lives. 

Astrological Mandala Of Cosmic Unity

30. Orbiting Elegance Of Celestial Blossom

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages offers a glimpse into the celestial realm with this design of planets orbiting a central floral starburst. The symmetry of the cosmos is mirrored in this arrangement, inviting a meditation on the orbits that govern celestial bodies.

As you color, ponder the natural grace of the universe, the silent paths of planets, and the floral core that symbolizes the blooming of life amidst the vastness of space.

Orbiting Elegance Of Celestial Blossom

31. Lunar Tear In The Floral Night

This image from the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages shows a crescent moon shedding a single tear, surrounded by the night’s flora and stars. The moon, a symbol of emotion and intuition, is framed by nature’s beauty, emphasizing the connection between the celestial and the earthly. As you choose colors for this scene, contemplate the gentle interplay of the moon’s phases with the blooming flowers.

Lunar Tear In The Floral Night

32. Sun’s Embrace Amongst Blossoming Rays

The Tarot Magic Coloring Pages portray the sun in full splendor, its face surrounded by rays and blooming sunflowers. The solar radiance and flowers symbolize growth, energy, and the life force that nourishes us. As you add vibrant colors to this scene, let the sun’s warmth and the flowers’ vitality inspire a sense of joy and creativity.

Sun's Embrace Amongst Blossoming Rays

33. Zodiac Wheel Of Astral Influence

This piece from the Tarot Magic Coloring Pages presents the Zodiac wheel, encircled by astrological symbols against a backdrop of cosmic rays. Each sign marks a spoke in the wheel of fate, their energies converging at the center, surrounded by stars that dot the ethereal plane. As you color this celestial chart, let the alignment of stars guide your choices.

Zodiac Wheel Of Astral Influence

34. Balance And Harmony Awaits

Step into a world where symmetry rules, with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Scales hang in perfect balance, encircled by celestial bodies and cosmic sparks. Color each star and moon to unlock a universe where every line leads to equilibrium. Let these pages guide your hand to create harmony.

Balance And Harmony Awaits

35. Moments In Mystic Time

Open your senses to the mystical flow with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. An all-seeing eye gazes from above, while the sands of time trickle below. Infuse color into each shape and symbol, crafting a narrative where past, present, and future merge. Your journey through the sands awaits.

Moments In Mystic Time

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36. Cauldron’s Brew And Mystical Signs

Conjure creativity with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A cauldron bubbles with unseen potions as mystical signs dance around. Stars, leaves, and enchanting symbols await your touch of magic. Color them to life and stir the pot of your imagination. Each stroke reveals a spell of colors.

Cauldron's Brew And Mystical Signs

37. Cosmic Labyrinth And Celestial Symbols

Navigate the cosmos with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Centered within a star-topped pyramid, an ankh stands as a timeless symbol. Celestial bodies and stars speckle the firmament around this mystical maze. As you color, you journey through ancient symbols, crafting your path with hues of destiny.

Cosmic Labyrinth And Celestial Symbols

38. Enigmatic Cross And Astral Patterns

Illuminate the intricate with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A radiant cross inside a shield, lined with cosmic patterns, takes center stage. Stars and celestial motifs surround this sacred emblem. Delve into the details, bringing out the light of each star and the energy of symbols with your colors.

Enigmatic Cross And Astral Patterns

39. Starlight Beast And Cosmic Shield

Unveil a celestial guardian with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Surrounded by a star-blazoned shield, a noble beast’s head emerges. Triangles and eyes encircle this central figure, as if protecting a universe’s secrets. Each line you color vibrates with energy, inviting a mystical awakening on the page.

Starlight Beast And Cosmic Shield

40. Solar Gaze And Celestial Flames

Bask in the glow of our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A sun with human features casts a warm gaze, flanked by fiery rays and whimsical clouds. Stars scatter across the sky, completing this celestial tableau. Bring forth the radiance with colors that capture the essence of daylight and starry nights.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

41. Sun’s Embrace Amidst Floral Swirls

Delight in the detail of our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Here, the sun smiles softly, embraced by flowing locks and floral accents. Swirling patterns of nature’s whimsy envelop the celestial face. Give life to this fusion of flora and solar charm with a palette that reflects the sun’s warmth and the earth’s beauty.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

42. Gateway To The Solar Kingdom

Enter a majestic realm with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. The sun reigns supreme within an arched gateway, its rays beaming between ornate ironwork. Clouds and stars adorn the sky, framing this regal entrance. Adorn the scene with vibrant colors to unlock the gates to an illustrious solar empire.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

43. Celestial Eye Amidst Astral Waves

Immerse in cosmic mystery with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A grand eye, encased in a radiant star, commands the heavens. Planets, moons, and stars pepper the skies, riding the waves of the universe. With each color you choose, bring this vision to life, crafting a masterpiece of interstellar wonder.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

