Awesome Baby Shower Activities

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When you are thinking about holding a baby shower, either for that special friend or yourself, it can be hard to think about what kind of activities to do.

After all, your average party might well include drinking alcohol, eating a heavy meal, going out until late, dancing, or all of the above and it’s unlikely a pregnant woman would want to do many of those.

Therefore a baby shower is something to focus around the woman herself and the baby to be born and the activities should reflect this.

Awesome Baby Shower Activities

First, start with some nibbles and light refreshments; you can include champagne and wine, but make sure there are juice and water on hand. Most pregnant women have quite a few pregnant friends too! One of the cutest activities you can organize is to decorate an onesie.

Awesome Baby Shower Activities

Get plain white cotton onesies and a pack of tee shirt pens. Then guests can decorate an onesie for the special baby to come and as a lasting memento for the mom.

You can also have a mini competition to guess the date and time of the baby’s birth. The person who guesses right can win a small gift once it has happened.

Ask each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves and place these around the room. Have simple grid guests can fill in and the person who guesses the most correctly can win a small prize. Something controversial is to have samples of baby food for the guests to try!!

A couple of jars decanted into plain bowls and they get the chance to get what it is actually meant to taste.

Have some note cards so that every guest can write a motivating note or good wish to the mom to be while she is in labor. These will really motivate her and keep her going.

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It’s worth noting that normally guests bring a present to a baby shower and get their own goody bag to say thank you, as they leave.

Some ideas for these include jewelry, handmade truffles in a cellophane bag with a bow (very cheap and easy to make!), soap sample, perfume sample, book/ CD/ DVD, a mini bottle of wine, or Prosecco. Enjoy the shower!

Awesome Baby Shower Activities

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