Best First Happy Father’s Day Quotes

Sweet and touching first Happy Father's Day Quotes and sayings. These quotes on father are great for your greetings for first time dads.

Do you know someone who’s going to celebrate their first Father’s Day soon? I have rounded up the most touching, sweetest, and the best first Happy Father’s Day quotes and sayings.

Embracing parenthood is an indescribable feeling which is irresistible. And when it’s your first father’s day it becomes more special. This day becomes more lovable and special with the happy fathers day to my son quotes.

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Having your first child and holding the baby in your arms is one of the most amazing experiences and for sure these first Father’s Day quotes can make that moment extra special.

Any first-time father will surely appreciate these quotes on father. These are messages of love that commemorates their once in a lifetime experience in life.

Being a parent can be overwhelming and the responsibilities are huge but through these Father’s Day quotes a father will know that they’re appreciated and are doing a great job.

I hope you will enjoy these first Father’s Day quotes and saying as much as I do.

First Happy Father’s Day Quotes

You can share these memorable messages to a special dad to let them know how much you appreciate their love for their child and the family. Use these Father’s Day for social media posts or you can be creative and use these as you create a DIY gift or card.

Note: Feel free to share and use the original images and inspirational quotes below. Please give credit back to our page. Non-commercial use only.

Dad and baby face to face with a good quote. First Happy Father's day quotes.

“Daddy, because of you I’ve never gone a day without knowing I am loved. Happy first Father’s Day!”

Dad lifting baby with the best Happy Father's day quotes.

“I love you daddy and wish you the best first Father’s Day possible!”

Baby holding daddy's finger with the best Happy Father's day quote.

“On your first Father’s Day my wish for you is that you know how much you truly mean to me. There hasn’t been a day in my life where I haven’t loved you. Happy Father’s Day daddy.”

Smiling dad and baby with Happy Father's Day Quotes

“I couldn’t be more blessed to have a daddy like you. Happy Father’s Day.”

Sweet hug with baby and first time dad with the best Happy Father's Day quote

“Happy first Father’s Day. I am honoured to be your little baby!”

Sweet daddy and daughter with the best first father's day quote. Happy Father's Day quotes.

“I could not have picked a better daddy even if I tried. Happy Father’s Day.”

Daddy with baby in the carrier. Top best first Happy Father's Day quotes.

“Daddy….You’re the best! Thanks for all you do. Happy Father’s Day!”

Dad and son with the best father's day message. First Happy Father's Day quotes.

“Thank you for every cuddle, for every smile, and for every act of love you’ve given me. You are an amazing daddy. Happy Father’s Day!”

Daddy lifting baby girl with best Happy Father's Day quote

“Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for always showing up and loving me unconditionally.”

Sweet fun bond with dad and child with a nice Happy Father's Day quote.

“You’re the dad everyone wishes they had! Happy Father’s Day!”

Sleeping dad and baby with a sweet quote. First Father's Day quotes

“The love between a dad and his child is unbreakable.”

The unbreakable bond of son and father is the reflection of pure love and divine feeling. These feelings which one could have in this relation becomes extra special with the happy fathers day to my son quotes.

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Cute baby with dad with a Father's Day quote.

“Happy Father’s Day to the best role model I could have ever asked for!”

Sweet time with baby and daddy. Happy First Father's Day quotes.

“Dear daddy, I want you to know that you are doing a great job! Happy First Father’s Day! I love you.”

Happy daddy with baby with a sweet Father's day message.

“I know I’m only little, but I also know how lucky I am to have you as my dad.”

Daddy and baby with a sweet first Father's Day message.

“Happy first Father’s Day to the best daddy in the world.”

A sweet Father's day quote

“To the world you are just another dad, but to me you are my whole world.”

Sweet daughter and dad moment with a loving Father's day quote.

“Dear daddy, no matter where I go in life, you’ll always be my number one man.”

Dad and daughter back hug with sweet Father's day quote

“No matter how old I get, I will always need my daddy.”

Happy family with baby and a sweet Father's day message.

“It’s so amazing to see the man I fell in love with as a dad. Happy First Father’s day! I wouldn’t want to share the joy of raising a baby with anyone else.”

A family with first child and a touching Father's Day quote.

“It has been incredible watching you become a father! I feel so blessed to be sharing this journey with you. Happy Father’s Day!”

Memorable family moment with sweet Happy Father's Day Quotes

“I always thought you’d make a great dad. Now, I know it. Happy Father’s Day to an amazing husband.”

These inspirational and heartwarming happy fathers day to my son quotes are perfect to express the love and embark the journey of fatherhood. So, why wait to make this day more special to your child now.

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