44. Time’s Dance With Sun And Moon

Traverse the cycles of time with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A grand hourglass captures the dance between day and night, sun and moon. Trees and waves carve the passage of time in its sands. As you fill in the spirals and crests, you’re not just coloring—you’re shaping the eternal rhythm of nature.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

45. Sovereign Of Symbols And Light

Delve into divinity with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A regal figure adorned with radiant wings and sacred symbols presides over the realm of enlightenment. Planetary icons orbit this central deity. Add hues to this intricate tapestry, breathing life into a world where myth and symbolism converge in majestic unity.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

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46. Sunrise Embrace In Floral Abundance

Greet the day with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. A serene face within the sun emerges from a bed of blossoms, flanked by swirling vines and clouds. Each ray of light intertwines with nature’s curves and crests. Let your colors flow across this dawn-lit scene, marrying the floral with the celestial in peaceful splendor.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

47. Sun’s Mystic Gaze And Radiant Whorls

Revel in the sun’s mystique with our Tarot Magic Coloring Pages. Encircled by whorls and beads, a wise face exudes calm within the solar sphere. Flamboyant rays extend outward, inviting a cascade of colors. Let your imagination roam free as you add vibrancy to this fusion of gaze and blaze, crafting an aura of enigma.

Tarot Magic Coloring Pages

Benefits Of Coloring

Before we embark on the mystical journey that the “Tarot Magic Coloring Book” promises, let’s delve into the transformative world of coloring and its profound benefits. 

The act of coloring goes beyond mere strokes of pigment on paper; it becomes a meditative practice that soothes the mind and ignites the imagination. 

As we explore the ancient wisdom and spiritual insights within the tarot cards, the therapeutic effects of coloring will weave seamlessly into your artistic odyssey.

  • Therapeutic Escape: Coloring serves as a gateway to a therapeutic escape. As you immerse yourself in the intricate designs of tarot cards, the rhythmic motion of coloring promotes relaxation, alleviating stress and providing a serene refuge from the demands of daily life.
  • Mindful Meditation: Engage in mindful meditation through the art of coloring. Focused attention on the details of each illustration enhances your present-moment awareness, fostering a sense of tranquility and grounding you in the here and now.
  • Creative Expression: The “Tarot Magic Coloring Book” invites you to express your creativity freely. Each stroke of color transforms the black-and-white cards into vibrant tapestries of personal interpretation, allowing you to infuse the ancient symbols with your unique artistic expression.
  • Unlocking Imagination: Coloring unlocks the gates of imagination. As you bring the tarot cards to life with your colors, your mind is free to wander, explore, and create. This boundless exploration nurtures a sense of wonder and cultivates your imaginative prowess.
  • Stress Reduction: Coloring is a proven method for reducing stress. The repetitive and soothing nature of the activity activates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a calming effect and helping you find solace amid the chaos.
  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration: Sharpen your focus and concentration through the mindful engagement demanded by coloring intricate designs. This mental discipline extends beyond the coloring book, positively impacting your ability to concentrate on daily tasks.
  • Emotional Release: Coloring provides a channel for emotional release. Whether you’re joyous, contemplative, or introspective, the act of coloring allows you to channel and express your emotions in a constructive and therapeutic manner.
  • Artistic Satisfaction: Revel in the satisfaction of artistic accomplishment. Completing each page of the “Tarot Magic Coloring Book” is a tangible achievement, boosting your confidence and instilling a sense of pride in your creative endeavors.
  • Connection with Ancient Wisdom: As you color the symbols and designs of the tarot, you forge a unique connection with ancient wisdom. The act of coloring becomes a bridge between the past and the present, allowing you to tap into the spiritual insights embedded in the cards.
  • Personalized Self-Care Ritual: Incorporate coloring into your personalized self-care ritual. The “Tarot Magic Coloring Book” becomes a tool for nurturing your well-being, offering a sacred space for self-reflection, rejuvenation, and embracing the enchantment within.

Free Pages

Before you immerse yourself in the captivating world of the “Tarot Magic Coloring Book,” here’s an exclusive opportunity to experience the magic firsthand. 

We’re delighted to offer you a sneak peek into the enchanting realm within the pages—a chance to claim your complimentary free pages. 

This is not just a preview; it’s an invitation to embark on a mystical coloring journey and witness the spellbinding designs awaiting your artistic touch.

As you explore these complimentary pages, you’ll catch a glimpse of the magic that infuses each illustration. 

Consider it a preview of the transformative journey that awaits you within the complete coloring book. 
So, claim your free pages today, infuse them with your colors, and let the mystical exploration begin!


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