47 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Have you always been a person fascinated by the creepier and darker side of life? Was your favorite holiday Halloween growing up (if you’re like me, it still is)? If the answer is yes, then we have just the thing for you—the “Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.”

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Within the pages of this collection, prepare to encounter a host of mythical creatures, magical landscapes, and intricate designs that beckon you to unleash your inner sorcerer. 

This isn’t your average coloring book; it’s a portal into a realm where zombies roam, witches cast spells, and Dracula emerges from the shadows. 

If you’re ready to add a touch of spooky allure to your creative moments, let’s delve into what this coloring book has to offer.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

This unique coloring book comprises 47 pages that transport you to a world where mythical creatures come to life and magical landscapes unfold before your eyes. 

Whether you’ve always been intrigued by the mystical or are just discovering the thrill of the spooky, each page invites you to wield your coloring wand and breathe life into these captivating and eerie designs.

So, grab your coloring tools, embrace the spooky, and let your inner sorcerer emerge by downloading your copy today.

“For it is as much fun to scare as to be scared.” – Vincent Price 

47 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages To Inspire Creativity For All Ages

1. Zombie’s Midnight Awakening

Stumble upon a fearsome scene in our latest addition to the Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

A ghastly zombie emerges under a moonlit sky, its eyes alight with an eerie glow.

Tattered clothes hang from its skeletal frame as it roars into the silent night, promising a thrilling adventure in every stroke of your coloring pencil.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

2. Enchantress Of The Skull Throne

Venture into the mystical realm with our Enchantress of the Skull Throne from the Myth & Magic Coloring Pages collection.

Her gaze pierces through the veil of reality, crowned with a haunting skull that symbolizes her dominion over the arcane arts. 

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

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3. Ghoul In The Ghostly Town

In our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages series, discover the ghoul in the ghostly town.

Amid crumbling buildings under a stormy sky, this horrifying figure stalks the empty streets.

With sunken eyes and a gaunt expression, it dons a tattered suit, forever trapped between worlds. 

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

4. Witch’s Brew At Twilight

Join the enchanting journey with our Witch’s Brew at Twilight, a prime feature in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

A wily witch stirs a bubbling cauldron, her eyes gleaming with secrets and spells.

As steam rises, so does the aroma of mysterious potions, framed by the skulls of her ancient foes.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

5. Skeleton Groom’s Eternal Vow

Dive into the eerie world of eternal love with our Skeleton Groom’s Eternal Vow from the Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This macabre groom, his skeletal face grinning beneath sunken eyes, clutches a bouquet of roses, symbols of undying affection.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

6. Crypt Keeper’s Haunting March

Uncover the chilling spectacle of the Crypt Keeper’s Haunting March in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This menacing specter, draped in tattered robes, advances through a corridor of ancient columns, bringing an air of dread and decay. 

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

7. Vampire Lord’s Stoic Gaze

Experience the formidable presence of the Vampire Lord’s Stoic Gaze in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Seated against a backdrop of intricate Gothic architecture, this vampire’s piercing eyes and sharp features radiate a commanding aura. 

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

8. Sorceress Of The Serpent Woods

Delve into the mystical world with our Sorceress of the Serpent Woods, a highlight in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Commanding creatures of the forest, she holds a serpent in one hand and an eagle perches on the other, symbolizing her dominion over land and sky.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

9. Count Of The Cursed Manor

Step into the eerie domain of the Count of the Cursed Manor, a chilling creation in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Perched before his haunted estate, the Count’s fiendish grin and sharp gaze invite you into a world ruled by the night.

Surrounded by sinister trees and skulls, his ghastly demeanor sets the tone for a spectral adventure. 

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

10. Harvest Witch’s Magical Moment

Embrace the charm of autumn with our Harvest Witch’s Magical Moment, a vibrant selection from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Seated amidst pumpkins and lush foliage, this young witch casts spells with a flick of her wand, her faithful feline companion by her side.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

11. Master Of The Haunted Castle

Step into the domain of the Master of the Haunted Castle, a striking image from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Overlooking his eerie fortress under a turbulent sky, this vampire lord commands the creatures of the night.

With sinister dragons soaring around the unfold a tale of dark mysteries and ancient powers.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

12. Fury Of The Forest Ogre

Enter the wilds of our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages with the Fury of the Forest Ogre.

