Easy Sandwich Recipe for Kids Sensorial Fall Activities for Preschoolers Worksheets (2-4 Year Olds)

Surprise children with fun fall activities for preschoolers. Get the kids in the kitchen and teach them how to make a yummy autumn snack. Check out the step-by-step instructions for our autumn sandwich recipe.

Easy Sandwich Recipe for Kids Sensorial Fall Activities for Preschoolers Worksheets (2-4 Year Olds)

Indoor Activities for Kids

Babies perceive the sweet taste in the womb. However, it is outside where the baby develops a sense of taste and experiment with new flavors such as sour, salty, bitter, and sweet. It is believed that foods mothers eat during pregnancy significantly influence the foods that children prefer.

Kids will first perceive the sweet and bitter flavors and then the salty and sour ones; this does not mean that children will accept the food we give them to try without a fight.

Far from it, it will be a slow process that requires a lot of patience since children do not accept new foods easily. We have to give them a portion of food to try several times to be accepted by them.

We can adequately stimulate children’s sense of taste by offering a varied and fun menu during the process. We must avoid yelling, fighting, or scolding at mealtime. That will also affect the perception of food and will not be well received.

Remember that dinnertime should be a special and pleasant moment, not only because of the food we are going to eat but also because it is the perfect hour to talk with our family. You can talk about things that happened during the day; it is the ideal moment to strengthen our affective bonds.

Autumn sandwich recipe. Yummy fall activities for preschoolers



Topic:  Sense of taste/Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Age:  2 to 4 years old

Activity goal:  Through this fall activity for preschoolers, children will learn how to prepare a sandwich with an autumn leaf shape. At the same time, they will stimulate their sense of taste.

Difficulty level:  Intermediate. This fall art activity for preschoolers is designed for children to follow directions.


  • Sense of taste
  • Fine motor skills
  • Following directions
  • Social-emotional development


Materials Autumn Sandwich Activity. Fun fall activity for preschoolers
  • Two slices of bread cut into an autumn leaf shape
  • One slice of ham cut into an autumn leaf shape
  • One slice of cheese cut into an autumn leaf shape
  • Two slices of tomato (previously cut by an adult)
  • Lettuce


Step 1:

Take a piece of bread and put the cheese on it

Take a piece of bread
put cheese on the bread slice

Step 2:

Place the ham on top of the cheese.

Place the ham on top of the cheese. Fun fall activity for preschoolers

Step 3:

Then, add one tomato slice, lettuce, and the second tomato slice. You can eat it and enjoy the flavors. (Adults must first verify that their kids are not allergic to the ingredients)

add one tomato slice


Autumn leaf sandwich. Fun fall activity for preschoolers.

Autumn leaf sandwich sensorial activity


For more fall activities for preschoolers give them new worksheets. Click the link below to download and print.

Free printable autumn sandwich worksheets

Download the Free Printable Preschool Worksheets


This fall activity can be done with younger children. If they have not yet developed the ability to follow instructions, parents can demonstrate the activity simultaneously as they are giving the instructions to the children. Remember that human beings learn from what they see and imitate.


In this fall activity for preschoolers video, you will find the step-by-step and result of the activity “AUTUMN SANDWICH” designed for children from 2 to 4 years old.

With this autumn activity, kids will prepare a delicious sandwich in the shape of an autumn leaf. This activity aims to stimulate children’s sense of taste; however, the activity’s development also enhances fine motor skills, following instructions, and bonding with their parents.

The materials needed for this fall activity are two slices of bread, one slice of ham, one slice of cheese, two tomato slices, and lettuce.

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Fun sensory activities for toddlers. Making autumn sandwich kids activity.
Yummy autumn sandiwch recipe. Fun sensory play activity for kids.