Dermatologist (MBBS)
MD (DVL) Gold Medallist

Dr. Mariya Kharodawala

Dr. Mariya Kharodawala is a renowned dermatologist, accomplished medical writer, and dedicated academician, establishing her as an Expert and Specialist in the field. With extensive experience in dermatology and a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, where she achieved Triple Gold Medalist status, including a Gold Medal in Surgery, her qualifications solidify her as a Qualified and Experienced professional, reinforcing her position as an Authority.

As a skilled medical writer, Dr. Mariya Kharodawala excels in translating complex medical concepts into accessible language for the public. Her commitment to education has earned her the prestigious MedEngage Scholar Collar Award in 2022, emphasizing her status as a Professional and a Master in the industry.


With a warm demeanor and dedication to evidence-based care, Dr. Mariya Kharodawala is proud to be a trusted dermatologist, medical writer, and academician, showcasing her as a respected authority in the field. Her extensive experience for skin health knowledge and ability to bridge the gap between medical concepts and the general public make her an invaluable resource, adding a distinct and invaluable layer of depth to the field of dermatology.