20 Best Family Merry Christmas Quotes

Celebrate Christmas by spreading heartwarming messages. See our list of wonderful family themed Christmas quotes

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, but aside from the presents and the festivities, this is the time for the family. I love family-themed happy Christmas messages and Christmas sayings that’s why I want to share with you my favorite 20 of the best family-themed Merry Christmas quotes.

Christmas is the season where we are reminded of what matters most in our lives. For me, nothing beats the love and happiness that we see when the whole family gathers around to celebrate this joyful holiday. Through these Christmas quotes, we can spread Xmas wishes and happy Christmas quotes that will surely touch the heart of other people.

When I was child I used to think that Santa is real, unknown to the fact that my parents are the one who gives me presents secretly. Now I think I feel the Santa quotes for babies my parents told me will never fade away.

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Does it happen to you when you read a certain quote and it just speaks to your heart and soul? It does to me and when it comes to family Christmas quotes. A best Christmas message makes me reminisce about my own childhood family Christmas memories and it also makes me think about the future Christmases that I plan for my kids.

A touching Christmas quote will not just warm the heart but it will also inspire you to make more loving memories for your kids to remember when they grow up.

Family Merry Christmas Quotes

I hope that you’ll enjoy these Merry Christmas quotes as much as I do. You can use these on your social media accounts or be inspired to use these for your Christmas cards.

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Christmas Messages for the Family

Mom and baby with a beautiful christmas quote

Merry Christmas quote #1 – “I love how Christmas reminds us to pause and reflect on the important things around us like family, friends, and all the things money can’t buy.”

Kids playing around beautiful Christmas tree with the best Xmas quote

#2 – “The only mess in my house I find glorious, is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day.”

Kids hanging Christmas ornaments with a Christmas quote

#3 – “The basic ingredients to a merry Christmas are the gifts of time and love.”

Santa Claus around group of kids with a touching quote

Merry Christmas quote #4 – “Christmas brings family and friends together. It helps us to appreciate the love in our lives that we often take for granted. May the true meaning of the holiday season fill your heart and home with many blessings.”

Happy mom and daughter with Christmas present

#5 – “I’m not sure who enjoys Christmas more, my children or me.”

Happy family around the Christmas tree with a touching quote

#6 – “Spending time with my family is the best part of Christmas.”

Joyful family behind a Christmas tree with a joyful Christmas message

Merry Christmas quote #7 – “The joy of Christmas is family”

Christmas family stockings with a beautiful Christmas quote

#8 – “All I want for Christmas is to be surrounded by my family.”

Happy children holding Christmas presents with a touching quote

#9 – “The best way to see Christmas is through the eyes of a child.”

Cute car with Christmas lights and a great Christmas saying

#10 – “At Christmas, all roads lead home to family, friends, loved ones.”

These Santa quotes for babies reminisce the memories we have in our hearts and joyous moments we have spent. Christmas became perfect with family and friends around.

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Happy parents with kids opening Christmas presents with an inspiring Merry Christmas quote

#11 – “It’s not what is under the Christmas tree that matters, it is my family and loved ones gathered around it that counts.”

Happy family decorating the Christmas tree with a good Christmas quote

Merry Christmas quote #12 – “Christmas isn’t about candy canes, or twinkling Christmas lights, it’s about the hearts that we touch, and the care that we show.”

Mommy with baby holding a Christmas ornament. Good Merry Christmas quotes.

#13 – “I think as you grow older your Christmas list gets shorter, because the things you want can’t be brought.”

Mom and daughter decorating the Christmas tree with a loving Christmas quote

#14 – “I used to think being at kid on Christmas was the best thing ever. Turns out being a parent on Christmas is.”

Happy family with little one with a good Christmas quote

#15 – “Christmas is a time when you get homesick ‘even when you are home.”

Jolly family with a beautiful Merry Christmas quote

Merry Christmas quote #16 -“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”

Mommy and daughter's special moment with a touching Christmas message.

#17 – “Christmas is all about love, family and children. It doesn’t matter what we eat or what presents we get as long as the holidays are spent with loved ones.”

Happy family celebrating Christmas with great Merry Christmas quotes.

#18 – “The best gift that one could wish for underneath the Christmas tree, is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

Sisters opening Christmas presents. Inspiring happy Christmas quotes.

#19 – “Seeing the light in my child’s eyes is all it takes to make Christmas the most magical time of the year.”

Family lighting candle for Christmas. Wonderful Merry Christmas messages.

#20 – “May the spirit of Christmas bring you and your family hope, love, and happiness. Merry Christmas.”

As Christmas approaches, the excitement, laughter and the magical moment with family become so much fun. These Santa quotes for babies are perfect to tell your children on this special day.

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