26 Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Ideas

A growth mindset is for young people and adults who want to develop a promising future for themselves. It helps them work towards achieving dreams and living happier lives. As a parent, you can use different techniques to teach your kids about the importance of having a growth mindset by using activities centered around the subject and having growth mindset bulletin board.

The most recommended approach for instilling a growth mindset is using display boards to reinforce what you teach your kids about growth mindsets.

You can also use a display board to emphasize and outline the language they should use when outlining their ideas and the things they want to achieve in life.

These school bulletin board ideas can easily be adapted for any classroom theme, and they make a great addition to a playroom at home.

Here are 26 of the best ideas for a growth mindset bulletin board, ideas that were created and tested by the most celebrated teachers countrywide.

These bulletin board ideas encourage individuals to embrace a positive growth mindset, a vital trait to develop and maintain a successful life.

We hope that the compiled ideas listed here will help you develop a personalized display on your bulletin board.

What’s a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is knowing how to use various techniques to deal with life’s setbacks and challenges. Individuals who nurture this mindset learn that despite their struggles in specific fields or skills, they still have unlimited abilities to make things right again.

They also uphold the belief that by polishing their skills, they can improve their lives over time.

However, people who don’t have a growth mindset lack the belief that things can change or that their abilities can improve with time. This is called a fixed mindset. They believe there is no room for improvement, regardless of the efforts made.

Please note that mindsets are elastic and not set in stone. You can exhibit a growth mindset in one situation and a fixed mindset in another. People approach challenges with different skills and techniques, changing their perspectives over time.

There are many merits connected to growth mindsets. People apply their skills in dealing with challenges and are open to improving them or changing their tactics if they do not work as planned.

They subscribe to the line of thought that states:

“I may not be able to do this now, but I will eventually work on it.”

Growth Mindset

With this mindset, they push themselves to work harder and achieve the promise they made to themselves.

Carol Dweck and other psychologists developed the growth mindset theory. They based their research on studying children’s behavior, but the findings of their studies are also applicable to adults.

Scholars have concluded that the growth mindset is not inborn or part of human character but a belief developed over time. It leads individuals to understand that something can be hard to accomplish at the moment but doable later.

How Do I Grow My Child’s Growth Mindset?

The main characteristic of people with a growth mindset is refusing to conform to setbacks or letting setbacks stop them from improving. They believe that setbacks can be the beginning of something new and better if handled positively.

Self-advocacy is an important technique to make forward moves and initiate growth progress. One should always seek support or speak up if things aren’t working as they should.

Self-advocacy is subject to development with time. Children develop interests in acquiring particular skills early in their lives, and adults can strengthen theirs at different life stages.

26 Growth Mindset Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Learn

Learning is the most important part of a growth mindset. To use this theme on your growth mindset board, cut letters to create the word LEARN in bright colors.

Add the words think, grow, solve, reflect, and create on the board in a sequence, highlighting a letter from each of them to form the larger word, learn.

The beauty of this project is that you can select the font and colors you want to use for the highlights.

Alternatively, you can handwrite the letters or print them out before cutting and pasting them on the board.

2. Growth Mindset Statements

This bulletin board design uses speech bubbles to encourage the growth mindset concept. You can print out the speech bubbles and paste them on colorful papers, laminated to enhance their reusability.

You can reuse the components on your growth mindset stack throughout the year with proper storage.

3. Shabby Chic Theme

This display is attached to a corkboard so you can move it around your home or classroom. Place your affirmation in a sequence or arrangement of your preference.

Write the affirmations in understandable language to support the growth mindset. You can buy these printables from various places online, then download and print them, or come up with your own.

4. Jedi Mindset

This bulletin board is themed after the villains and heroes in Star Wars, offering a dual-concept setup. There are two sides to the board, a dark side and a light side, representing fixed and growth mindsets.

Each concept connects to a unique mindset attached to characters from Star Wars. The concepts come from the dialogues and talking styles of these characters.

5. Famous Failures

This bulletin board features famous people who underwent difficulties and failures. Highlight their shortcomings to show the hardships and challenges before they finally made it.

This board is meant to show the children that no one is perfect and that everyone is prone to mistakes and failures. The concept shows that we may make mistakes, but how we view them makes all the difference.

6. Motivational Growth

This bulletin board idea uses posters with motivational quotes. It promotes harboring a growth mindset, using nine unique posters.

7. Growing Never Stops

Using this creativity-based bulletin board concept, you can teach young learners about the growth mindset. Learners are encouraged to make floral handprints to attach to the board to promote the mindset idea.

8. Find a Checkered Theme

This idea is the perfect bulletin for a black-and-white theme, with an encouraging message in the middle, reading:

“It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay to not try.”
Growth mindset

With this buffalo plaid board, your kids will draw inspiration to uphold a growth mindset.

The learners understand that mistakes are essential in learning new things and putting new ideas into practice.

You have unlimited choices on the kind of patterns you can incorporate into this board. It can use white paper printout patterns, or you can buy customized bulletin paper from a trusted vendor.

9. Give ‘N Take

This design is your go-to bulletin board idea for creating better versions of your learners and yourself. Use it to outline your kids’ good sides and strong traits.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Select a character trait which the world seems to be in shortage of. Look for relevant quotes that match the description of this trait.
  • On the “take” segment, place the highlighted quotes in envelopes and set them aside for distribution after the next step.
  • The “give” segment starts when the teacher creates paper strips highlighting tasks students should undertake to promote kind deeds. The learners must engage in the activities written on the paper they picked.

