6 Tips to Every Parent Needs to Know to Help a Choking Baby

The child is choking on food or toys: how to help them?

Small children, especially under the age of 2, like to put different toys and objects into their mouths as they discover the world in this way. Sometimes, foreign objects are not only in the child’s mouth but also in their nose. Besides, as children are moving all the time, even while eating, a choking baby incident is common.

Choking Baby

Nature protects us from such situations. That’s why we have reflex reactions – coughing and vomiting. Though they may not always work in times of child choking.

You must take action. If the child is quiet and doesn’t scream or cry; their face turns red, then blue; the child grabs their throat with their hands, catches air with their mouth, and the child’s eyes are wide open, you must act quickly with choking first aid.

The child starts choking. What to do?!

If there is someone else nearby, ask them to call the ambulance. If you are alone, don’t spend time calling, you have to rescue your child.

If the infant is choking:

  • Immediately place the baby’s face down along your arm.
  • Lean your arm so that the baby’s head is a bit lower than its bottom.
  • Pat the baby’s back between the shoulders with the palm of your other hand.

infant dummy choking demonstration

  • Keep the child in the same position and press the roof of their tongue to cause coughing and vomiting reflexes.
  • Don’t put your fingers into their throat because you can only move the object or a piece of food even further.
  • If the child is a bit grown up already, then you can take them by their legs, hold them upside down, and pat them between the shoulders.

If the child is more than 1 year old, you can use the Heimlich maneuver:

  • Get on your knees behind the child.
  • Hug the child around the waist.
  • Make a fist and place it between the child’s ribs and navel. Your fingers must be turned inward.

child choking on food or toys

  • Grab the fist with your other hand.
  • Spread your elbows to the sides, press the child’s belly in the direction from bottom to top.
  • Perform these movements until the foreign object comes out.

Of course, parents must be very cautious!

Choose toys very carefully, according to the child’s age (especially for 2-3-year old kids.) Also, check the child’s food to ensure there are no bones or other objects in it, and always be prepared with baby choking first aid.

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