This colossal beast, with menacing eyes and towering muscles, emerges from the dense foliage, ready to defend his realm.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

13. Nightmare At The Mansion’s Door

Prepare for a spine-chilling encounter with our Nightmare at the Mansion’s Door, a gripping illustration in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

A monstrous figure, clad in a ragged coat, stretches out his hands as if to ward off intruders or to beckon the brave to enter. 

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

14. Werewolf’s Rampage At Dusk

Experience the terror and thrill with our Werewolf’s Rampage at Dusk from the Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Under a crescent moon, this fearsome werewolf roars, poised to leap from the rocky terrain.

His fur bristles with fury, and his fangs gleam, ready to strike fear into the hearts of all who dare approach.

Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

15. Vampire Queen’s Regal Stare

Behold the elegance and menace of the Vampire Queen’s Regal Stare in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Set against a backdrop of gothic castles and gliding bats, this noble vampire exudes sophistication and authority.

Her intricate attire and elaborate hairstyle reflect her centuries-old heritage.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

16. Swamp Monster’s Terrifying Emergence

Brace yourself for the Swamp Monster’s Terrifying Emergence, a thrilling addition to our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Rising from the murky waters, this fearsome creature, with venomous eyes and gaping maw, instills dread.

Its twisted, tree-like limbs blend into the eerie swamp surroundings, creating a scene of natural camouflage and horror.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

17. Young Vampire’s Midnight Awakening

Discover the playful mischief of the Young Vampire’s Midnight Awakening in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Waking from his ornate coffin, this youthful vampire sports a sly grin, ready for nocturnal adventures.

His classic vampire attire and lively expression offer a lighter take on the vampire mythos.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

18. Demon Lord Of The Skull Throne

Immerse yourself in the dark power of our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages with the Demon Lord of the Skull Throne.

His fierce visage, adorned with a horned helmet and flanked by skulls, radiates dread and command.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

19. Moonlit Prowl Of The Forest Werewolf

Encounter the raw power of the Moonlit Prowl of the Forest Werewolf in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Under a crescent moon, this formidable werewolf lunges forward, its fangs bared and eyes ablaze with primal rage.

Set against a backdrop of twisted trees and rugged terrain, it embodies the spirit of the wild and untamed. 

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

20. Vampire’s Fury In The Stormy Night

Feel the wrath of the Vampire’s Fury in the Stormy Night, featured in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This menacing vampire, his cape dramatically unfurled, confronts the tempest with a ferocious scowl and sharp fangs exposed.

Clouds swirl around him as he summons the dark powers at his command.

 Myth & Magic Coloring Pages

21. Witch’s Secret Potion Amidst Ancient Ruins

Delve into the arcane as you color the Witch’s Secret Potion Amidst Ancient Ruins, a mystical page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Cloaked in a flowing robe, this wise witch carefully concocts her powerful brew beside a blazing cauldron. 

Witch's Secret Potion Amidst Ancient Ruins

22. Zombie Gentleman’s Haunting Stare

Dive into the macabre elegance of our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages as you encounter the Zombie Gentleman.

His withered face and piercing gaze contrast sharply with his sharp suit, presenting an unnerving blend of the refined and the grotesque. 

Zombie Gentleman's Haunting Stare

23. Ancient Wizard Of The Whirling Winds

Explore the depths of magic with the Ancient Wizard of the Whirling Winds in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Clad in a long, flowing robe and a twisted hat, this venerable wizard grips his mystical staff and time-worn wand, channels of his profound power.

Ancient Wizard Of The Whirling Winds

24. Sea King’s Command Over The Ocean Waves

Dive into the majestic depths with the Sea King’s Command over the Ocean Waves, a striking piece from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This noble warrior, with his flowing beard and piercing gaze, stands ready with his trident amid surging ocean waves.

Sea King's Command Over The Ocean Waves

25. Enchanted Autumn Brew By The Forest Witch

Step into a mystical autumn scene with the Enchanted Autumn Brew by the Forest Witch from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This serene witch, cloaked in her festive attire, delicately stirs a giant cauldron amidst a setting of pumpkins and potions. 

Enchanted Autumn Brew By The Forest Witch

26. Scream Of The Cursed Soul

Venture into the depths of terror with the Scream of the Cursed Soul, a heart-stopping illustration from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This harrowing image captures a ghastly figure, its face contorted in a scream of eternal torment.

Scream Of The Cursed Soul

27. Graveyard Ghoul’s Eternal Hunger

Delve into the dark world of the Graveyard Ghoul’s Eternal Hunger, featured in our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This eerie creature, rising from the graves with a sinister grin, embodies the macabre spirit of the undead. 

