5 Vocations That Will Get Your Kids High Paying Jobs

For active and indulgent parents, their worlds often revolve around their kids and securing their future. You put in all your love, concern, and money to make sure they get the best of everything – food, home, fun, emotional support, and, of course, education. and with the emergence of new technology threatens to take away jobs in future, ensure your child’s future by updating them on these study fields with high-paying jobs.

With the world changing at a pace faster than many of us can comprehend, what about their future career?

If you want your kids to have high-paying jobs, then there has to be some thinking, guidance, and planning here. It’s not all about saving up for college – it’s also about what study fields they go to in college.

5 Vocations That Will Get Your Kids High-Paying Jobs

Your kid is just in playschool – do you need to start thinking about college right away? Yes. You mustn’t just save money, but also start paying attention to their strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and pave the way for the best study fields there is.

The future is different

With the advent of technology, AI and robots are threatening to take away many jobs, it becomes essential that you keep yourself updated.

Many traditional jobs like that of lawyers, academics, accountants, bankers are seeing lesser demands. Does that mean no more jobs in these fields? Not really, but there is going to be greater competition here.

That being said, there are going to be new, interesting jobs for the future digital world that will become the need of the hour.

A new economy is flourishing which will give rise to jobs that don’t even exist yet. There are different vocations, courses, and fields of studies that might not be so popular right now but will be the driving force in the future.

Career options for your kid

Remember how computers have forever changed our offices and work-life? It had been difficult for people to adjust in the beginning but now that they have, it’s not like there’s a lack of jobs around – it’s all about learning the skills of the future.

Just like computers brought in a revolution but also many other opportunities, the future holds key to countless options as well. You just have to know them.

Here are some fields of study that your kids might opt for in the future for getting high paying jobs:

?      Coding

?      Data Analytics

?      Maths and Science

?      Humanities and Liberal Arts

?      Finance and economics

Let’s explore these options in detail and see why and how they have such huge chances to be successful.

5 Vocations That Will Get Your Kids High-Paying Jobs


The one skill which is going to be the future of most professional careers is coding. Technology and Artificial Intelligence have become an insidious part of our lives today and we are constantly surrounded by them.

The future will be driven by AI-powered robots and technology which will need more and more people skilled in coding. The current number of 22 million coders will likely reach the 28 million mark in the next five years.

So why should your kids learn to code? Here are some interesting facts and data about coding to help you consider:

?      There are thousands of coding languages that your child could learn and Javascript is the most popular one.

?      There are many things your child can become by learning coding languages – programmer, computer scientist, coder, developer, software engineer.

?      In the next fifteen years, every next job will require high-level coding and related skills

?      The gaming industry – which requires coding skills – is worth 30 billion dollars more than the movie industry

If your child has an aptitude for coding, then this could be their way to a high-paying job in the future.

Data Analytics

Here is another field from the future – data analytics! Data Analytics is what’s driving businesses today and it’s going to be the core of many business solutions.

Before we jump to its benefits and possibilities, it’s important to understand what we are talking about exactly. So what is Data Analytics? It’s the process that uses a set of techniques to examine data for certain information.

So how does it help companies exactly? According to McKinsey Global Institute, a retailer’s profit margin can increase by 60 percent owing to Data Science and Analytics. Here are the four ways data analytics helps businesses and companies:

?      It helps in better decision making by eliminating unnecessary guesswork

?      It’s very effective for designing better marketing strategies and campaigns

?      A better understanding of the target customer/client

?      Makes operations more efficient and effective.

So what are the prospects of Data Analytics in the future? Data has become so important that there are going to be many roles available in this field. Let’s check out some important developments and possibilities:

?      Recognized data protectors will be hired by companies to deal with issues like data theft, privacy, detect intrusions, etc.

?      Since the Internet of Things is growing at a massive pace, a large amount of data is going to be generated and would require management

?      Most companies will be active about data accuracy and security

?      There will be a huge demand for professionals like Data scientists, data architects, Data analysts, Data engineers.

From what we can say as of now, a career in Data Analytics is going to provide a bright future ahead to your kid.

Science and Maths

This is the age of Science and Maths, that’s where we’d like to start. Most of us depend on scientific advancements for growth in almost every part of our life.

Science and Maths

We already told you how Data Analytics and coding are going to shape our future. Most big businesses know that they would need help from Science and Maths if that dream has to come true.

Maths is the basic fundamental in the emerging era of big data – you can’t be dealing with finance, data analytics, and/or most other scientific fields as well. And Science is where it all merges and gives us actual results.

As per a report by Gartner, studying Maths helps kids develop critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills while Science helps them learn important techniques. By studying these fields, your child can get high-paying jobs like Architect, Engineers, Astronomers, Physicists, Doctors, etc.

Demand for jobs in the healthcare sector alone is supposed to increase by 18% by 2026; clean energy is supposed to create 28 million jobs by 2050 and by 2024 global biotechnology market will be worth over $775 billion.

You can check out the 17 fun and amazing children’s books on Maths here.

Humanities and Liberal Arts

Yes, a tech revolution is on its way and the world is going through digital transformation, but then so are Humanities and Liberal Arts!

The future will belong to those who possess critical thinking, creativity, reading and writing comprehension, and great communication skills. Most of these skills come naturally to the students of Humanities and Liberal Arts.

Let’s get this straight – not everyone is made for, or interested in, Maths, Science, Coding, and Data Analysis. And even though most other jobs would become highly competitive, jobs that require people management, a high level of creativity, excellent communication, and critical thinking aren’t going anywhere yet.

Jobs like that of a psychologist, graphic designer, artist, writer, social worker, or teacher are going to be high-paying.

Finance and Economics

The world has become a global village today, yet, many countries are constantly at war – economically. It’s the biggest factor that decides who is the world leader, who is developed, and who is strong.

Finance and Economics are not something that will ever lack in high-paying jobs. Don’t forget, most organizations hire because they want some kind of profit and that’s why they pay so well.

Technology is changing everything today and in emerging tomorrow – economy and finance as well. As digital currency makes its way in our world, new professionals, jobs, and prospective professions will emerge.

A good education in Finance and Economics will ensure not just a high-paying job but also a strong foundation for the organization you are working for.

Do not impose your choices

5 Vocations That Will Get Your Kids High-Paying Jobs

A survey by GTI Media revealed that about 54% percent of parents tried to influence their child’s career choices.

While it is important to plan things as soon as possible, you must remember not to impose your own choices on your kids.

These high-paying jobs are supposed to provide them comfort, security, and confidence in their work-life. Your primary duty is to guide them, but the choice must be their own.

Help them discover their strengths, weaknesses, and talents through these subjects. Guide them through the possibilities of their chosen study fields but never try to manipulate them, or pressurize them into doing something of your own choice.

Repetitive criticism, interruptions, and nagging affect your child’s self-esteem badly and that will harm their future instead of helping it.

You can help them develop their confidence and self-esteem through communication, teamwork, creativity, and their ability to present themselves.

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Let your kid go claim the future and their lives!

5 Vocations That Will Get Your Kids High-Paying Jobs

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