20 Gratitude Activities For Kids

We all know that having children can be a magical and rewarding experience, especially when your children are full of imagination and are eager to learn.

However, this does not mean that having children doesn’t come with its various obstacles, as guiding your little ones through their developmental stages can be a slow and challenging process. 

One characteristic that you should always try to encourage in your children is gratitude, as this will help them to understand and appreciate acts of kindness.

Teaching your children about this topic can also help them to explore a new emotional state, one they will need to comprehend to navigate the wider world. 

So if you have been trying to promote gratitude in your children to no avail, then there are various techniques you can use to explore the subject in a fun and engaging way.

In the following article, we have compiled a list of 20 gratitude activities that you can use to teach your children about appreciation and kindness. 

So why not take a look at our choices and see which gratitude activity catches your children’s attention. 

1. Family Gratitude Album

If you want to teach your children how to show gratitude to their loved ones, then you can do this by helping them make their own gratitude album.

Just fill the book with pictures of your family and let your children show their appreciation for each member. Simple yet effective, this is a great way to show your children how much their family loves them. 

2. Gratitude Jar 

Another great way to teach your children about gratitude is by keeping a gratitude jar in the kitchen, which they can decorate using stickers and other craft materials.

When the jar is ready, you can ask your children to fill it with things they are grateful for, whether that be candy or a photo of their loving parents. 

3. Gratitude Tree 

This activity is very similar to our previous entry, although in this case your children’s notes of gratitude will not be added to a jar but hung on a handmade tree.

All you have to do is collect some branches and place them in a vase, then you can let your children fill the tree with their various thoughts and feelings. 

4. Gratitude Collage

This next activity is perfect for children who are visual learners, as it involves getting creative and making a collage of all the things that they are thankful for.

However, the best thing about this activity is that it doesn’t need any special equipment and can be done in the afternoon using cutouts and glue. 

5. Gratitude Wall 

This is essentially an extension of the gratitude collage, although this activity can be used to cover an entire wall with photographs, drawings and messages showing your children’s appreciation.

We also encourage you to add to your gratitude wall throughout the year, as this will help to reinforce its positive message. 

6. Gratitude Rocks 

If your children love painting and drawing time, then you should try to combine their interests with your gratitude activities. One of the best ways to do this is by asking your children to paint some gratitude rocks, which are blank pebbles that they can cover with their thanks and appreciation.

Simple and fun, these rocks are a great activity to develop your children’s emotional growth. 

7. A to Z Gratitude Game

This is an activity that the whole family can participate in, as it encourages each member to choose something they are grateful for using the letters of the alphabet.

Not only will this game teach your children how to show their gratitude, but it is also a great way to spend time together as a family. 

8. Gratitude Table 

Why not bring some gratitude to the dinner table by asking everyone in the family to share something that they are grateful for.

Not only does this activity start general conversation but it will help your children to show their appreciation for something that has happened during the day, whether that be getting a question right at school or seeing a butterfly in the garden. 

9. Gratitude Walk 

This is a great way to keep your children active while you teach them all about gratitude, as it involves going for a small stroll and searching for things you and your children are grateful for.

Perfect for energetic children, this activity can be loads of fun, especially if you live in a forested area filled with trees. 

10. Gratitude Paper Chain 

Yet another method designed for the creative child, this activity asks your children to create a paper chain using messages of appreciation and gratitude.

The more things they are grateful for the bigger the chain will become until it reaches an almost uncontrollable length. Ideal for children who love arts and crafts, this is an activity that you can revisit again and again. 

11. Gratitude Time Capsule 

For this next activity, all you have to do is find an empty jar and ask your children to fill it with trinkets and mementos that they are grateful for.

Then once the jar is ready, you can take it into the garden and bury it for future generations. Fun and imaginative, this activity promises to entertain and educate your children and might just be our favorite entry on the list. 

12. Letters Of Gratitude 

A great way to teach your children about gratitude is by asking them to write letters of appreciation to their friends and family, as well as various members of the community such as firefighters and teachers.

Not only does this activity help to promote your children’s literacy, but it also promises to educate them on the importance of gratitude and kindness. 

13. Gratitude Bedtime Routine 

If you want to teach your children about gratitude, then why not add some to their nightly routine? For this activity, we recommend asking your children to discuss something that they are grateful for, whether that be french fries for dinner or getting to see their grandparents in the morning.

This is a great way to stimulate their appreciation for everyday life and will help to teach them about the importance of kindness. 

14. Gratitude Drawing 

If your children love to draw, then why not ask them to draw a picture of someone or something they are grateful for.

This can be anything from their favorite meal to their favorite toy, as long as they are thankful for what they have in life, then you know the activity is doing its job. 

15. Charitable Donations 

This may seem like a strange entry for our list, but making a charitable donation is a great way to teach your children about showing gratitude for what they have. Just explain to your children that there are people in the world who need help and that you can give it by donating money to a charity.

Then let your children reflect on how we can use our resources to help others in need. 

16. Gratitude Books 

When it comes to teaching your children about gratitude, there are many books you can purchase that will help to explain the general concept. Many of these books can be found online, and teach simple lessons about gratitude and how it can affect those around us.

Perfect for children who love story time in bed, this is a cost-effective way to learn about gratitude. 

17. Gratitude Flowers 

If Mother’s Day is on the way, then you can take your children to buy some flowers for their loving parent, as this will help them to demonstrate their gratitude towards their mother.

Of course, this activity can also be switched when Father’s Day is on the horizon. 

18. Homemade Gifts 

If your children have been invited to a birthday party, then why not help them show how grateful they are by making a homemade gift for their friend.

This is a fun and creative way to teach your children about gratitude, as it demonstrates how you can make people feel good about themselves by reflecting their positive attitude and behaviour. 

19. Gratitude Cake 

It’s no secret that children love baking, so why not infuse this pastime with some general teachings about gratitude and its importance.

The next time your children want to make cupcakes, why not ask them to share them with their friends and family, as a way to show their appreciation. 

20. Gratitude Decorations 

Kids love the festive season and if there’s any holiday that promotes the virtues of gratitude it’s Christmas. So why not blend the two together by asking your children to make special decorations depicting things they are grateful for.

Not only will this teach them an important lesson about gratitude but it will also provide a fun and festive activity for the winter season.