Graveyard Ghoul's Eternal Hunger

28. Young Count’s Mischievous Evening

Unleash your creativity with the Young Count’s Mischievous Evening, a playful addition to our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This charming young vampire, with a devilish smirk and stylish attire, stands ready for a night of fun and fright. 

Young Count's Mischievous Evening

29. Leprechaun’s Pot Of Gold Delight

Discover the charm of our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages with the Leprechaun and his Pot of Gold.

With a cheerful smile and a twinkle in his eye, he dips his hand into a pot brimming with golden treasures.

Color the lush foliage and the gleaming coins to capture the whimsical joy and magical luck of this merry little guardian of fortune.

 Leprechaun's Pot Of Gold Delight

30. Old Crone’s Secret Brew

Immerse yourself in the enchanting tale of the Old Crone’s Secret Brew from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This wise old witch, deeply focused on her ancient recipes, stirs a steaming pot surrounded by books of old spells and rustic pottery. 

Old Crone's Secret Brew

31. Vampire Overlord’s Ominous Gaze

Unveil the sinister aura of the Vampire Overlord’s Ominous Gaze, a compelling piece from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This daunting figure, with his piercing gaze and imposing posture, stands before a backdrop of Gothic spires and swirling skies. 

Vampire Overlord's Ominous Gaze

32. Zombie’s Haunting Whisper

Dare to color the chilling Zombie’s Haunting Whisper, an eerie page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Captured in a moment of ghastly decay, this zombie’s gaping maw and hollow eyes evoke a spine-chilling narrative.

Wisps of ethereal smoke and fragmented flesh give this character a ghostly appearance.

Zombie's Haunting Whisper

33. Vampire’s Menacing Roar

Experience the thrill of the Vampire’s Menacing Roar, an intense page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This powerful vampire, caught in mid-scream, exudes terror and authority. 

 Vampire's Menacing Roar

34. Corporate Zombie’s Last Stand

Color the eerie transformation with the Corporate Zombie’s Last Stand, an unsettling addition to our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This ghastly figure, dressed in a tattered business suit and tie, emerges in a moment of terrifying rage under a stormy sky. 

Corporate Zombie's Last Stand

35. Zombie’s Romantic Gesture

Capture the poignant irony with the Zombie’s Romantic Gesture, a unique page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This undead figure, clutching a bouquet of roses, juxtaposes the typical romantic hero with the grotesque reality of his zombie existence. 

Zombie's Romantic Gesture

36. Cheerful Young Ghoul’s Night Out

Delight in coloring the Cheerful Young Ghoul’s Night Out, a playful and eerie page from our Coloring Pages.

This young ghoul, with a wide-eyed smile and stylish hairdo, dons a dapper suit, bringing a light-hearted vibe to the typical horror theme. 

Cheerful Young Ghoul's Night Out

37. Mad Scientist’s Midnight Experiment

Bring to life the Mad Scientist’s Midnight Experiment, an intriguing page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

This eccentric scientist, with a wild hairstyle and a sinister expression, works tirelessly on his mysterious projects in a spooky, tree-enshrouded setting.

 Mad Scientist's Midnight Experiment

38. Crypt Keeper’s Solemn Vigil

Explore the dark allure of the Crypt Keeper’s Solemn Vigil, a hauntingly detailed page from our Coloring Pages.

Set against a backdrop of a gothic cemetery with twisted trees and ominous clouds, this crypt keeper, with his gaunt face and piercing eyes, embodies the essence of gothic horror. 

Crypt Keeper's Solemn Vigil

39. Vampire Lord’s Throne Of Shadows

Behold the Vampire Lord’s Throne of Shadows, a majestic and foreboding page from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Enthroned amidst elaborate Gothic arches and sinister sculptures, this vampire lord exudes power and ancient nobility.

His regal posture and intense gaze suggest a ruler who has dominated through the ages. 

 Vampire Lord's Throne Of Shadows

40. Imperial Vampire Monarch’s Command

Revel in the grandeur of the Imperial Vampire Monarch’s Command, a stunning illustration from our Coloring Pages.

This formidable vampire monarch, clad in a sleek and detailed armor, stands regally with bat-like wings extending from a Gothic cathedral backdrop.

 Imperial Vampire Monarch's Command

41. Vampire Prince’s Intense Gaze

Step into the captivating world of our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages with the Vampire Prince.

His piercing eyes and determined expression reveal a character of deep intrigue and power.

