Parenting Hack – Tips on How To Raise Confident Kids

When our children are little, we dress them the way we want to. We always dream about how they would look wearing the cute little clothes we pick for them. 

Parenting Hack - Tips To Raise Confident Kids

As our kids grow up, they crave something related to their favorite characters, personalities, or surroundings. Their preferences change, and family, school, and friends most commonly influence these preferences in some way.

It has always been one of the missions of Cute Rascals to empower kids and raise their self-esteem and confidence through our unique and diverse clothing lines. 

Parenting Hack - Tips To Raise Confident Kids

One of the ways to express who they are is through clothing. In this article, we explore and present you tips on how to raise confident kids. 

Is It Important for Kids to Be Confident?

The answer to this question is not a straight ‘yes’ nor ‘no.’

Before answering whether it is essential for kids to be confident, we have first to define what confidence is. How much confidence should kids have? How confident can kids be?

Confident enough to not let adults guide them when they are clearly in the wrong?

Confident enough to put down other people who are less fortunate or far worse off than them?

Confident enough as to get cocky and think that everyone is wrong and they are right?

These are the traits of people and kids having toxic confidence. As a parent, you need to restrict the poisonous or the negative and the positive spirit. We want our kids to be confident, but we also want them to have the right, positive confidence.

Positive confidence is about how we perceive ourselves as worthy and valuable; it is about knowing our place; knowing that we can achieve anything in life without closing doors to the possibility of growth. 

It is about a sense of self-assurance coming from the appreciation and acknowledgment of your qualities and capabilities. 

So, Is It Important for Kids to Be Positively Confident, Then?

The answer is a straight yes.

We live in a world currently ruled by social media and society’s standards; there are always expectations to be this successful, be that beautiful, be this smart, or be that healthy. 

A study done by Pew Research Center in 2018 has shown that 15% of teens thought that social media gives them an unrealistic view of the lives of others. It also distorts reality, according to them.

As much important as it is to you as adults, kids also do need confidence. Teaching positive confidence to kids early stages proves valuable and essential in the short and long run.

An emerging body of research indicates the importance and usefulness for kids to be confident and have self-confidence in themselves. There are many reasons you should raise confident kids, but we listed four significant reasons for kids to embody positive confidence in themselves.

Importance of Positive Confidence in Kids 

Positive confidence is essential in kids. It is also beneficial for them as kids and also for them as future adults. There are significant reasons why kids are better off confident than they are not.

1. Acquiring needed skills

Parenting Hack - Tips To Raise Confident Kids

Kids are exposed to a lot of new things. At the early age of their life, there are many first-times kids would have encountered. Kids are exposed to various skills that they may need each time they try new things. 

Confident kids have a propensity to try out new things, probably due to their high self-esteem. Such kids likely push their limits, giving it their very best and be proud of their achievements.

Self-confidence helps the kids come to grips with mistakes. Failure for them is only a reason to try again. Consequently, self-confidence makes the kids perform better at school, at home, and with friends.

On the contrary, kids with low self-esteem always feel doubt about themselves. They often think about what others think of them. They often isolate themselves when they feel like others do not like them and will not accept them. 

Kids with low self-confidence tend to let themselves be treated poorly by others.

When kids are not confident in themselves, they will often find it hard to deal with mistakes. They will find it hard to face failures. It closes the chance for them to do well in life.

2. Motivating them to be better

Kids who are confident in themselves will be motivated to do better and to become better—as parents, giving credits where and when it is due is essential.

It is important to remember that kids need to be appreciated not only in their success and achievements but also in their failure.

As a parent, it is part of your sole responsibility to teach your kids that in life, we sometimes win and lose and that both are to be celebrated. What matters is the efforts and determination that we have put into doing something.

When kids realize their efforts in doing good are being recognized and acknowledged, they will feel good about themselves. They will think good about themselves. They will be left wanting to do better than they ever did.

3. Standing up for themselves

Confident kids respond better to challenges. Kids who are confident in themselves will be able to stand up for what they believe in.

Confident kids will be able to stand up against people who take advantage of them.

As parents, it is natural to want to be the knight of shining armor for your kids and solve their problems whenever there is any.

However, to help build confidence in your kids, you need to let kids learn to deal with their mess. In this way, kids will develop problem-solving skills and are better at coping with difficult situations in their life.

In addition, it would also help to let kids be assertive on things you both may agree upon, for as long as it is not harmful to your little ones. In this way, they will be empowered to stand up and speak up for themselves.

Parenting Hack - Tips To Raise Confident Kids

4. Adapting better to changes

A healthy self-confidence in kids will help them to adjust and to adapt better in life.

When kids genuinely know who they are and their worth, they are not easily manipulated and influenced by all the bad things that prove them otherwise.

When kids are confident about their abilities, they will adapt to changes despite knowing how difficult things may be.

When kids are happy in their skin, changes in environment and circle of friends will not let them trade who they are for whom they are not.

Many of us parents can do this to raise confident kids and instill confidence in kids struggling to have healthy self-esteem.

Among the ways we can teach our kids to be confident and accept themselves is accepting them in their whole. Our kids need to know that our love for them is unconditional.

Our love for our kids does not come with conditions or requirements that they should meet.

When they feel loved, they will be confident. Kids will be secure, knowing that besides them are parents who support and love them despite all the imperfections that they may see in themselves.

They will be confident when told often that they are beyond what they and other people think of them.

They will be confident when your words of reassurance as parents telling them that they are enough just as they are.

Teach kids to have self-confidence is not an overnight process. Therefore, it is essential to teach them how to be confident at their early age.

Raising Confident Kids Through Clothing

It is only natural for us to showcase our identity in the way we dress, which is the same for your kids.

Letting kids dress themselves can help them be confident about who they are. It can help boost their self-esteem and self-worth. 

Studies have shown that it is beneficial to let your kids dress themselves. Allowing this to happen, we help our kids develop their sense of style and, hence, a sense of self early in their lives. 

Parenting Hack - Tips To Raise Confident Kids

Much has been written about how we can raise confident kids in our homes, and what better ways is there than the typical, mundane, day-to-day dressing time! Better ways are there than to allow them to make choices that make them feel confident as they should.

If your kids are making it work, they are making it work.

Furthermore, letting kids dress themselves proved to be beneficial for their cognitive and creative development. There is no dispute about the significance of these developments to your kids.

And this will only work when you have trust in them. This foundation of trust is mutually essential in any relationship, even more so in a parent-child relationship. It is tempting to wanting your kids to look good and pleasant at every moment, yes. But at some times in your life as a parent, you need to stand back for a moment and decide on what truly matters.

There is a lot at the stake of not raising confident kids; thus, as parents, you should pick and choose your battles wisely.

Parenting Hack - Tips on How To Raise Confident Kids

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