Founder & CEO


Greetings, wonderful families! I'm Yulia, an Experienced educator passionate about empowering families and nurturing children. With multiple Qualifications and a degree in Education, my extensive background includes teaching in traditional school settings, enabling me to understand practical education's dynamics intimately.

At the core of my journey lies an unwavering commitment to infusing children with resilience, perseverance, and invaluable life skills that extend beyond conventional textbooks. As an Authority in the field of holistic child development, I blend mindfulness, the growth mindset philosophy, and Montessori's hands-on, child-centric approach into a cohesive curriculum explicitly catered to the needs of today's children.

My educational foundation was reinforced by my Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management, where I embraced fundamental values that have profoundly shaped my personal and professional growth. These values encompass organizational skills, proficient communication skills, proactive problem-solving abilities, collaborative teamwork, and an acute awareness of cultural diversity and sensitivity.

Recognizing the profound impact of these principles on my journey, I am dedicated to imparting these values within my children's upbringing, understanding their vital role in promoting comprehensive growth and development. This commitment drives me to actively integrate these values into my everyday life as a guiding beacon for other parents striving to instill similar principles within their families.


The inception of Mighty Kids® stemmed from this vision — a platform offering activities but a blueprint for professional nurturing and holistic child development. At Mighty Kids®, we provide a comprehensive framework crafted to shape well-rounded, mindful, and emotionally attuned children, emphasizing our dedication to fostering a nurturing and empowering environment for children to flourish and thrive.