As you color, bring out the details in his sophisticated attire and the intricate background patterns.

Vampire Prince's Intense Gaze

42. Grim Reaper’s Eternal Vigil

Embark on a chilling journey with the Grim Reaper’s Eternal Vigil, a profound piece from our Myth & Magic Coloring Pages.

Amidst the ancient ruins of a forgotten chapel, the Grim Reaper extends his skeletal hands, inviting souls to their final rest. 

Grim Reaper's Eternal Vigil

43. Zombie’s Frenzied Outbreak

Brace yourself for the intensity of Zombie’s Frenzied Outbreak, a captivating illustration from our Coloring Pages.

This page captures a zombie in mid-transformation, his face a terrifying display of raw emotion and decay.

Zombie's Frenzied Outbreak

44. Enraged Vampire

An enraged vampire, with sharp fangs bared and eyes full of fury, stands ready to attack.

The detailed features and the intense expression capture the raw power and menace of this classic monster, making for an exciting coloring experience.

 Enraged Vampire

45. Enigmatic Witch’s Gaze

Enter the mysterious world of the Enigmatic Witch’s Gaze, a bewitching scene from our Coloring Pages.

Her piercing eyes and intense expression reveal a wealth of ancient wisdom and powerful magic

Enigmatic Witch's Gaze

46. Mystical Sorceress With Staff

Discover the Mystical Sorceress with Staff, a captivating image from our Magic Coloring Pages collection.

The sorceress stands with an air of authority, her long hair cascading around her, holding a powerful staff.

Mystical Sorceress With Staff

47. Vampire Lord Portrait

Unveil the chilling visage of the Vampire Lord in this detailed portrait from coloring pages.

The menacing vampire, with sharp fangs and piercing eyes, exudes an aura of power and darkness.

Vampire Lord Portrait

Benefits Of Coloring 

As you unleash your inner sorcerer onto the pages, you not only add hues to spooky images but also unlock a realm of enchanting benefits for your mind and spirit. 

Let’s explore the spellbinding advantages of this bewitching coloring experience.

  • Stress Alleviation: Coloring has a calming effect on the mind, and the Myth & Magic Coloring Book takes it a step further. Engaging with eerie yet captivating designs provides a unique form of stress relief, allowing you to escape into a world of fantasy and magic.
  • Immersive Creativity: Unleash your imagination as you color mythical creatures and magical landscapes. The intricate designs encourage immersive creativity, providing an outlet for self-expression and artistic exploration.
  • Mindful Escape: Immerse yourself in the details of each spooky image. The act of coloring becomes a mindful escape, offering a break from the demands of everyday life and allowing you to focus on the present moment.
  • Therapeutic Distraction: The spooky allure of creatures like zombies, witches, and Dracula creates a therapeutic distraction. Coloring becomes a captivating activity that draws your attention away from worries and encourages a positive shift in focus.
  • Emotional Expression: The Myth & Magic Coloring Book provides a platform for emotional expression. Whether you’re captivated by the eerie beauty of witches or intrigued by the mysterious aura of Dracula, coloring these images allows you to express your emotions through art.
  • Enhanced Concentration: Coloring intricate designs requires concentration, contributing to improved focus and enhanced attention to detail. It’s a mindful activity that sharpens cognitive skills and mental clarity.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Completing pages in the Myth & Magic Coloring Book offers a tangible sense of accomplishment. Each spooky masterpiece becomes a personal triumph, boosting self-esteem and fostering a positive mindset.
  • Visual Exploration: The mythical creatures and magical landscapes invite visual exploration. As you add colors to these captivating images, you embark on a visual journey that stimulates your senses and enhances your appreciation for the darker side of fantasy.
  • Personal Connection: Connect with your favorite mythical creatures and magical elements on a personal level. Whether it’s the elegance of a witch’s spell or the mysterious charm of Dracula, coloring allows you to create a personal connection with the characters and scenes.
  • Joyful Imagination: Immerse yourself in a joyful realm of imagination. The Myth & Magic Coloring Book becomes a playground for your creative thoughts, where you can let your mind wander and envision your own magical narratives.

Free Pages 

Ready to embark on a spellbinding coloring journey? 

We’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into the captivating world of the “Myth & Magic Coloring Book” with our complimentary free pages. 

These complimentary illustrations are a great way for you to get a glimpse into what the full book has to offer. 

Download your free pages today and get ready to immerse yourself in a world where mythical creatures and magical landscapes come to life. 


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