To find the most suitable quotes to use for this bulletin board idea, you can browse posts on success, friendship, life, love, and courage inspirational quotes.

10. Change Your Mindset

This bulletin board theme pushes learners to embrace the growth mindset and apply it in their activities.

Set it up at the beginning of the year, adding inspirational and encouraging quotes along the way. Kids can refer to these points when discouraged or when facing something difficult or frustrating.

11. Growing Your Mindset

The “growing your mindset” bulletin board idea is based on a growing flower design. As the stub continues to grow, different stages of the growth mindset are represented from the ground level until it attains full growth.

Each stage of the flower has a quote promoting mindset changes.

The first quote reads, “I won’t do it,” while the closing quote says, “I can do it!”

12. Math Bulletin

This bulletin board is ideal for high school or middle school students who need a math boost. It consists of seventy unsolved math questions.

The exciting bit of this board is that the learners must first identify hidden errors in every question. There is a written affirmation to motivate them.

It reads, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

13. Two Mindsets

This bulletin board idea focuses on the contrasting features of the growth and fixed mindsets. It uses the human brain image to create a more vivid elaboration. You can incorporate this into daily learning activities, deriving examples in an understandable language.

14. Get Your Focus

For this idea, customized and simplified wall décor reminds individuals of the sacrifices required to succeed. It also discourages the use of excuses.

The décor can be left for a whole learning year to remind the older learners to take accountability for their actions and choices.

15. You Should Be Normal

Excessive pressure breeds negativity that affects self-esteem. This bulletin board idea reminds us that we don’t always have to be perfect. Pressure leaves people wondering if they can ever be as good as expected.

This board affirms that making mistakes is part of our everyday life, and anyone can be on the wrong side of things.

16. Tweak Your Words

Individuals with a fixed mindset are already convinced that individuals were born with predetermined talents that can never change, regardless of the efforts channeled to the course.

On the contrary, people with a growth mindset believe there’s room for improvement on the talent and skills they already have. Additionally, they are open to learning and mastering new skills in different fields.

The board encourages individuals to embrace positive manifestations by driving away negative thoughts.

Thoughts inclined to a negative mindset are written on dull papers, mainly grey, while positive quotes are represented on brighter materials to create a better illusion.

17. The “Yet” Power

“Yet” is a powerful word that highlights hope and potential. It shows that a situation is not over, and things can still change. This marks the first step to nurturing a growth mindset.

Most schools incorporate this word in the language used by educators to teach students its power and emphasize potential. You can place this board in the hallway to remind students of the “power of yet.”

18. How Far Are You?

You must follow a specific process to develop a growth mindset. As time goes by, learners become acquainted with the perpetual learning language.

They embrace their flaws, limitations, and weaknesses without being discouraged by the challenges they encounter.

With this approach, they can enjoy success and remain open-minded to new possibilities resulting from future failures or victories.

This board idea centers on individual progress and personal development of one’s growth mindset.

19. “Today Is a Good Day.”

With this kit, your journey to setting up a growth mindset is made easier. The board’s compartments can be printed and posted strategically to convey messages like “Today is a good day to….”

You can select other phrases that convey positivity and encouragement to continue growing.

20. Thirst for Knowledge

It is never too early or too late to introduce the growth mindset concept to your learners. This board design is derived from the theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It is suitable for children’s lessons on growth mindset.

21. Scrutinize Your Mindset

This board idea helps students to keep up with an updated growth mindset throughout the learning year. It‘s highly personalized and appealing, owing to the bitmoji customization. It consists of posters, bookmarks, and stickers for the bulletin board.

22. The Welcome Board

If you are a teacher looking for ideas on welcoming back learners after school breaks, this board is ideal for a new school year. It has uplifting, celebratory, and empowering phrases that increase the learners’ positivity.

The board is useful when acknowledging every learner’s skills, talents, and gifts. It also guides them in adopting a positive language that you prefer to hear in your class.

23. Don’t Fake It

This design consists of affirmative adjectives to inspire students, boost their confidence, and maintain positivity. It is strongly inclined to affirmations from inspirational figures like Oscar Wilde, with the famous saying, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

24. Grow Other People

This bulletin board idea is helpful for your inspiration. The design looks like a watering can releasing positive verbs with each droplet cutout.

The design extends further into a floral display, on which the droplets from the watering can sprinkle. The words achieve, discover, and learn are part of this growth mindset display. It is suitable for younger learners and children.

You can also place it in the classroom as complementary decor for the overall design.

25. Bloom Where You Are

With this board design, students can derive inspiration to help them bloom, adapt and thrive in the learning environment. Despite its simplicity, the structure promotes acceptance and encouragement.

26. What’s The Key To Success?

When different tactics show delayed results, you can encourage the young ones to better themselves. Offer them insights on the keys to success and how they can achieve improved versions of themselves.

This classroom decor design consists of positive attributes that are recipes for a successful life. You can help the students achieve this by teaching about it in class.

Bottom Line

Young people should learn about the growth mindset during the early stages of their lives.

The classroom offers a suitable environment to achieve this objective.

We are hopeful that the ideas in this context will help you create an inspirational classroom bulletin board to inspire your kids to embrace positivity.

You can also check out other posts for growth mindset ideas that are helpful to all groups, including preschool kids, middle school and high school students, and adults.

Keep growing!

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