35 Of The Best Podcasts To Help You With Parenting

Parenting is a full-time job by itself and you don’t exactly get a probationary period to see how it goes during the first few months. You’re chucked into the deep end on day one and way over your head for what could be the next 20 or so years.

We know as parents or soon-to-be parents, you haven’t got time to sit down and read an abundance of books on parenting to help build you guys into the best parents possible.

That’s why podcasts are great because you can listen to them wherever and whenever you want, driving in the car on the way to work, lying in the bathtub, doing the night feed with the baby, or even doing laundry.

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Not only this but listening to other people verbally share their experiences and advice through a podcast can make it feel as if you have a good friend in the room, even if you’ve not managed to see your real friends for a few weeks.

As your child grows they’ll have different needs and behaviors and as they change, your parenting techniques and style will most definitely change, especially as they begin to enter those scary teenage years.

There are endless podcasts out there suitable for newborns, toddlers up to teens, and young adults, some of which are more educational and informative whilst others are comical and will have you chuckling along as you can relate to the content.

We’ve gathered together 35 of our favorite parenting podcasts to give you a helping hand, whether it’s knowing about sleep schedules, or how to teens with teenage hormones. We’ve divided them into 3 sections, 0-11, teenagers, and general parenting to help you find the ones most appropriate for you.

We’ll also be giving a little brief overview of some of our favorite ones or those that have been most helpful to us in the past.

Parenting Ages 0-11 Podcasts

That New Mom Life

Becoming newborn parents it’s very easy to quickly forget about your old childless life and you can sometimes lose your identity. That New Mom Life is hosted by Grace Bastidas and Desiree Fortin, and they know exactly how isolating the first few months of parenthood can be and share their experiences as well as bring in expert advisors to cover information on all things new parenting in their episodes.

Project Parenthood

Parent life can be hectic and sometimes you only have around 10 or 20 minutes to yourself spare during the day. That’s why this Project Parenthood podcast is so great as all episodes are around the 10-minute mark and weekly guide to help you raise your kids whilst also taking care of yourself.

The episodes are hosted by Dr. Nanika Coor who is a clinical psychologist and respectful parenting advocate who shares advice on information on topics such as managing your own frustration as a parent to how to motivate your child.

Pregnancy Confidential

This is the ideal easy-listening podcast for expectant mothers who want little snippets of information to help them understand their pregnancy journey and also insights into what birth will be like.

The Longest Shortest Time

Authentic Parenting

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

Parenting Beyond Discipline

This parenting podcast by Erin Royer (LA’s go-to parenting expert) has been running for some time now and covers topics that delve deeper than just disciplining children. From issues such as education, health, and body to temper tantrums, there are over 250 episodes that share a wealth of knowledge and expertise to reassure you as a parent that you’re not alone.

Parenting Teenagers Podcasts

Talking To Teens: Expert Tips For For Parenting Teens

Parents often describe trying to parent teens as trying to look after aliens, as you just don’t know how to approach things or talk to them sometimes.

This podcast by parent-teen researcher Andy Earle engages in the art and science of parenting teenagers to help inform you on subjects such as dealing with early hormones and emotions to help your teen apply for college.

Parenting Today’s Teens

Your Teen With Steph & Sue

Power Your Parenting: Moms With Teens

If you’re struggling to improve your relationship with your teenage children, then this podcast hosted by Colleen O’Grady will be a welcome helping hand.

Colleen O’Grady has gone through it all with her teenage daughter but is also a licensed marriage and family therapist so holds a wealth of experience with dealing with difficult situations with turbulent teenagers in the home.

Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have

Digital Parent

Our kids are growing up in a different time to what we did and it can be difficult to adapt and learn to be able to help them grow through this digital age. This new monthly podcast held by a teacher and a librarian focuses on social and emotional learning and its connection to digital life to help you relate to your children.

Their Own Devices

Another great resource for those less tech-savvy parents who want to keep their kids safe with digital media and online but also not encroach on their privacy. Their Own Devices is hosted by Obama White House tech and privacy advisor, Marc Groman, and adolescent medical doctor, David Reitman.

From online gaming to sexting and social media, they cover a broad range of topics to enlighten and educate you on the digital world your child is currently navigating.

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast

Confessions Of A Modern Parent

General Parenting Podcasts

Mom And Dad Are Fighting

If you’re one of the first of your friends to be parents and you don’t yet have anyone to share your failures and triumphs of parenting, then take a listen to the Mom and Dad Are Fighting podcast that will have you laughing and feeling reassured that you’re not the worst parent on this planet.

The episodes are about 1 hour long and follow the same format of debating one or two topics whilst also sharing personal experiences and then answering a listener question for most episodes.

This is a great one to listen to first thing in the morning to start your day right, or even at the end of a hard day.

Parenting For The Future

The Child Repair Guide

Zen Parenting Radio

We Are Family

Ask Lisa: The Psychology Of Parenting

As a parent, you’ll question almost anything when it comes to making decisions about your child, when should you start weaning them on solids, what age is ok for them to have their first phone and how to deal with underage drinking when they’re a teenager.

Some of these topics may be a little too taboo to discuss with your other parenting friends, so Ask Lisa is a quality resource to help you come to some conclusions about your queries.


Raising Good Humans

AT Parenting Survival Podcast

Joyful Courage

First Class Fatherhood

This is one of our favorite podcasts for all fathers out there and is both informative and entertaining. First Class Fatherhood includes interviews with over 400 guests including Tony Hawk, Donny Osmond, and even Tom Brady to discuss what it’s like for them to be a father and to cover the narrative of their own family lives.

This podcast series is super interesting and has opened our eyes and changed opinions regarding certain guests on the show when they discuss their experiences of being a father.

Parental As Anything With Maggie Dent

As a parent you’re constantly learning to gradually become the best parent you can be, however, there are some things that books don’t teach, which is where Maggie Dent’s podcast ‘Parental As Anything’ is insightful as it shares experiences and tips for dealing with certain situations that may arise in your family home.

From initiating discussions about sex with your children to simple disciplining, there’ll be an episode that covers something that will relate to the ongoings in your life at the moment.

The DILF Podcast

The Parent Hood

Parenting Great Kids With DR. Meg Meeker

Calm Parenting Podcast

Rob Beckett And Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell

If you love British humor then you’ll want to take a listen to this parenting podcast hosted by two British comedians as they discuss the highs and lows of parenting between themselves and their special guests.

The podcast will have you laughing till your sides hurt in places and leave you feeling like a better person because at least someone else thinks their child is the devil.

Raising Lifelong Learners

TILT Parenting: Raising Differently Wired Kids

If you’re a parent with kids who have ADHD, autism, learning difficulties, sensory processing issues, or anything else that makes them considered as differently wired, then you’ll appreciate this TILT Parenting podcast that offers support and wisdom on an abundance of problems.


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